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today In Hip Hop heritage: Outkast Drops Their Sophomore Album ‘ATLiens’ 22 Years ago

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On this date in 1996, big Boi and Andre 3000 got here collectively to free up their 2nd album ATLiens on R&B icons' LA Reid and Babyface's LaFace statistics. On this album, the Southern playalistic duo expands their field matter from simply their city testimonies from the hood to explorations of extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth.
Outkast's most recognizable element of their creativity is their hooks, which is just about a trademark for the total prepared Noize family unit, but in fact took root as massive Boi and Andre 3 Stacks signature sound on this album, with songs like "ATLiens" and "Elevators(Me and you)" spearheading the success of this album.
The business success of the album become proof of the duo's capability to relay their morphing sounds to their listeners, with the ATLiens task promoting 1000000 copies in three months and achieving double platinum in below seven years.
Shout out to Andree 3000, massive Boi and the rest of the prepared Noize crew for this timeless piece of Hip Hop background!

HBO is out of the adult entertainment business

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"It really is a vestige of a previous era," said Jones, co-author of "The Essential HBO Reader." "Especially the more soft-core stuff that gave HBO its mantle of 'It's not TV, it's HBO.' You weren't finding those shows unless you subscribed to the Playboy Channel, and most people did not want their wives to know that they watched that stuff."


Mets minority owner Anthony Scaramucci doesn't like business as usual

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"We want Bryce! We want Bryce!"
A lone, loud voice tried to start this chant at Citi Field on Saturday afternoon during Bryce Harper's first at-bat in the Mets' 3-0 win over the Nationals.
No one joined in.
Savvy Mets fans know their team — which happens to play in the largest market in baseball — is unlikely to be a bidder this offseason for Harper, the 25-year-old free-agent-to-be. Nor are the Mets likely to make a play for Manny Machado, the 26-year-old shortstop / third baseman for the Dodgers.
Met fans know this. But many don't accept it.
One such person is Port Washington native Anthony Scaramucci, who is not only a diehard Mets fan, but is also a minority owner of the club. You may remember "The Mooch" for his extremely brief stint as President Trump's communications director last July. That job lasted about 10 days before Scaramucci was fired for making inflammatory comments.
But this has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do with the frustration that every Mets fan feels, that the current roster — which is in dire need of a makeover — will not be improved by lavish spending this offseason.
This week, Scaramucci spoke for many fans when he ripped the current Mets owners — his partners — on an interview with the website Scaramucci brought up something that sticks in every Mets fan's craw: that the Mets don't do business like the Yankees.
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"I'm super concerned," said Scaramucci, who has no role in the management of the Mets. "Not to get overly dramatic, but if you traded the whole team for the Yankees' Triple-A team, I would be less concerned. The Yankees stack up on players, they pay through the nose for the draft, they give out very high signing bonuses. You're going to lose about 45-50 percent of these kids. The remainder go to Triple-A. One or two of them become world-class prospects. If you do the statistical analysis, that is the way to go to build your team. These guys [the Mets owners] don't do that. They nickel and dime these guys in the prospect area, nickel and dime during the draft, and then they go after players that are through their sell-by date. That's what we have been dealing with."
We don't know the identity of the executive who will be running the Mets once this season ends. Before the franchise can map out a plan, a general manager has to be hired by the Wilpons.
It's unlikely that executive will be given a blank check and told to lure Harper or Machado to Flushing.
It's rare for two young talents such as these to come onto the free agent market. Talk of contracts in the $300-$400-million range seem realistic, especially when you consider Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees has a $325-million deal and was not a free agent when he signed it with the Marlins. There was no other bidder for Stanton's services.
The Yankees — that team again — have painstakingly gotten themselves under the luxury tax threshold this season so they can "reset" their tax rate. That will allow them to have a massive spending spree this offseason if they choose — coincidentally when two once-in-a-generation talents will be available.
Does this mean the Yankee are going to sign Harper or Machado or both? Of course not. But a Yankee fan knows the team could try if it wanted to, even if neither player is needed. Did the Yankees need to trade for Stanton when they already had Aaron Judge in rightfield? No, but they weren't scared off by Stanton's contract.
All of this came to mind when we heard the fan chanting "We want Bryce!" That fan and 29,867 others who came to Citi Field on a gorgeous Saturday got to see a Mets lineup that—  and this is a scary thought — might be almost exactly the one the team uses next Opening Day.
 Amed Rosario, Jeff McNeil, Michael Conforto, Wilmer Flores, Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce, Jose Bautista, Kevin Plawecki. Substitute Brandon Nimmo for Bautista and that could be the top eight against Max Scherzer at Nationals Park on March 28.
  On Saturday, Rosario and Frazier homered and Zack Wheeler threw seven innings as the Mets won their sixth in eight games and 14th in their last 22.
Uh-oh. A late-season surge could confirm what top team brass already privately believes — that the Mets can contend next season with a few tweaks and some better health and not by going on a spending binge.
In other words, business as usual. That kind of thinking should have every Mets fan — not just the well-connected ones — "super concerned."

NBC leisure President Bob Greenblatt Remembers Craig Zadan

NBC Entertainment President Bob Greenblatt Remembers Craig Zadan

On August 21, the enjoyment trade misplaced one in every of its brightest producers Craig Zadan. His passing changed into introduced in a press release from Bob Greenblatt who noted:
"it's with profound unhappiness that i'm announcing the passing of my dear pal and colleague Craig Zadan, who died of complications following shoulder substitute surgical procedure. On behalf of his existence accomplice, Elwood Hopkins, and his producing associate, Neil Meron, we are stunned that the man behind so many stunning film, theatre, and television productions - several of them joyous musicals - changed into taken away so suddenly. Craig's distinct career as a passionate and consummate producer is eclipsed most effective by way of his specific love for the lots of actors, administrators, writers, musicians, designers, and technicians he worked with over the years. His absence can be felt in our hearts and during our company."
today Greenblatt posted a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter sharing memories of his chum and colleague. "He turned into my pal and kindred spirit in inserting musicals on television, and some of the most blissful moments in my lifestyles got here from working with him - or just observing one in all his motion pictures," Greenblatt says.
along with his producing companion, Neil Meron, Zadan's wide profession blanketed works on the large and small monitors, as smartly because the stage. Most chiefly, the group produced NBC's annual reside musicals including, The Sound of song live!, Peter Pan reside!, The Wiz reside!, Hairspray live! and Jesus Christ celebrity reside! Their action photograph credit encompass, the movie musical Hairspray, Footloose and the Oscar-profitable most desirable picture, Chicago.
Over the route of their career, the two garnered 148 Emmy nominations, six Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, 17 Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, a Grammy Award, six GLAAD Awards, 4 NAACP image Awards and two Tony Awards.
"I cherished everything they did," Greenblatt writes, "I stored hoping we could locate a means to work together to explore our mutual love of musicals."
Zadan and Meron are credited with bringing stage and screen musicals back into the mainstream. "one way or the other, they were wiling musicals onto community tv," says Greenblatt. "And steadily, this genre which had fallen on challenging instances begun to come returned to existence."
The trade mourns the lack of his exceptional skill and hard work. Zadan passed while in the course of placing together Hair are living to which Greenblatt says, "or not it's simplest been a number of days and we already omit him...he's there in spirit of direction, however damn if we would not reasonably have him in the rehearsal room with us instead."
study Bob Greenblatt's full article right here.
photo credit score: Walter McBride / WM pictures
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DMC: "We need to Over Flood Hip-Hop with Kendrick Lamar & opportunity The Rappers"

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every now and then, artists use their systems to bemoan the state of hip-hop. Few present options, but many have complaints. In a new state-of-the-union-like handle to UK outlet Double Down news, Run-DMC's DMC himself sits down to explain precisely how he believes hip-hop can path relevant.
"hearken to hip-hop radio," DMC suggested. "all the fucking information is about codeine and Xanax. There's no longer one rapper there rapping: 'I never acquired high a day in my lifestyles!' We want dudes in hip-hop that don't get high. We need dudes in hip-hop that ain't in the street game, we should over flood hip-hop with Kendrick Lamar and possibility The Rappers."
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certain, just one problem: both Kendrick Lamar and probability The Rapper have made songs that aspect gang life and substance use and abuse. chance published he very nearly lost himself to a Xanax addiction on 2016's "finish Line." He has a tra ck with Future entitled "Smoke ruin," the contents of which are exactly as the title suggests. Kendrick Lamar's song touches on alcoholism, violence, and the probability that he might also have even killed a person. 
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it is in this moment, DMC lets his ardour for hip-hop eclipse his enhanced judgment as this place is nothing if not misinformed.
Yet, it's no longer complicated to see how he arrived at this position. both Kendrick Lamar and opportunity The Rapper are brazenly spiritual rappers, notwithstanding they speak to God in alternative ways through their track. each artists existing as more polished and obtainable than any upcoming rapper with a face tattoo. whereas it may be effortless to bear in mind how DMC has come to this conclusion, we additionally have to admit that his take—notably given how unaligned it's with the artists' content—reeks of r espectability politics.
yes, DMC did present us a solution to repair hip-hop's "stagnant" state, however it is one steeped in bad ideology that keeps track from being organic and limits expression. A shame, as a result of across his 10-minute handle, DMC makes myriad legitimate features concerning the failure of hip-hop radio, the magnitude of rap groups, and the essence of the style. 
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This ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur turned her skin-care scare into a business plan

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Anyone who has ever experienced the effects of a sunburn knows that diligently applying sunscreen doesn't always do the trick. And there are staggering statistics to prove it. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.
When Sarah Buxton, founder of Tutublue, was diagnosed with melanoma, her doctor advised her to stay out of the sun. Unable to imagine a life without swimming, surfing, boating, or anything in the water, a spark for a sun protective activewear brand was born.
"I was determined to design a suit that I felt comfortable in that would protect me from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays," said Buxton. "I started out just making it for myself and I found there was a huge need for such a suit and brand."
If you're guilty of missing a few spots here and there, Tutublue's activewear might just be the solution you've been waiting for. From long suits to leggings, the brand's selection of apparel allows you to protect your skin without the need to reapply sunscreen all day long.
Aiming to turn her fresh idea into a booming apparel business, Buxton appeared on "Shark Tank," seeking $200,000 for a 25 percent stake in her company.
Buxton said "Shark Tank" put her on the map. "I was overwhelmed with the initial web sales and the outpouring of support from all around the world. They gave me a platform and a voice. Even if it was a brief moment in time, it really helped business."
Now, Tutublue is a full line of swimwear for women, men and kids. Buxton said the business is growing and is increasingly more in need.
"My business is something that was born out of a scary experience," she said. "I like to think of it as my lemons to lemonade moment in life. As people are getting [smarter about the sun] the business will grow accordingly."
Watch Buxton pitch the Sharks on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET on CNBC.
Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank."

'This is new territory for everyone': Tech giants Amazon and YouTube have an opportunity to upend the regional sports TV business

Jeff Bezos

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Google's Larry Page might be in the bidding for regional sports. AP
Twenty-two regional sports networks are expected to come up for sale soon, and the very companies leading the cord-cutting revolution could end up bidding for these linear-television networks.
It's all part of Disney's deal to buy assets from 21st Century Fox. The US Department of Justice approved Disney's proposed purchase with one big condition: that Disney sell the regional sports networks that Fox owns to avoid anticompetitive conflicts, given its majority ownership of ESPN.
The size of the RSNs coming to market has attracted broad interest from buyers. Fox has 22 networks and analysts have predicted they could draw as much as $20 billion in value. While traditional broadcasters like Sinclair are among the parties interested in purchasing the RSNs, Amazon and Youtube have also expressed interest, according to Bloomberg.
These two tech companies are seemingly unlikely players in the regional media buyer space.
"This new territory for everyone," Lee Berke, CEO of LHB Sports, Entertainment & Media, Inc., told Business Insider. "These are distribution platforms and businesses that weren't in existence two or three years ago."
Why would tech companies want these assets?
Amazon and YouTube have streaming ("OTT") platforms with national distribution strategies. A move to buy these RSNs would signal a change in business strategy and and first foray into regional sports rights on a large scale, according to sports-media analysts who spoke with Business Insider.
So why would tech companies want these assets?
The answer, in part, may lie in the sheer size of the assets coming to market. These are 22 networks that have the broadcasting rights for 44 professional sports teams in the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League. The networks offer local-sports broadcasting for teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Yankees.
Fox owns over 50% of the market. The next biggest owner of RSNs is Comcast, which has seven RSNs representing 16 teams, followed by AT&T with four RSNs and eight teams. Even though these assets broadcast regional programming, owning the entire block is akin to having a national presence in regional sports.
The volume of games played in these leagues also make the regional networks attractive. MLB teams, for example, play 162 games per year, meaning near-daily games during the season.
Linear broadcasting wouldn't change much to begin with
A tech company buying these assets wouldn't change much from a viewing perspective. The RSNs are self-sustaining businesses and could effectively run on their own. The RSNs already have contract rights in place for both linear and digital distribution of their programming.
For example, the Yes Network — home to New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets coverage — has existing contracts in place to stream on platforms like Hulu, Sling TV, and DirecTV.
Each RSN has its own set of distribution deals and distribution contracts typically have an average span of three to five years, according to Berke. If a technology company with an OTT service bought an RSN network tomorrow, it would be able to offer the network on the service right away. But it wouldn't have exclusive rights to air the programming until contracts expired.
So while tech companies like Amazon and YouTube likely see an opportunity to distribute exclusive sports rights on their own OTT platform in the future, the programming would still have linear-TV distribution in the near term.
In fact, Amazon or Google buying these RSNs may signal acknowledgement that linear TV isn't dead. There are still significant numbers of pay-TV subscribers. At the end of 2017, 94 million subscribers paid for traditional TV.
"It's almost like going backwards in time a little bit," Daniel Cohen, senior vice president at Octagon, told Business Insider. "We see more and more viewers cutting the cord, buying these a la carte digital products and services ... now they are almost going backward and saying linear broadcasting, if they bid, is going to be important to us."
One short-term challenge for the two tech players would be the regional advertisements that go with regional linear programming.
"They are not in the business of really selling regional ads against live sporting rights yet, and I think that is going to be one of the major hurdles for them," Cohen said. "If they make a play for this I think ramping up on a regional sales side would be critical."
And there's an OTT opportunity in the future
While going regional would be a shift in strategy for Amazon or YouTube, the companies already have the technology to regionalize digital streaming content.
"I've been in negotiations with various vMVPDs (Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors, or TV delivered over the internet) ... they can geofence content on a zip code to zip code basis," Berke said. "In certain respects that is more fine tuned than with pay television."
YouTube has already begun to strike a few regional-sports deals. It has exclusive rights to Major League Soccer's Seattle Sounders FC and Los Angeles FC regional games.
While Amazon to date has not offered up regional content within the US, it regionalizes on a continental basis. Amazon has exclusive rights to air US Open Tennis in the UK and exclusive rights to air some Premier League soccer games in the UK. If Amazon acquired an RSN, it would be "extremely feasible" for the company to regionalize content in the US, according to Berke.
And owning sports rights could help with the problem that one in five Amazon subscribers doesn't know they have access to streaming videos through Prime Video.
It's unclear if Amazon and YouTube will bid on regional networks where their OTT services don't immediately own exclusive rights to programming. Still, you can never count out the ability for these tech giants to outbid the competition.
"From a bidding-power perspective, they are in the best position to make any transaction they wish," Cohen said.

Mariah Introduces a brand new Sexier seem to be: August 26 Hip-Hop history

Image result for Mariah Introduces a brand new Sexier seem to be: August 26 Hip-Hop history

latest hip-hop historical past is motion packed with hot new single and album releases. Solange publicizes her independence, whereas Mariah Carey brings a distinct trend, and a horny video and Petey Pablo put his state on the map.
1946: Valerie Simpson is Born.
today in background, we have fun the birthday of singer and songwriter, and one half of the dynamic duo Ashford & Simpson, Valerie Simpson. Simpson, together with her husband Nickolas Ashford co-wrote a lot of soul hits before beginning their a success performing career in the early 1970s. They wrote for fellow singers like Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and Tammi Terrell, growing Motown hits like, "Ain't No Mountain high sufficient."
four days before Simpson's birthday, her husband and writing accomplice died from throat melanoma on the age of 70. presently after his dying, SFGate spoke with Simpson at her new york home.
"it be only 1 step at a time," she referred to. "there's no getting around it. Some days are stronger than different days. I have a superb community of household and pals who lift me up when I simply wish to go lay down. it's anything I didn't are expecting - to be in this position. Nothing prepares you for it. or not it's a hard issue to move through."
1997:  Coolio Releases My Soul.
On at the present time, Compton rapper Coolio launched his third album,  My Soul. the first single from the album, "See U When U Get There," peaked at No. 12 on the sizzling a hundred and changed into a global success. The album, which become his remaining for Tommy Boy, became a minor success in comparison to his old albums and saw construction from  Romeo, Vic C., Bryan "Wino" Dobbs and DJ I-Roc.
1997: Mariah Carey Drops "Honey."
Mariah Carey also launched new tune on this day with her first single "Honey," from her sixth album Butterfly. the single became a brief success being Carey's twelfth No. 1 single on the Billboard sizzling a hundred. be aware the attractive video with Carey strutting her revealing outfits, uncovered cleavage, and sexual content? Freshly separated from her then-husband, music multi-millionaire Tommy Mottola, Mariah introduced the realm to a new sexy look together with her new tune.
"Mariah is a diva and anything that divas do, it transcends," Stevie J told Billboard. "on account that I and Puff had been the hottest producers in hip-hop on the time, doing a collaboration with somebody like Mariah Carey, it turned into bound to blow as a result of everyone knows she's a helluva vocalist. If she gets on some hip-hop tracks and writes it the right way, it's gonna be a win-win. So, I had little doubt in my mind she become gonna fly on the hip-hop side. She's like one of the premiere of all time, and that i'm simply blessed to have work along with her."
2001: Petey Pablo signify For North Carolina With "raise Up."
Petey Pablo put North Carolina on the map when he dropped his debut single "carry Up." This summertime hit, produced through Timbaland, reached No. 25 on the Billboard sizzling one hundred.
 "I remember using down the highway coming from manhattan to Washington, D.C. playing the instrumental over and over once more," Pablo recalled to Billboard. "Then it gave the impression of a helicopter changed into following me all of the way from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., and that i simply kept thinking, like, 'North Carolina, come and lift up, take your shirt off, twist it 'circular your hand,' like this helicopter that stored flying over my head. It started as a joke that grew to become to, 'Wait a minute, that really sounds good.'"
2003: YoungbloodZ are Drankin Patnaz
On this day in 2003, rap duo Youngbloodz released their sophomore album Drankin Patnaz. The album produced the Grammy-nominated single "rattling!," which peaked to No. 4 on the Billboard hot one hundred. The Atlanta Crunk sound pushed the album to No. 5 on the Billboard 200 and eventually went Platinum.
2003: Mary J. Blige Embraces Love & life
Mary J. Blige also releases her sixth studio album Love & lifestyles on this day. Blige reunited with Diddy and his bad Boy in-condominium creation group. people have all the time had their quirky jokes about Blige best making first rate song when she has drama in her personal life, but this album begs to differ debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.
2003: Nappy Roots Drop picket leather
another southern rap community, Nappy Roots, released their second album wooden leather on today. The album like its predecessor gained success with singles "Roun' the Globe," which featured on Madden 2003. It featured artists Kanye West, Lil Jon, and David Banner, just to name a few and reached No. 12 on the Billboard 200.
"wooden leather-based" resembles lots of issues that you just come across in American subculture," Skinny DeVille instructed Billboard. "The 'timber' is the structure. that you would be able to study 'leather' as success. if you take care of them each, they'll closing always —they both represent quality."
2008: The online game Takes the realm to LAX
With a few liberate date changes, The online game ultimately launched his third album LAX on at the present time in 2008. The video game already has superb success in his first two albums, so there wasn't a whole lot to prove. The album featured an inventory of guest appearances comparable to Ice dice, Nas, ordinary and charted 4 singles together with "online game's pain," " Dope Boys," "touchdown" and "My life," featuring Lil Wayne.
The album acquired favorable reviews from critics, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on each right R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and desirable Rap Albums charts.
2008: Solange Steps Out of Her Sister's Shadow With Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. dreams
Solange reinvented herself as an artist with the free up of her 2nd album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. dreams. Declaring that she's "no sister," the record gave a nostalgic Motown Sound feeling, while final clean, and peaked at  No. 9 on the Billboard 200.
In a Q&A with Seventeen magazine, Solange talks about her journey making the album, "in fact a event, this become like traveling during the previous, present and way forward for my emotions. i was dealing with honesty head to head with the sound, lyrics, and soul in the facts. I truly captured a true reflection musically and artistically of who i am."
2008: V.I.C. unencumber Beast
Atlanta rapper V.I.C. drops his debut album Beast. The album peaked at No. 7 on the right Rap Albums chart. unluckily, it bought harsh criticism. creator Jake Paine from Hip-HopDX gave it a two out of five, calling the album at a loss for words.
2008: The Ying Yang Twins Drop The legitimate Work
Fellow Atlanta natives Ying Yang Twins drop their first mixtape The reputable Work. The mixtape reached No. 19 on the good Rap Albums chart.


HP's Omen Mindframe and Omen Obelisk carry special aspects to workstation gaming

HP used Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, to unveil two abnormal items of gaming hardware on Monday. The Omen Mindframe gaming headset presents a primary: in-ear cooling for sweaty noggins. The Omen Obelisk laptop PCs present a primary amongst big laptop carriers: tempered glass. we are going to let you know why each are particular.
HP Omen Mindframe: literally cool
The Omen Mindframe gaming headset, unveiled in may additionally, is the first to combine Peltier or thermal electric powered cooling (TEC) in to a headset. The huge idea is the TEC's lowered temps will prevent your ears from getting sweaty. Even the fabric on the headset cups is designed to be extra-relaxed.
HP eventually unveiled the fee: The Omen Mindframe will sell for $200. whereas it is now not as costly as the higher conclusion of the spectrum, similar to $329 for the SteelSeries Arctis seasoned wireless, or not it's a much cry from our favourite pick: the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

mindframe omen headset coreset volumecontrol closeup

The OMEN headset makes use of a gentle ear cup fabric to increase the comfort much more.
Let's face it, if no gaming headset works for you because you have Sweaty Ear Syndrome, this could be the best reply. HP pointed out it has sweetened the pot with active noise cancellation as neatly. The headset is because of ship in October.
HP Omen Obelisk: Tempered glass is a first
HP's other massive announcement is the redesigned OMEN Obelisk computing device, expected to ship in September. Touting RGB lighting and trade-usual add-ons (instead of proprietary), the other feature of the OMEN it's rather bizarre for a huge laptop OEM is the window.
omen obelisk glass panel bottomvent closeup 

HP elements a glass window on its new OMEN Obelisk, which is strange for a huge workstation maker.
Case home windows were round for nearly twenty years on DIY gaming rigs and boutqiue builds, but they're hardly used by using large computer makers. that is as a result of large pc makers need to additionally pass FCC regulations, which verify for radio frequency pollutants. while steel situations in the reduction of the RF emissions, glass and plastic let it move straight via. To handle the laws, HP coats the tempered glass window to help it contain the RF interior the workstation.
HP has 4 Obelisks in its offerings:

  • The $879 points a Core i3-8100, GeForce GTX 1050, 8GB of HyperX Fury DDR4/2666, 1TB complicated power, and 300-watt PSU.
  • The $999 Obelisk facets a Ryzen 5 2500X, Geforce GTX 1060, 8GB of RAM, 1TB challenging force, and 500-watt PSU.
  • Stepping up from that to $1,049, you get a Core i5-8400, GTX 1060, 8GB of RAM, 1TB difficult force, and 500-watt PSU.
  • the entire above have steel doorways, but step as much as the suitable-end $1,549, and also you get your glass window, plus a GeForce GTX 1070 (or maybe the new RTX 1070?) in addition to 16GB of RAM, 256GB M.2 SSD, and 1TB tough pressure. The PSU is still the identical, at 500 watts. 

  • HP referred to all are air-cooled, however the case is actually designed to enable for aftermarket CLC coolers.

    omen obelisk aftermarketliquidcooler closeup 

    HP To touch upon this text and different PCWorld content material, visit our facebook web page or our Twitter feed.

    PepsiCo’s $3.2 billion deal for a company in the . . . bubble-making business

    Image result for PepsiCo $3.2 billion deal for a company in the . . . bubble-making business

    August 24 at 12:07 PM
    There's a huge debate these days about whether the U.S. stock market is in a bubble. So let me resolve the question by telling you that I've found a definite market bubble.
    No, I'm not talking about the fact that U.S. stocks are now officially in their longest bull market ever. Or that broad market indexes such as the S&P 500 and the Wilshire 5000 are at, or near, record levels.
    No, I'm talking about one particular deal: PepsiCo paying an astounding $3.2 billion for a company that's in the bubble-making business.
    The company, of course, is SodaStream, which has been flying high — or, if you prefer, bubbling up — because of the growing worldwide market for carbonated water:
    I've been using SodaStream to make seltzer for years because changing carbon dioxide cartridges every once in a while is more convenient, less environmentally damaging and — above all — considerably cheaper than buying plastic bottles of seltzer and schlepping them home from the store.
    But I now see that I should have been a SodaStream stockholder in addition to being a customer.
    If I'd been a stockholder, my profit would probably not only have paid for my seltzer several times over but would have also covered the cost of high-end champagne to celebrate my profit.
    In fact, I had absolutely no idea that SodaStream stock (with the wonderful symbol SODA) was publicly traded in the United States until I saw its sale to PepsiCo announced a few days ago. So I got curious and did a little research.
    What I found is that PepsiCo-SodaStream not only shows us how big a market there is for bubbles, it also shows us how strange, random and international the world of finance can be.
    The company was founded in England in the early 1900s, became part of the Cadbury-Schweppes conglomerate in 1985 and became an Israeli firm in 1998 when Cadbury sold it to its Israeli distributor. SodaStream went public at $20 a share on the Nasdaq in 2010 and is now being sold for $144: more than seven times its initial offering price. A very nice return.
    By my read of the numbers, PepsiCo is buying SodaStream for more than 35 times its most recent 12 months of earnings. That's a steep price.
    Maybe PepsiCo, as a U.S. company, can get SodaStream into markets that weren't hospitable to an Israel-based company.
    Or maybe it can figure out other ways to sharply increase the profit of the well-established multinational company that it's buying.
    Or maybe PepsiCo is paying a bubble price for a bubble-maker. I suspect that in a few years, people will have a name for this deal: Pepsi's Double Bubble.
    A note: In last week's column, I said it was a no-brainer for people taking required minimum distributions from their IRAs to make "qualified charitable distributions." I should have made it clear that QCDs are a no-brainer only for people who want to make charitable donations. If you don't want to make donations, a QCD isn't for you.

    What MGM Springfield offers for leisure

    Image result for What MGM Springfield offers for leisure

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - From a bowling alley to a movie theater, MGM Springfield has whatever for each person when it comes to amusement. 
    Tens of lots of people had been at MGM Springfield for opening day enjoying all the leisure that MGM Springfield has to offer. 
    MGM Springfield has the tap sports bar that includes an arcade, mini basketball court, 50 huge reveal tv's, as well as a 10-lane bowling alley. 
    As for song, MGM Springfield will hold standard are living musical performances.
    The Dropkick Murphy's will function at eight p.m. Saturday nighttime, however MGM Springfield mentioned this live performance is already bought out. 
    MGM Springfield additionally has a Regal Cinemas but they pointed out they may not have it open until the autumn.


    'The Hip Hop Nutcracker' returning to the Fox Theatre

    Image result for 'The Hip Hop Nutcracker' returning to the Fox Theatre

    "The Hip Hop Nutcracker," a recent twist on the Tchaikovsky classic, returns to the Fox Theatre at 8 p.m. Nov. 30.
    The creation points a dozen dancers, on-stage DJ, and electric violinist, with transitional and incidental tune remixed and reimagined.
    Tickets are $25-$65 and go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at, 314-534-1111 and at the box office.
    The display is produced by means of the new Jersey Performing Arts middle. The construction is directed and choreographed through Jennifer Weber.
    traditional rapper Kurtis Blow, who opens the event in most cities, says "We've got one of the top-rated dancers on earth performing in a demonstrate this is being reimagined in a very astonishing manner. The creative group has became this ancient basic into a brand new traditional, and audiences love this new adaptation all over the place we go."
    Go! Sneak Peek from St. Louis put up-Dispatch
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    massive information For 'Love & Hip Hop' famous person Yandy Smith

    Image result for massive information For 'Love & Hip Hop' famous person Yandy Smith

    massive congratulations are to ensure that Yandy Smith.
    The reality star/entrepreneur has officially authorized the function of becoming a foster mom and she's shared the information her followers, on-line.
    The Love & Hip Hop alum currently shared the details in an emotional Instagram submit displaying she and her new skills foster daughter, Infinity Gilyard, leaving household court in long island city.
    in the caption, Smith defined that their relationship began three years in the past after she spoke at Gilyard's faculty. Their bond continued to flourish after she authorized the role as her mentor as part of the EGL P.U.D. (partners Uplifting our Daughters) non-income organization.
    The clip shows both walking out of the courthouse with Gilyard's fingers wrapped around Smith as she defined, "The decide approved of everything."
    "So, Infinity can come again to my condo," she added. "They noted we are able to beginning the processs for me becoming a foster mother."
    Watch her additional tricky on the second and their heritage within the full caption, beneath:

    How Joe Budden became the Howard Stern of Hip-Hop

    Image result for How Joe Budden became the Howard Stern of Hip-Hop

    This wasn't how Joe Budden planned on fitting noted. actually, he didn't plan plenty of the rest. Now he's in the charts, however now not for his track. in its place, as of Aug. 21, Joe Budden has the No. 1 podcast within the iTunes track podcast chart — four slots forward of the NPR general-bearer "All Songs considered." The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory and Mal is produced in a chum's residence in Queens.
    Mr. Budden had a quick style of mainstream success as a rapper with a top 40 hit in 2003 earlier than his career stalled. Now he has develop into a kind of volatile elder statesman of hip-hop, preserving forth on his podcast, social media and YouTube earlier than an viewers of thousands and thousands. His soliloquies and tirades, even if a cautious examination of a rap diss or a nuanced protection of XXXTentacion, the controversial young rapper who changed into murdered earlier this year, lend him a credibility he never quite had as an artist.
    Mr. Budden is now banking on a new partnership with Spotify to extend on his success. starting q4, his podcast will circulation solely on the platform. (He plans on nevertheless uploading video clips of the show on YouTube.) The intention, in keeping with Courtney Holt, head of studios and video at Spotify, is to "advance out now not simply this demonstrate, however other indicates sooner or later." When requested why he idea Spotify become the most effective domestic for his reveal, he said without problems, "They weren't frightened of me."
    Seated on the dining room desk in his Montclair, N.J., home, Mr. Budden is only as he appears as a podcast host: expressive and candid and unembarrassed to recount a series of personal and expert misfortunes and poor decisions, from his battles with addiction, messy physical fights that spilled onto social me dia to rap beefs and shady recording contracts that left him broke for most of his rap career.
    He additionally addressed the home violence allegations that dog him. "despite the fact that you're blameless of those issues, therapy teaches you to always pay consideration to the part that I performed in issues," Mr. Budden spoke of. "I didn't do any of that stuff, however how did I get right here? I frequented strip clubs, I popped drugs. My existence turned into in disarray. It made me say, 'No more.'"
    The Joe Budden Podcast all started in 2014 as I'll identify this Podcast Later. His rap days at the back of him, Mr. Budden is sort of a retired athlete at a desk on ESPN. He's brash, opinionated and blunt. And he knows what he's speakme about. His time spent as an artist on an important checklist label lends him an insider's point of view, and his disdain for the music trade has only s erved to raise his credibility. "A key element to his identification as a musician is that he's been run during the foremost label ringer," said Paul Thompson, a contract tune writer primarily based in la. "I feel his listeners get the feel, and like the sense, that he's type of a rogue individual."
    Joseph Anthony Budden Jr. was born in Spanish Harlem in 1981. At 13, he moved to Jersey metropolis along with his mother and older brother. He changed into quickly sent to a boarding school in North Carolina. It turned out to be a college that attracted stricken early life. notwithstanding he discovered to rap there, he returned to New Jersey with an arsenal of dangerous habits and became quickly addicted to angel filth.
    "My mother's mission my whole teenage years was just to save my existence," Mr. Budden noted. He did, besides the fact that children, check himself into rehab, a deal he struc k with his mother as a way to attend a promenade. "i was the most effective volunteer in that rehab. all and sundry become mandated there via courtroom." He failed to get a diploma, he noted, and with the aid of the age of 20 had a son with an older lady.
    shortly after his son became born, a demo he recorded made its approach to Def Jam Recordings, which resulted in a list deal for Mr. Budden. "i used to be just rapping as a exercise and i grew to be good at it," he mentioned. "So a good deal in order that by the point my Def Jam contract turned into in entrance of me, I didn't have a rap identify."
    correct away he had a success with "Pump It Up," and he turned into nominated for a Grammy, however Mr. Budden stalled as a rapper. He lasted at Def Jam except 2007. It became a chaotic time.
    "Turmoil all over the place," he recalled. "The label situati on, family situation. My relationship with my first infant turned into nonexistent. i used to be broke and that i become a brand new rapper whose profession become spiraling downward."
    He idea recording on a smaller label would supply him greater freedom, however he found himself saddled with yet a further bad contract, so he became to the internet. He began filming his every day life on his YouTube channel, Joe Budden television.
    This ended in an offer to be part of the forged of the VH1 truth series "Love & Hip Hop: long island. It become a watch-opener. Mr. Budden noticed it because the ideal car to revive his rap profession. as a substitute, it was a pitiless replicate that printed an addict in denial. He decided that a way to get off tablets turned into not to enter rehab however to appear on another VH1 fact reveal, "Couples remedy." "I wasn't going for couples therapy," Mr. Budden stated. "I wasn't going as a result of they were paying me. medicine had been my subject."
    The therapy labored.
    and then he decided to quit rapping.
    "a huge a part of me being absent in my first newborn's existence turned into rap," Mr. Budden stated. He has two sons, Joseph, 17, and Lexington, an 8-month-historic, with his present girlfriend, Cynthia Pacheko.
    In his new clean state, Mr. Budden met Ian Schwartzman, a manager who noticed promise in the former rapper. "in terms of what he turned into in a position to doing as a personality," Mr. Schwartzman noted, "it was limitless." He expected Mr. Budden as the "hip-hop Howard Stern."
    "The belief of him became rough across the edges, a unfastened cannon," observed Mr. Schwartzman. As with Mr. Stern, the belief would evolve.</ p>
    Thirteen years after his only hit checklist and committed to staying clear, Mr. Budden started his second act, becoming a co-host on "established struggle," an everyday hip-hop news show on advanced Media's YouTube channel. That platform would contain a couple of viral moments that would enhance Mr. Budden's visibility and finished his transformation from rapper to media character, together with scolding the younger rapper Lil Yachty and strolling out of a Migos interview right through the wager Awards.
    "Joe is aware of how to get under artists' dermis," noted Elliott Wilson, a content material director at the streaming service Tidal. "He is aware of the way to say the appropriate factor to type of irritate his fellow artists."
    After a year, Mr. Budden would leave "universal combat" and the following he had accrued on the exhibit to dedicate himself f ull time to the podcast he had been recording for four years.
    The podcast's team convenes each Tuesday in Astoria, Queens, at the domestic studio of Parks Vallely, the display's audio engineer. Mr. Budden, his co-hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil "Mal" Clay, a videographer and intern collect as he reads a listing of topics off his iPhone that he's compiled right through the week. This week's episode would include girls out-incomes their male spouses and poking fun at a fresh Drake freestyle.
    The environment in the studio is terribly much a person cave, and the show has been criticized for sexist feedback, an issue Mr. Budden spoke of he is trying to appropriate. "The work is to steer clear of topics we're no longer qualified to communicate on," he pointed out.
    "I consider they're doing the most effective that they could," noted Kitanya Harrison, a freel ance creator based in Jamaica, who cited the sexism in a piece concerning the podcast. "I'm not certain if it's ample, but I admire the effort that they're doing it public."
    the guys had best simply lower back from the East Coast leg of the Joe Budden Podcast tour. In just a few days, they would head out again, to the West Coast. Mr. Clay, one of the co-hosts, recounted the story of a man who told him the podcast avoided him from committing suicide. "I didn't consider that this was lifestyles changing," Mr. Clay spoke of minutes before heading to his regular spot in Mr. Vallely's house to record.
    Mr. Budden seated himself before the microphone. "Mic check, 1, 2, 1, 2," he noted in his gravelly baritone. The podcast had begun.

    Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto dedicated to "continue Pushing" Into cell Gaming

    Image result for Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto dedicated to "continue Pushing" Into cell Gaming

    The legendary video video game developer had some candid words for the online game business whereas talking on the computing device leisure builders conference this week in Yokohama, Japan.
    Iconic video online game creator Shigeru Miyamoto had some candid phrases for the game trade while talking on the desktop amusement developers conference this week in Yokohama, Japan.
    Miyamoto, who created such legendary characters as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, spoke to the present hot button issues affecting the gaming panorama these days: free-to-play and microtransactions. 
    "We're fortunate to have such a large market, so our pondering is, if we will carry games at budget friendly expenses to as many individuals as possible, we are able to see huge earnings," Miyamoto referred to. 
    Miyamoto's comments come the equal week that the NPD group announced that the Nintendo switch topped sales charts for the month of July. 5 of the 10 top of the line-selling titles for the month were released for the change completely: Octopath traveller (No. 1), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (No. 3), The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (No. 5), tremendous Mario Odyssey (No. 7) and Mario Tennis Aces (No. 10). 
    whereas the change is enjoying massive success presently (the console is the best platform that boats 12 months-over-12 months increase in full-game income in July, up 70 percent from 2017), the normal profits chief on consoles is still the free-to-play, pass-platform title Fortnite — though the Epic video games combat royale video game did see income boom gradual in July.
    Nintendo has offered free-to-play games of their own during the past. The cellular online game super Mario Run, which debuted in 2016, is free to download, however presents a one-time cost to liberate the full content material, a significantly distinct model than most free-to-play titles which function a number of microtransactions all through the video game to drive revenue. nonetheless, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, one other free-to-play title which became launched closing year by Nintendo, does function traditional microtransactions.
    "i will be able to't say that our fixed-can charge mannequin has definitely been a success, but we're going to proceed pushing it forward unless it turns into entrenched," Miyamoto pointed out. "by means of specializing in bringing video games to the widest latitude of americans viable, we are able to continue boosting our cellular game business."
    On the console facet, Nintendo has received criticism currently for remastering Donkey Kong nation: Tropical Freeze, a video game firstly released on the Wii U in 2014, on the swap and charging a full $fifty nine.ninety nine for a title it truly is four years ancient.
    Nintendo has a few upcoming cell games deliberate. Dragalia misplaced, a free-to-play motion RPG developed by way of Nintendo alongside cell game studio Cygames as a way to function microtransactions, is expected to liberate this year, whereas a mobile edition of the Mario Kart franchise, Mario Kart Tour, is slated to be purchasable for down load in 2019.

    Jim Jones offers a Glimpse of His Harlem: August 23 in Hip-Hop historical past

    Image result for Jim Jones offers a Glimpse of His Harlem: August 23 in Hip-Hop historical past

    modern-day hip-hop heritage comprises the birthday of a man who isn't scared, the unlock of some traditional underground albums, and Jim Jones' takes us to Harlem.
    1971: Bone Crusher is Born. 
    On this present day we rejoice the start of Wayne Hardnett Jr., aka Bone Crusher. The Atlanta-primarily based rapper is optimal wide-spread for his excellent forty hit single "by no means Scared," all started in the online game in the late '80s as a DJ. He then joined the neighborhood Lyrical Giants, earlier than writing hooks for geared up Noize, Too $hort, Lil Jon and the YoungbloodZ. After a couple of failed listing deals, together with one with the eco-friendly-Eyed Bandit, Erick Sermon, Bone Crusher landed a solo cope with Jermaine Dupri's So So Def statistics.
    "In 2002 i stopped up recording the 'by no means Scared' record. I noticed JD in the membership, I had already had the record go public however he became out of city, so he didn't recognize what the hell become goin' on, just like I don't know what the hell is going on at the moment," Bone Crusher advised rebel Sound in an interview.  "So I noticed him at the membership and i turned into like – 'assess this list out, tell me what you feel.' subsequent component i know, he had this radio reveal, So So Def Radio, and he become telling all and sundry – here is gonna be the most popular list ever, the hottest record ever. So from then on we kinda went into a partnership." Dupri become appropriate, "in no way Scared" became Bone Crusher's simplest hit, peaking at No. 26 on the Billboard scorching 100, No. 6 on the Rap Chart. His 2003 debut album AttenCHUN peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. presently, Bone Crusher is getting able to go on the So So Def reunion tour along with Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Xscape and Anthony Hamilton.
    1994: Public Enemy Drop Muse ailing-n-Hour Mess Age
    On at the present time, Public Enemy dropped their fifth studio album, Muse in poor health-n-Hour Mess Age (song and Our Message), their first album in view that 1991's Apocalypse ninety one… The Enemy Strikes Black. As rap changed into at the top of its gangsta phase, Chuck D and the leisure of PE struggled to keep up as they refused to comply to the traits of hip-hop on the time.  "I had two selections; to go together with the move and make things more melodic," Chuck D printed in his booklet Lyrics of a Rap modern, "...or I could make whatever thing distinctive. I determined to make some thing distinct." The album did well, debuting at No. 14 on the Billboard 200 despite terrible stories, and a shuffle in distribution at Def Jam, youngsters, the record promptly fell off the charts after its free up.
    1994: Anita Baker shows the world Her Rhythm of affection
    Antia Baker also launched new song on at the present time in 1994. The album Rhythm of affection became Baker's fourth Platinum-selling album, debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 2 and No. 1 on the good R&B and Rap chart. The album produced the hits "physique and Soul," "I apologize," and "You Belong to Me," and Baker received the Grammy for choicest feminine R&B Vocal efficiency for "I ask for forgiveness." however with all the success, she turned into sad with the album's promotion from Elektra facts, so she sued them and demanded to be moved to an additional label inside Warner music community. within the end, she received her case and signed a multi-million greenback cope with Atlantic records,  making her the first artist in the united states to efficiently carry out a lateral exit circulation from a record enterprise.
    1999: destiny's newborn Tells the "computer virus A Boo" in their Lives to kick back
    The 2d single from fate's child's The Writing's On The Wall became released on today in 1999. Written by the community along with Kandi Burruss and Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, the uptempo song follows the women as they sing about a person it truly is at all times eager to be connected to them. The song changed into a modest hit, peaking at No. 33 on the Billboard sizzling 100, but Burruss, who did a lot of writing for The Writing's On The Wall revealed that the tune practically failed to occur.
    "after we first performed the track 'malicious program A Boo' to fate's infant, I bear in mind, they were kinda searching like, 'Eh, I don't find out about this,'" Burruss explained to Yahoo music. "I bear in mind Beyoncé became telling the rest of the ladies, 'Y'all, if we in reality don't like this, probably we should still let him recognize.' as a result of [the producer] She'sphere had stepped out of the room." Kandi saved the song through singing some of the verse for them and won the group over. The video, which finds the girls looking, and going to a basketball video game marks the remaining song video that every one 4 usual destiny infant participants are seen together. LaToya and LaTavia were changed four months later, after a dispute with the group's supervisor and Beyoncé's father, Matthew Knowles.
    2005: Jim Jones gives a Glimpse of His Harlem With Harlem: Diary of a summer season
    Jim Jones saw his highest album debut to this point when he launched Harlem: Diary Of a summer season on today in 2005. Peaking at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, the album produced the singles "summer Wit Miami" and "child woman" featuring Max B. As Max B's star started to rise thanks to his look on the album and his look on Cam'ron's "You Gotta love it," issues between him and Jimmy became sour.
    the two went on to discovered Byrdgang information collectively, and Biggaveli become one of the vital signees along with Stack Bundles, Jha Jha and Mel Matrix. through 2008, Max left after alleging that Jones forced him into a foul contract, and changed into skimming cash from reside reveal performances. in response to Max's appearance on The Come Up Vol. 18, he needed to give Jones "10 albums worth of fabric" to satisfy his contract. whereas the red meat in no way ended, it did take a lower back seat after Max B. changed into discovered guilty of homicide conspiracy and theft costs stemming from a 2006 botched theft grew to become murder in New Jersey, allegedly involving his girlfriend Gina Conway and step-brother Kevin Leerdem.
    2005: Kurupt Goes in opposition t the Grain for His Solo loss of life Row Debut
    After a extend, Kurput launched his fourth studio album in opposition t the Grain on today in 2005. The album, which is his first on demise Row records as a solo artist, marked the first new album from dying Row in over four years. alas due to rising anxiety between loss of life Row and their distributor Koch information the album peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard 200.
    Koch eliminated and "altered" a number of of the tracks on the record, causing for Kurupt and dying Row to tell lovers to boycott the album. "neatly in case you assist this in opposition t The Grain checklist, you're gonna hear some Kurupt song it truly is speaking bad about Snoop, you're gonna hear some Kurupt music it really is talking bad about Daz. You be aware of it truly is no longer the way Kurupt goes right now," he informed DubCnn." in order that tune that you're supporting, it's not no Kurupt music to assist. but if you do wanna hear it, then hiya, it really is greater energy to you."

    2005: Pumpkinhead Sees an Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
    The 2nd album from new york fight rapper Pumpkinhead sees guest appearances from Immortal approach, Jean Grae, D.V. Alias Khrist, Supastition, Wordsworth and extra. The album opened many doorways for PH, as he went on to tour around the globe being a gap act for the Goo Goo Dolls, Boot Camp Clik and more. unluckily, he handed away in June 2015 while in the clinic for gallstone surgical procedure.
    2005: Skrapz Does The 12 Step application
    Detroit's Skrapz launched his quintessential full-size debut album, The 12 Step program on this present day in 2005. Discussing an array of themes including his place of origin, love quarrels, politics and his rap expertise, this album turned into appreciated through underground rap enthusiasts everywhere.
    2005: I Wayne places the Lava floor
    On this day in 2005, reggae artist I Wayne launched his debut album Lava floor. The undertaking produced the membership hit, "cannot fulfill Her," a track a few young woman that turns to prostitution to fund a flashy culture. while the discipline be counted is heavy, the music may be heard in bashments from long island to North Carolina assisting the tune height at No. 30 on the sizzling R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

    Richard Scott Wallace - California Crazy #Flyah Submission

    With the release of the full length Stab in the Dark album, Richard Scott Wallace combines the best parts of some classic genres to breed a sound all his own.  Lush with addicting progressions, soulful vocal approach, and plenty of pop undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative rock anthems.
    The first single, “California Crazy”, pulls you in with its light hearted but honest lyrics, followed by its bopping rhythm and pop rock choruses. Most important is the songs ability to build and breathe as it plays on.
    “California Crazy is just as it sounds. It’s a whole new level of crazy really. It’s about living the dream; something we’ve all thought about at one time or another. ” explains the songwriter of his single.
    Although the single does speak volumes for the album, to get a real understanding for where Wallace is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety. The record is a diverse body of works with everything from emotional piano ballads, to hard rock tracks with destructive lead guitar work.
    Songs like “Still In Love”; a song about a marriage that ended badly, give off powerful performances in classic ballad style, while the title track “Stab In The Dark”; a song about taking chances in life and not giving up, brings an alternative feel complete with musical hooks and catchy classic rock attributes.
    For Richard Scott Wallace, writing songs is certainly not a new concept. Having written and performed in his band The Truth Hurts in the late nineties, he’d performed in plenty of clubs in the greater Toronto area. It was more recently that he decided to take the reins and write his first solo effort. Using music as an output for emotional life experiences, and making the record on his own accord, the Stab in the Dark album is a testimony to where he is at with his sound right now.
    Stab in the Dark is available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and Wallace is always working on new material for upcoming releases.


    Cheri Janae - Rewind #Flyah Submission

    Cheri Janae is a singer and songwriter from Illinois. Her first public performance was at the age four but no one knew there would be a strong desire to pursue music because she was shy even though people continued to ask her to perform with dance groups at local talent shows and act in plays. But when she earned a music and theater scholarship to attend one of Chicago’s top private universities from her classical vocal performance of Mozart and Gershwin, things began to change. Cheri Janae began singing at open mic nights, hair and beauty shows, and sporting events- which led to such opportunities as a commercial jingle and voice-over, print ad and commercial, a Chicago triple-threat finalist for NBC show Fame, mini-stage production of Spike Lee’s film School Daze, a co-starring role in a TV pilot demo produced by Mike Merrill for That Common Production, and a Sony BMG music showcase at Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago. And eventually, Cheri Janae would begin to write and co-produce her own music.
    Cheri Janae fuses various styles of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin, and Dance music with a 4.5-octave vocal range. She received airplay on college radio stations and weekend radio shows for songs “How Wud U Like” and “I Can Love You”. Mariah Carey, Adele, Jacksons family, Sade, and Missy Elliot are a few of her musical influences. Her producer and beat maker collaboration list includes veteran and new producers from Chicago, Philadelphia, and Caribbean: Get Em Louie, J Blade, Bryan Hadley, Turreekk, and Gee Notez.Lyrically, Cheri Janae paints pictures of various phases of love, club nights, and inspiration from personal experiences. When asked during an interview at the Sony BMG showcase to describe who she is as an artist, Cheri Janae stated, “I’m an artist that brings fun back to music thru storytelling, fashion, and rhythmic melodies like a modern-day Diana Ross or Donna Summer. 
    Cheri Janae past performances include various venues such as House of Blues, Hollywood Aurora Casinos, the International Music Festival, a 107.5 Clear Channel Summer Block Party, and Sporting events such as an ESPNBoxing Match to name a few. She also wrote on pre-productions with Panther and Individualz of Swizz Beats production team featuring VH1’s reality star and hip-hop singer Ray J, Will Jordan the writer of Nicki Minaj’s and Rihanna’s hit song “Fly”, and Mick Lee who also wrote for commercially successful pop artists. As Cheri Janae looks forward to her journey in the world of music and entertainment, her ultimate goal is to help others feel good, forget their troubles when they listen and see her perform, and inspire other to always keep faith, hope, and love no matter what life may bring.