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VERONIKA brings a dark epic sound

WHO AM I?....
          ...Singer, dancer, actress, model blah, blah, blah.... I don’t think this kind of data will ever give anyone a clue about the reasons for my self-expression or personal inner motivation.
          I was born in the Ukraine but have lived abroad since I was 16. I dipped my feet into the music scene in 2012 after a tiring period of soul searching. I have tried modeling, acting, hosting television in the Ukraine, Italy, and the United States. At some point, I focused on the real things that matter in life and found my inner balance. Songwriting came first which is what I felt very strongly about. Singing was next along with ballet dancing and pole art. It became obvious to me that all of my past experiences were just a warm-up for what I really wanted to do. To me, music art is having lyrics with a clear message, music that is a universal language, and dance as a visual message and a way to deliver it. Music does not care about color, race, your place of birth or your social or economic situation. The only thing that is important is what you are made of and what kind of message your deliver.
         I was so tired of the intolerance and prejudice from people who think they have a right to call any blonde Slavic girl a bitch because of where she was born, judging someone just because of their place of birth. It does not matter where you were born or where you came from or even you education level. People would stigmatize me because I was born in a former Soviet Republic. It makes me sick when people outwardly express their anger against people because of their nationality, abusing others and discriminating against them because of where they are from.   
        The ideas behind my music are: Deep Respect of People’s Rights, Unconditional LoveSelf-Improvement/DevelopmentPersonal Growth Everyday and Forever

Born: Veronika Mudra 
July 15, 1984 
Kiev, Ukraine
Residence: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation: Recording artist, songwriter, lyricist, fashion model
Years active: 2012–present
Genres:  Pop, hip hop, electronic dance
Instruments: Vocals
Labels: independent  

Veronika Mudra, known for her stage name Veronika (publicly capitalized as VERONIKA) is a singer-songwriterand model. Born in Kiev, she began her music career in 2012. Her first single Ain’t Russian Doll( received regular airplay throughout the United States including reaching No.1 on YouTube charts after receiving more than two million hits in less than one month. The video also received airplay on
1991–2010: Early life and career beginnings
Veronika Mudra was born on July 15, 1984, in Kiev. Her mother is Svetlana Mudra, a retired Ukrainian governmental worker, and her father is Valeriy Kuznietsov, a photographer and architect of Jewish descent. Veronika has a half- brother from her father’s side, Oleg Kuznietsov,  who works in IT business for more than 15 years, citizen of the US for a long time. First 3 years of her life she was raised by a grandmother; due to Chernobyl disaster she was sent far away from Kiev to a city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, which is a centre of Ukrainian- Russian war now. At 4 years old Veronika came back to Kiev, where she grew up in a small flat living with her mother and a grandmother. Veronika's childhood was deeply affected by her father's addiction to alcohol and her parents' turbulent marriage ended when she was 6. She never saw her father after that. Veronika was studying as a law student in a high school, received dozens of awards and grants for her scientific works and researches in the field of jurisprudence and human rights. She started to work at the age of 15 as a promotion model in the supermarkets and exhibitions for such companies as Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. At the same time she has worked as an English to Ukrainian and Russian translator. Also  Veronika was guiding excursions for tourists from all around the world in Kiev and Kiev province. At the age of 16 she began to study Hebrew in a local Ulpan (Jewish School for Hebrew study) located in the Embassy of Israel in Kiev. At the same time she entered National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies. She wanted to become a social worker and underwent an internship training in drug rehabs, and worked as a social worker with HIV- infected people, orphans and disabled children. At the same year at 16 she was noticed by a model scouter from Milan and signed a modeling contract for Italy and USA. She left Ukraine and since that time Veronika’s personality was formed in artistic world of fashion and music. She always admired of Madonna, Eminem, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shacur. She initially wanted to graduate from Kyiv Mohyla Academy, but she chose to pursue a fashion and musical career in Milan and New York.
2012 - present: Music career 
Veronika's music career began in 2012 through her strictly motivated decision to build up herself as a musician and as an artist. She came back to Ukraine and began her work as a musician in association with DJ and sound producer First Craft (Dmitriy Stefaniv) genius music writer who was spotted first ay the age of 14 by Sony label in Holland, and director Yevgeniy Timokhin who worked at that time with boys band KAZAKY featured artists in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”; she met Timokhin through mutual friends during a casting for a TV reality show in Kiev in May 2012. She caught the attention of Timokhin after he listened Veronika’s song “C.I.A.”. This impressed Timokhin, who then started to shoot for Veronika all her music videos, at the moment they are “C.I.A.”, “Ain’t Russian Doll” and “CAMERA”. A lot of Veronika’s songs (for example “Ain’t Russian Doll”, “Soldier of Universe”, “Tank”, “I was in a Box”, “Ace” etc) are dedicated to women’s rights. In Veronika’s opinion, in such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belorus, Moldova and other ex-USSR countries these rights are not really supported by law or local customs, women’s right are often ignored and suppressed due to inherent historical and traditional exercise of rights by women in favor of men. From the other side there still exist intolerance and prejudice towards “Russian girls”, specially blonds like Veronika, from people who think they have a right to call any blonde Slavic girl a bitch because of where she was born, judging someone just because of their place of birth. “It does not matter where you were born or where you came from or even you education level. People would stigmatize me because I was born in a former Soviet Republic. It makes me sick when people outwardly express their anger against people because of their nationality, race, color of skin, religion or any other differences, abusing others and discriminating against them simply because they are different.”

Veronika moved to LA in 2013. Before that she was living in NY where she recorded few rap songs with NY based rapper Mr.Tac including “Action” which was aired in the UK on RadioOne in Top20 radio show for up&coming singers. Her first EP will be released in September 2015.  

Music Videos 

Veronika is working with director Yevgeniy Timokhin on her music videos and art concept. The first music video "Ain’t Russian Doll" was released in February 2012 on Vevo (, there you can watch Veronika dancing on pointe shoes, showing up her skills in classical ballet. The next one was “C.I.A.” music video which is dedicated to pole art, cause Veronika is a big fan of pole dance and acrobatics. “Toyboy” is an animated music video, like a cartoon for grown ups, it was released in September, 2013 on Vevo ( Primarily Veronika had an idea of music video in the form of anime or a “fashion cartoon” about seeking upon your second half and man-woman relations. “ToyBoy” was created by Animation Studio “Toon Drive” (, it was drawn by very talented Ukrainian artists and graphic designers Irina Shaganyan and Konstantin Holodkevich. 
“Camera” music video is a very special one. First of all, it features Francois Sagat, ex gay porn star, acting as a straight man, who has a love affair with Veronika. The love story is shown through love to camera and shooting process. But from the other side it’s about a war on religious basis between Jews and Arabs. Francois Sagat (wiki linkçois_Sagat) has Star and crescent (symbol; of Islam) tattooed on his back, and Veronika wears David Star on her neck. Middle East conflict is not an accidental subject, cause Veronika has Jewish routes and she carries a lot about misinformation about the Middle East, inaccurate characterization of Israel and Arab countries, anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice. CAMERA (link to is a name of media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East, it’s an abbreviation for Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. The love and war affairs are shown through symbols: David Star, Star and Crescent, heart sign as universal symbol of peace and love. Interesting fact, that a word RA, which Veronika used repeatedly in the lyrics of her song “Camera”, means Evil in Hebrew language. The message behind “Camera” music video is a freedom of love and choice between people, between God and human being, unity of God, whom we may call in different countries, in different languages in different ways but we still mean the same God who is the only One; love between man and woman in the way it was created by God as a driven force of life and everything alive on this Earth. Veronika’s music videos and songs are often truly thought provoking, cause they reflect her inner world and show her real life philosophy. “Camera” was made by production company “BonchTV”, edited by MTV VMA nominated  Chris Davis. It was submitted to the Recording Academy for Grammy's 2016.

Interesting facts:
- Veronika has a professional sport master degree in ping pong
- She was going into track-and-field athletics, she did sprint running, barriers running  and triple jumping
- Veronika dance classical ballet and pole dance
- She is a student of International Tzfat Kabbalah World Center in Israel ( and LA Kabbalah Centre

Music videos:
AIN’T RUSSIAN DOLL music video:
CAMERA music video (teaser):

Social networks:

Official web site:

Press contact:  


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