Ram Hoss Is A Shining Example of What A Songwriter Can Be

Ram Hoss Is A Shining Example of What A Songwriter Can Be

There are plenty of different styles of songwriting out there these days. With all the genres and sub-genres to no end, some simply engulf themselves in well, just songwriting. Ram Hoss takes us back  to our roots with his releases. Picking up a guitar and grabbing whatever he can to record with at the time, the artist spews out songs like no other. Never letting an idea slip away, his catalog is loaded with fun, eccentric, and still soulful sounding acoustic, blues, singer songwriter tracks. 

It would take a full day to go through all of his material but it's worth every second as you'll find yourself a series of gems you can't get away from. The thing is, his stuff is catchy. You'll be singing tracks back long after they've ended. 

All in all, Ram Hoss is the stuff most songwriters aspire to be. A volcano of creative energy erupting each and every time it really wants to putting mounds of great songs into the world. You can begin the Ram Hoss journey here

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