Hip Hop music made for a cause, not applause.
Introducing the Bay Areas own Hip Hop Artist “Chris Perkins.” Chris, formerly know as Vitamin C, a Motown/Mojazz Recording Artist, emerged on the secular music scene over 15 years ago working with Hip Hop Jazz recording artist J-Spencer, Times 3, Dina D, Ben B Hard and many other rap artist and musicians. Born and raised in Oakland Ca, Chris established himself in the music industry as a rapper turned producer/writer who lived life “on stage”. Today he is one of only few Hip Hop artist dedicated to changing lives and changing the mindset of our newer generation. Believing that there is power in the tongue, Chris turned his negative rap style into a positive lifestyle in an effort to give back some of what he may have taken during his negative reign in the industry. Offstage Takes you on a positive Hip Hop journey beyond the spotlights. Positive, yet still “Street”. He believes that music was meant to heal, not kill.
Offstage is a breath of fresh air to the music industry”.
This CD combines an unusual blend of street flow with head banging grooves in such a way where all ages can enjoy.
“The Real You Shines Offstage"Smooth Hip Hop/R&B style music under powerful positive lyrics with a delivery that demands attention are the make up of Chris Perkins’ senior project “OFFSTAGE". A positive rapper with a positive lyrical message reaching the neighborhoods and taking no short cuts to do it.

For more information contact: Erika Perkins


The anticipated return to produce a fourth album for Chris Perkins has now arrived. Chris brought you his debut “Comin’ Home” in 1998 and then teamed up with Chubby and friends for three more projects titled “Transition” in 2001, “Delivery” in 2003 and “Broken” in 2005 which had Grammy consideration. These projects gave him opportunities to travel and work with some noteworthy artist in the music industry. His music could be heard all over the country as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"Offstage" takes you back to a time when Hip Hop had true meaning. It made you feel good after a long hard day, It made you party and think about changing your ways at the same time, and It was like the street version of your daily news cast. Word on the street is that this album is nothing short of “incredible”

“I believe our 8,000,000 plus listeners might find it to be a blessing...” CEO Bradley Broadcasting.

“I received the CD and it is the BOMB!” Steller Award nominee Eugene Pres Blackmon

“ I’m keeping this album on the playlist until I wear it out!”Tinka KMEL Radio San


Chris Perkins has now arrived.- Flyah

Getting It done: The Week In DIY And Indie music -

Dance Artist, Carl Thornton, Releases New, Upbeat Single Inspired by Recent Breakup
Through the good and the bad, this upcoming EDM artist hopes to inspire and motivate others through his uplifting beats. To kick off 2016, he has released the catchy track, “I Remember.”
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK—Carl Thornton is currently working hard in the studio, preparing for his next great single that’s still a work in progress. In the meantime, he’s not leaving his fans hanging. He recently just debuted his fourth single from his latest mini-EP titled ‘I Remember,’ an urban/pop track.
“That track is based on my based on dating life. I was in a relationship for seven years, and it ended via text. I was embarrassed and devastated. I didn’t even tell most of my family members,” explained Thornton. “I’m just living my truth about heartache through that song. “
According to Thornton, he attributes the busy life of a performer for causing him and his partner to grow apart. While he was sad to see the relationship end, as with most things in life, you live and you learn from them, Thornton believes.
“I’m the kind of person who is very spiritual and very optimistic, and I tend to take negative things and turn it into a positive. Through that particular event in my life, I wrote this song,” stated Thornton.
Thornton describes the remaining three tracks on his debut project as upbeat—basically, the kind of music you can dance to and feel inspired at the same time.
“For my song ‘Keep Dancing,’ it’s about tapping into the power you have within yourself no matter what the obstacles are in your life. You have the power to make a difference in your own life. It’s very jovial and uplifting,” explained Thornton.
As for his song, ‘Get Up,’ the talented singer wants music lovers to do just that: start moving and enjoying life, after all it’s short, so make the most of it, Thornton stresses.
“I also have a track of the mini-EP called ‘Breathless.’ It’s a song about how when you meet someone, they take your breath away. It’s like when you meet them, you know you want to be with them for the rest of your life. It’s a romantic song about love,” explained Thornton.
Inspired by the musical mastermind of Stevie Wonder, Thornton says fans can expect great things from him musically in the near future. As he pumps out new upbeat tracks, he says his truth and passion speak through his music.
“I’m thrilled about what’s next. This is where I’m supposed to be. This is my calling. I’m so excited for the New Year,” stated Thornton. “I’m comfortable living my own truth and want to inspire others to do the same. I want people to believe that they can follow their dreams. If you don’t put yourself out there, how do you expect to achieve anything?”
In the next few years, Thornton says he hopes to become a household name all over the globe. To learn more about Thornton and to follow his journey, check him out on Twitter and To read his bio, click here.

Dance Artist, Carl Thornton, Releases New

Jazz vs. Mavericks: rating, Video Highlights and Recap from Feb. 9

Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Anthony Ramos, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the director, writer, lead, in 'Hamilton.' image: Joan Marcus

well-nigh forty years after emerging from the streets of the Bronx, hip-hop is finally a success on Broadway, because of the SRO juggernaut general without difficulty as 'Hamilton.' 

Ticket demand is so severe for this mashup of yank historical past, complicated beats and road rhyming that in an off week it grosses $1.5 million. The exhibit is extensively expected to do well at—as in, sweep—the Tony Awards next June.

Hamilton changed into written (e-book, track and lyrics) by using 35-year-ancient Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony-successful creator of the city Broadway musical within the Heights. Miranda also plays the lead position.

This unlikely musical came about accidentally. Miranda bought Ron Chernow's 2004 Alexander Hamilton biography on the airport before a holiday, and noticed Hamilton (a superb but impoverished Caribbean immigrant, born out of wedlock) and cohorts as daring, road-clever revolutionaries—and enthusiastic skirt chasers—who had a great deal in average with rappers. in reality, Hamilton's upbringing reminded Miranda of Jay Z's youth in Brooklyn housing tasks, he told the long island instances.

The advanced story of the magnificent and sooner or later tragic life of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington's appropriate-hand man and the primary Secretary of the Treasury, who died in his 40s in a duel with vice president Aaron Burr, is instructed totally in hip-hop songs and R&B ballads. African-americans and Latinos play the founding fathers. "Our solid seems like the usa now," Miranda instructed the instances. "It's a means of pulling you into the story and allowing you to depart some thing cultural baggage you've got about the founding fathers on the door."

This unusual creation intended sound designer Nevin Steinberg needed to make a long, loud hip-hop exhibit work for a standard Broadway audience, which is in most cases older, white and which, unless Hamilton, confirmed little or no hobby in hip-hop. He also had to be certain each viewers member might bear in mind each word during the two-and-a-half hours of singing and rhyming.

Steinberg, who also designed the exhibit for its Public Theater debut, felt Hamilton may go quite loud on Broadway if the gadget had been developed for what he phrases "high definition" and severe dynamic-range elasticity. while Hamilton receives loud, it additionally goes very, very quiet.

 "Loud isn't a bad component if you think about what it skill in conveying peoples' emotional experiences, as adversarial to simply trying to be loud," Steinberg says. "however going loud is additionally a large accountability, because you have an audience that you don't are looking to discourage from listening, so you don't wish to be hitting people in reality tough, as a minimum now not perpetually!"

associate sound clothier Jason Crystal hasn't run a meter and so couldn't state a dB degree, but says, "We get much louder than it sounds. however we are very tightly tuned, so it is not harsh."

the first step in attaining excessive-definition audio supposed running the complete system at 96 kHz (up from 48k Off Broadway). "every thing—monitors, the band, the console, surround—every little thing is clocking at 96k," Crystal notes. "We're firmly in the camp that 96k simply sounds greater, clearer and more specified." The pit band, monitoring on earphones via Aviom programs, observed the better sound immediately.

an additional change from the a good deal smaller Off-Broadway house turned into a major speaker improve.

"every point of speaker device is intended to keep excess sound offstage," Crystal says. "Our speakers are enormously respectable—we have 20 of the brand new d&b Y8s in our two main line arrays, and they're remarkable of their directionality. We're the primary Broadway show to use them." Two pair of L-Acoustics ARCs immediately offstage on each side circular out the core of the main device. Hamilton makes use of a total of 172 audio system, together with six Meyer Sound subs.

"no person is hearing best an easy stereo left/correct residence mix [from around the proscenium]," Crystal provides. "we now have large manage over individual speakers—how they're amplified and mixed. every component of the condo receives a different combine. Nevin sat in each and every section all over previews and made these alterations." There are roughly 20 separate zone-specific mixes within the 1,319-seat Richard Rodgers Theatre, Crystal estimates.

additional distinguishing Hamilton, and complicating life for the sound team, is a complete lack of spoken dialog. well-nigh the total display is sung. That made 100% intelligibility, all the time job #1 in a musical, a key problem for the sound group.

"We spent 12 hours doing Meyer Sound SIM 3 equipment tuning," Crystal explains. "Nevin spearheaded this tuning, I helped out. This gives us a lot of info about how the device is behaving. SIM offers us the facts, and the speaker manage afforded through the DiGiCo SD7T manage surface offers us gigantic capability to manipulate the equipment."

besides the fact that children, assuring intelligibility turned into not Steinberg's greatest problem. Hamilton ought to be as big, loud and daring as American history, but then switch on a dime and zoom in emotionally and audibly on plenty smaller personality moments. as it seems, his key problem become managing the power and emotion of the reveal as expressed within the sound's vast dynamic range.

The team turned into continually asking themselves, "How will we be sure the viewers is also taken to these identical extremes, that we don't restrict the transformation that's obtainable to us via musical theater—as a result of we also exaggerate it now and then. This piece is ripe for that," Steinberg says.

The massive, loud scenes are excessive. The battle of Yorktown has "guns, percussive actual flow of the solid, a listing-scratch solo and what I call angry bass guitar and drums," Steinberg says. It also has some large, booming explosions. here is a hip-hop musical, in spite of everything, and Steinberg requested himself, "How far do we go, with out damaging any person or the rest, but still basically try to circulation air in the theater in a method that lives as much as what a modern operatic edition of that battle can be? Then, we also zoom in on the characters of Aaron Burr and Hamilton's wife Eliza, so we requested, 'How small, concentrated, dry, skinny with extent, texture, reverb, will we go?'"

The DiGiCo SD7T handle floor, together with its proprietary theater software, gives the crew colossal control over 28 matrixed outputs, which makes managing the broad dynamic latitude much less complicated, Crystal says.

These most important dynamic shifts happen speedy. In a pivotal Act Two second, Hamilton is being blackmailed by means of political foes who've caught him in a bootleg love affair. Hamilton chooses to publish a pamphlet admitting his guilt in superb aspect, sacrificing his own acceptance to are trying to save his political lifestyles. He looks oblivious to the impact this can have on his wife, Eliza.

This scene, Reynolds Pamphlet, "is extremely raucous, exuberant, downright noisy," Steinberg says. "That suits the chaos of the emotion of that moment, the havoc that's been wreaked on Hamilton and his family unit. it is a great deal just like the combat of Yorktown scene in that method."

automatically following that scene, Eliza sings the quiet, wrenching ballad "Burn," and actually burns letters from Hamilton, onstage.

"We exaggerate the quiet second of 'Burn,' instantly following Reynolds Pamphlet, and zoom in on the loneliness and isolation of Eliza, singing of how she's going to cope with the emotional consequences, and of her get to the bottom of to respond. The orchestration is stripped down to solo piano. The center of attention of the total production is on one adult sitting on a bench with a lantern."

it's an intensely quiet second, fully the handiest time the viewers can hear air flow, lighting fixtures fanatics or anything else making a whisper of a sound within the apartment, "And it tickles me that we can do each," Steinberg says.

a part of managing the vast dynamic latitude is deciding on gear that may address the extremes. as an example, "we've some prolonged low frequency during this reveal you don't frequently hear on Broadway," Steinberg says. "We introduced low-frequency extension with these two Meyer Sound 1100-LFC subs, that are massive for Broadway, and we heard new song (from keyboards and electronic tune) that became inaudible downtown. We just didn't have room for these monsters Off Broadway."

The 250-pound powered subs, with two 18-inch drivers each and every and a 28Hz-100Hz range, sit down vertically on the ground flanking the stage, out of sight. 4 Meyer Sound 600-HP subs sit in plain sight, although, mere inches from audience individuals, in both orchestra and balcony seating packing containers.

one more challenge of bringing hip-hop to Broadway is that the singers aren't the use of handheld mics—"the instrument of hip-hop," Steinberg says. And there wasn't any positive technique to make RF lav mics sound greater like handhelds, so they eventually did not are trying. "We readily took a more typical Broadway method, to make the RF mics sound respectable," Crystal explains.

The leads wear a mix of head mics hidden in wigs (Hamilton) and customized booms for characters without hair (Burr, Washington). Burr's growth additionally allows traditional hip-hop vocal echo outcomes to go live in place of through playback, due to the proximity of the mic.

besides the fact that children in cupboard debate scenes within the Washington administration, staged like hip-hop throwdowns, a wooden dueling-pistol case is introduced out and within the exhibit's best in fact meta second, Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson take out iconic Shure SM58 mics (truly Shure UR2s with Beta fifty eight heads). They go at every other gleefully, forcefully expressing their contrasting political and economic views in street-rhyming vogue. The mics have been chosen for their classic hip-hop appears, as well as sound high-quality.

paradoxically, the team brought processing to make them sound even more like handhelds (used close for max proximity effect), "Squashing them with compression, expanding the low end," Crystal says, wryly. 

Monitoring is primary, one more exchange from hip-hop observe of wedge screens working loud vocals. The cast "self-monitors for vocals, listening to the equipment reflecting from the apartment to stage," Crystal explains. "The most effective time they hear vocals in monitors is from the handhelds within the cabinet battles. This become a large adjustment for performers." in any other case, the static computer screen mix is band-only. There are 12 monitor audio system overhead onstage, eight within the wings and eight hidden on the stage lip.

Steinberg acquired full help for his sound design; the producers understood how important sound was to making hip-hop work on Broadway. "We were given the elements to do what we crucial to do. The producers had been in the back of us one hundred percent, and at each flip I got choice 'A!,'" he notes with satisfaction.

'Hamilton' Brings Hip-Hop to Broadway - combine

Gymnast Sophina DeJesus's hip-hop hobbies wows the web

nowadays In Hip Hop background: Remembering J Dilla 10 Years Later - The supply

Richard Seeram aka RichSoFresh, was born on April 7, 1991 in Bronx, New
York during the peak of the hip hop era. At the age of 17, RichSoFresh
began pursuing rap, although it wasn't originally a career choice for
him at the time. Intrigued by words and the magnetic power they
possess, RichSoFresh began writing by extensively journaling the events
in his life on a daily basis back when he was in middle school.
Transitioning into high school, his gift only became more concrete as
RichSoFresh's ability to formulate words was evident by the enthusiasm
he entailed when it came to writing papers. RichSoFresh didn't choose
rap, but instead rap chose him. Admiring the likes of Jay-Z and Lil
Wayne, RichSoFresh was determined to conquer rap by any means. He
started implementing his lyrical talent at several spoken word events,
and his name began circulating throughout the community.
RichSoFresh enrolled in college and majored in liberal arts, while
working part-time. After no longer taking an interest in liberal arts,
RichSoFresh sustained full-time employment, and continued to stay
dedicated to making music by focusing diligently on his craft despite
the doubt of others. Heavily inspired, he went to “The Institute Of
Audio Research” to further fulfill his passion for music. It was there
that he took full advantage of the studio, and successfully recorded
his first two tracks entitled “Go Hard” and “Take It” (Prod. by
NetherBeats) which enabled him to develop a small buzz and dedicated
fan base.
In June 2015, RichSoFresh was featured in the Freshman Class 2015
summer issue of XXL MAGAZINE (page 63 upper right hand corner) and his
EP entitled “Set In Stone,” was released on June 4, 2015. Staying on
his grind, in July 2015, RichSoFresh submitted one of his songs to Rude
Boy Magazine and Rude Boy Clothing Brand, two separate companies who
have joined together in a partnership to offer exclusive sponsorships
to selected artists around the world. Recognizing his undoubtable
talent, RichSoFresh was one of the artists chosen to be sponsored by
the company. RichSoFresh was also featured on the “Next Up Mixtape
Volume 295,” and the “We Workin Mixtape Volume 197,” with his debut
song: “Being Kool”. RichSoFresh was also prominent in his first ever
blog on the website. Currently, RichSoFresh
resides in Brooklyn, and is working on his highly anticipated album due
for release in 2016, and he has a new video that is Heat Of The Week at Stay tuned for upcoming projects, features, and

debut releases from RichSoFresh. Want to know more about RichSoFresh?
Go to For all booking inquiries please contact
RichSoFresh at

Social Media :


Love & Hip Hop’ Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Cisco and wealthy Dollaz battle, Yorma Trashes Rose’s beauty Bar

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Forbesknowledgeable Rapper? How Lil Dicky combined Comedy And Hip-Hop To true The ChartsForbes among lovelorn laments and asinine storytelling inspired through The Streets, the "$ave Dat cash" rhymer espouses a frugality that is becoming increasingly regular in hip-hop. From cash King Macklemore's hypocritical "Thrift store" declarations to Vic Mensa ...

knowledgeable Rapper? How Lil Dicky combined Comedy And Hip-Hop To desirable The Charts - Forbes

Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: here is warfare

Love & Hip Hop Recap - "Love & War": Season 6 Episode 9

Tonight on VH1 their sequence Love & Hip Hop continues with an all new Monday February eight, season 6 episode 9 "Love & battle" and we now have your weekly recap beneath. On tonight's episode, when Cisco Rosado and rich dollar come face-to-face, the fate of the creep squad hangs in the steadiness

Love & Hip Hop is an American reality tv collection on VH1. The series debuted on March 14, 2011, and chronicles the lives of several ladies in big apple who are worried with hip hop song. The exhibit has produced six successful spin-offs called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, The Gossip video game, here's scorching ninety seven, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and okay. Michelle: My lifestyles. VH1 has renewed the reveal for a sixth season.

On the final episode, Peter admitted something to Amina; Yandy gave Bianca an ultimatum; Cardi talked marriage; the future of the Creep Squad became in jeopardy. Did you watch the remaining episode? if you ignored it, we've a full and detailed recap right right here for you.

On tonight's episode as per the VH1 synopsis, "when Cisco and rich come face-to-face, the fate of the creep squad hangs in the balance; Remy Ma receives new help in planning the wedding; Yorma finds a different of Self's indiscretions."

It sounds just like the 6th season ideal of affection & Hip Hop might be packed full of can't leave out drama that you just received't need omit and neither do I. Don't overlook to verify CDL for our reside recap of love & Hip Hop tonight at 8PM! Are you enjoying Love & Hip Hop? What kind of drama do you consider is going to unfold all through the season 6 episode 9 of affection & Hip Hop? hold forth within the remark and let us know!

Tonight's episode begins now – Refresh page commonly to get essentially the most current updates!

On this weeks episode of love and Hip Hop Mariah walks out on CiscRicho and wealthy and Cisco have an altercation about Mariah Lynn. Cisco tells rich that he wanted to teach him a lesson about loyalty after the incident with Diamond. rich tells Cisco that "he can't make him some type of approach about a lady that he doesn't care about."both guys get right into a heated argument which ends when they come to blows and ought to be separated.

outdoor the membership Cisco receives into a confrontation with Mariah about cisco announcing that the simplest purpose he even begun talking to her turned into to get again at rich and he tells her that she has no loyalty. Mariah tells him that she on no account did anything with prosperous and that she had been all about him. Cisco also tells her that his mobile didn't ring and that since she determined to name prosperous and lean on him. Mariah tells him that she doesn't want him or any individual else. She then tells him that they are finished.

Remy's wedding is arising and he or she asks Yandy to aid her plan it. They meet up at the costume shop to select marriage ceremony clothes and Yandy goes a little loopy with picking out the dress. Remy additionally tells Yandy about her emotions towards her mother and that Papoose desires her to make peace together with her and invite her to the wedding. Yandy consents with Papoose and tells Remy that she has to recover from her anger at her mother and movement ahead.

Yorma's sister suggests Yorma an image of Self and Rose. Yorma is upset but she doesn't wish to confront him. Her sister tells her that she recognized the lady and that she works at elegance Bar. Yorma tells her sister that she "doesn't have confidence Self, but she doesn't want to go to a person's job and begin trouble."

After talking to Papoose Remy decides to make amends together with her mom and inform her about the hurt she feels on the fact that she wasn't there for her whereas she become in reformatory. Remy and her mom take a seat down and talk and her mom tells her that she quite simply desired the invitation to the marriage to come from her. Remy breaks down and forgives her mother and personally invites her to the wedding.

Yorma and her sister go to elegance Bar and confront Rose about her relationship with Self. Yorma asks Rose "Who she is to Self?" Rose tells her that she and Self have been seeing each different and they're going to continue to peer each different. Yorma lets Rose know that she is Self's female friend and Rose tells her that she didn't know about her. Rose tells Yorma that "If she wants Self she'll have him and Yorma will no longer be his lady friend." This makes Yorma very angry and the two girls get right into a actual altercation within the restaurant.

Remy decides that she desires to alternate the venue for her and Papoose's marriage ceremony and tells him that as a substitute of the fortress he has already booked she desires to have the wedding at an ice skating rink. When Papoose asks her why she tells him it is "because, as alluring as the citadel is, the grass received't be green and it will damage the total effect." whereas Papoose is upset concerning the unexpected exchange in venue he wishes Remy to have everything she ever dreamed of for her wedding so he tells her that it's excellent if they change the venue.

After the war of words with Rose at elegance Bar Yorma goes to Self's work and decides to confront him outdoor as opposed to going upstairs to his region. She calls him on the cell and tells him to fulfill her outside. he's very puzzled and asks her what she desires. When he comes downstairs Yorma confronts him concerning the circumstance with Rose. Self doesn't well known any wrongdoing and Yorma indicates him the photo of Rose and Self. Yorma is irritated and she or he calls Self a liar. She tells him that she went to elegance Bar. Yorma asks him if anything else is going on with both of them. Self admits that Rose kissed him. Yorma tells him that "She is not a doormat for him to walk over many times and that she turned into accomplished and the connection is over." Self says that's nice and walks away.

wealthy and Peter meet up and Peter tells prosperous about Tara's being pregnant and the fact that Amina terminated her pregnancy. wealthy tells Peter that he is all the time messing up. Peter asks what's occurring between him and Cisco. rich tells him concerning the incident between him and Cisco at the bar. Peter is upset when he hears this and decides that he is going to make issues right between wealthy and Cisco. Peter tells rich that they deserve to take a seat down and talk about it.

Remy is carrying on with to plot her wedding and decides that considering that she made amends together with her family unit she may still do the same with Rah, Remy tells Rah that she is bodily unwell over the planning of the wedding. Remy tells Rasheeda that she nonetheless needs aid with the wedding and Rasheeda tells her that she will nevertheless support her with her marriage ceremony. Remy tells her that her costume will take six months to make and Rasheeda tells her that they're going to find a costume. Rah calls her the "petty queen." Remy tells her that she isn't petty. She additionally tells her that she has enlisted Yandy to help out. This doesn't make Rah chuffed. She asks Remy if "she discovered a brand new pal."

Yandy suggests up and surprises Rah. Rah isn't satisfied however Remy tells them that "this is her marriage ceremony." She gives them every a listing of issues to do. Rasheeda starts off to act petty and tells her that she needs to provide her a lot of assistance to help get issues carried out. Yandy tells Remy that "Your wedding is my wedding to and that i will do what i will be able to to make the day particular."

Peter receives wealthy and Cisco together to are attempting and determine their adjustments. Cisco is not in reality into having the rest to do with the meeting and says that he hopes prosperous is capable for round two." Peter needs to position the Creep Squad again collectively because he wants his chums support. wealthy feels damage that Cisco took issues so personally when he was "simply attempting to warn his pal about Mariah and her actions."

Cisco feels irritated and hurt and like prosperous nevertheless has not sufficiently apologized for the situation with Diamond. rich tells Cisco that he's a "manner more advantageous chum to him than Cisco is to him." rich tells Cisco that he was just making an attempt to warn him about Mariah, but that he shoved him earlier than he had an opportunity. rich apologizes to Cisco for Diamond and Cisco apologizes for the incident with Mariah. both guys make up.

Bianca comes into the studio with a new, greater nellow attitude which impresses Yandy. She brings in some dancers to assist her performance at Gwinnin Fest.

After the breakup with Yorma Self decides to take a smash from the women. Cardi B confronts Self in regards to the fact that he doesn't take her tune severely, Self says that he'll take Cardi's tune when she gets critical and begins working within the studio." He tells her that she must get some tracks together and put them on a flash force for him to take heed to. Cardi tells him that "until he listens to her music she is not doing him anymore favors."

THE end!

Love & Hip Hop Recap – “Love & warfare”: Season 6 Episode 9

CARIBBEAT: Jamaican jazz pianist Monty Alexander bringing Sinatra tribute to Jazz at Lincoln center in manhattan

Hip-Hop Reacts to Denver Broncos profitable 2016 tremendous Bowl - XXLMAG.COM

'lower back to fundamentals' with hip-hop group Naughty by way of Nature -

Peyton February 8, 2016 by means of Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)information.

(AllHipHop news) remaining night (February 7) Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos defeated Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in tremendous Bowl 50. The 24-10 victory for the Broncos become led by means of SB MVP Von Miller, and it may be the last online game of Manning's hall of reputation profession.

several figures linked to Hip Hop voiced their opinions about the huge video game on Twitter. Take a look at what they had to say within the gallery under.

[ALSO READ: Cam Newton Says His Rap Name Is Ace Boogie And Spits A Freestyle (VIDEO)] FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6) FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (11) FullSizeRender (12) FullSizeRender (31) FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (14) FullSizeRender (32) FullSizeRender (15) FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (19) FullSizeRender (20) FullSizeRender (21) FullSizeRender (22) FullSizeRender (23) FullSizeRender (24) FullSizeRender (25) FullSizeRender (26) FullSizeRender (27) FullSizeRender (28) FullSizeRender (30) FullSizeRender (29)


« Beyonce announces #Formation World Tour

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    […] source: Hip Hop Figures React To The Denver Broncos winning tremendous Bowl 50 Over The Carolina Panthers […]

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