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Patrick Clark is #Flyah

Up and coming Singer/Songwriter Patrick James Clark recently released his Nashville produced E.P "Letters to Beatrice".
Now available on iTunes, the E.P. includes his single "I'm Gonna Find Her" , his touching love ballad complete with intrumentation from some of Nashville's top players.
The E.P. also contains "Business Day",  a contemporary pop song in the likes of Jason Mraz and John Mayer.
The fresh, new, diverse release is available on most digital outlets and can be streamed on Spotify right now.
For more information on Patrick James Clark contact Joe at Song Traction:
-All quotes taken from album reviews posted on
"The lyrics are fantastic and the love aspect of this rock/pop song certainly compliments and suits the major tone of the composition and melody. This is a very good track and I have a huge respect to the artist for this."
"The singing talks to the soul. The songs helps the heart to find its true self. The voice is a perfect singing voice. The melody goes perfect with it"
"This song had me tapping my foot from the very beginning. If anything this song will be stuck in my head for a while! The tone of the singer was great." 
"I love the feel of this song. The introduction definitely sets the mood for the whole song. The guitars are incredible, the tone of the whole song is perfect. The lyrics match the music perfectly. I would play this song for my wife every day. Great lyrics, great balance, overall great song."


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