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A Exclusive Update with Hip Hop Artist Rice

  So Rice, I understand you have been making power moves since we last spoke, Could you give us some details on your latest ventures and projects?             There’s so many thing I’m working on at the moment that I can’t help but think that none of it’s possible without my team. My project “Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing” is coming out to be one of my pride and joys because I know that it has massive potential. my label and I have also been working on our website  https://www.hustleworkgrind. com and Roku Channel (Hustle Work Grind Tv). Of course I’m excited about everything we’re working on and can’t wait for it to debut    Your track No Brady has seen awesome results, could you tell us about the creative process of this track?    It was a Vibe! The creative process for this track was about the connections and the atmosphere coming together to create something that was out of this world. The Studio was comfortable so we were able to have fun with this track. Atlanta with J Muzique and

Exclusive Interview with Byron Bank

  Could you tell us what it's like growing up in Houston? Growing up in Houston is like being somewhere all your life. The city continues to evolve; the music, food, and culture feel natural. Of course, Houston is home, and there’s no place like home. It also depends on where you grew up, which shapes you as a person. I grew up in the area of South Park and Hobby Airport area. There are many memories here, from my younger years to my adult days. I remember getting in numerous trouble, walking to the corner stores, playing basketball with the homies, etc. Now, all we do is drive everywhere. I remember the Rockets winning the NBA championships, the original Astroworld, and Waterworld. I used to listen to Fat Pat, Lil Keke, Lil Flip, DJ Screw, Screwed Up Click, Swishahouse, and UGK, just to name a few. Life in Houston was fast and big, full of southern hospitality, and the culture continues to thrive in the city.   Can you tell us about your latest project? My latest project is a sing

Luke Woltanski Releases Before We Part Album

  Luke Woltanski Releases Before We Part Album A new record from Luke Woltanski just released includes 9 original songs put together by the songwriter and the direction is one that Luke is familiar with but hasn't dug too deep into, until now.  The record is called Before We Part and contains some real rock vibes and a little jazz mixed in to get a sound that gets your attention with the kind of hooks that have a way of coming back to you.  The album puts out some balanced and full bodied vocals and some tasty guitar work with added instruments during the play through that add some great layers to it all.  Luke had fun making this one and you will likely have fun getting into it.  "This was a special record being able to really get into the nitty-gritty of arrangement with another artist; Carson (Waites) has such an incredible ear for production. Carson and I took a hard look at making sure that we were only putting in the most necessary instrumentation while still being able

Shea Clouds Exclusive Interview

  Could you tell us what it's like being ufrom Virginia; what part of Virginia did you grow up in? Growing up in Virginia, it’s right in between the northern and the southern states so you get a mixture of both, even though it’s technically a part of the south. I grew up in a small city called Lynchburg. Everything you’d expect from a small area; not a lot going on, local based, everyone pretty much living their lives in a traditional sense. The closest major areas are DC, Raleigh and Charlotte so you’re likely to find some of those influences from those areas. How has the reputation of being a Lo-Fi Chill Producer work for you? I think that reputation has helped me reach a broader audience. Initially my focus was on selling beats. Like I was make trap records and such, trying to cater to what people were looking. Things didn’t pan out too well and I found myself questioning my purpose. Like “what am I doing? I’m just sitting at home, just making beats, why isn’t this working, what