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Michelle Rose Exclusive Interview

  Q:  What's it like growing up in Mpls?   Does the city have interesting stories about Prince?     A:  I only lived in Minneapolis until I was three, but I have fond memories of it.  Even now that I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, I still feel like I'm a part of Minneapolis.  I think a lot of Minnesotans have "Minneapolis Pride", even if they don't live in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis has so many fun things to see and do, and the arts are very important here, with so many theaters and live shows.     Prince put us on the map for music.  I hear Prince stories everywhere I go in Minnesota.  I've met so many people who were associated with Prince, including one of his dancers, and even a former Paisley Park employee working as a cashier at the local grocery store, so I've heard many Prince stories.  I wish I could've been a Chanhassen resident when Prince was still alive, because I know that many Chanhassen residents saw him casually riding his bike around

The April Fools | Wonderland | Music Review

  T he April Fools have  released their fourth album entitled " Wonderland" . The ten-track project shows the band’s growth within their musical style.  Wonderland  was composed by  Brian Drake on vocals & guitar; Brad McLemore: vocals guitar along with harmonica; Terri Owens: vocals guitar & mandolin; Ben Kaplan: drums percussion and vocals; Nick Salisbury on bass.  With these skills  at the forefront,  The April Fools take listeners  through  a journey of  love, heartbreak, loss and even voodoo with their unique blend of Classic Rock and Americana. The overall album blends genres very well, while having  different voices as the main narrator for each song .   Each song differs in tempo  with unique styles, while presenting vivid stories to keep you entertained.   The project is well balanced and arranged in a manner that makes the project a thrilling ride. “She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)” is the shortest song on  the album.  The track starts with indie rock

EliasKwola Exclusive Interview!

  Could you tell us what it's like being from Beaver Pennsylvania Beaver is a small and quiet town.  I have not lived here my whole life but long enough now to call it home.  I am very blessed to be here.  Beaver is located about half an hour northwest of Pittsburgh.   Having the city so close is great because there are so many different cultures represented in Pittsburgh.  The Strip District is one of the coolest places in the city.  You can find stores representing cultures from all over the world, great restaurants, wineries and breweries, cafes, fresh fish/meat markets, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania themed stores, and the Heinz History Center which talks about the history of western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.   I go there as often as I can not only to get grape leaves imported from Greece at Stamoolis and to visit Salem's Halal Market and Grill to get lamb curry, but also just for the experience.  That part of the city feels alive.  I love being there.   I am very proud to

Exclusive Interview with Cookie

  Could you tell us what it was like Growing up in Erie Penn?   I actually grew up in Spring Creek Pennsylvania and currently reside in Erie. I honestly felt Spring Creek was the best place to experience my beginnings at. It is very small and country but a pretty tight knit community. Everyone knows EVERYTHING about everybody which at times can be suffocating, but when it matters most the people there have each other's backs and will help out in anyway they can in times of need. There's alot of farm grounds out where I grew up, and though that may not seem fun or exciting to some something about that type of upbringing humbles you.  From my understanding, you have been active in music since age 5, where do you find the inspiration?  From a very young age I just always remember music being played around the house, on car rides, and when visiting my grandmother and grandfather's farm. I always loved it and just began singing and dancing along to the various types of music tha