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Exclusive Interview with Mr Gr92ve

  What is the concept behind your project and the message that it conveys? Boss  Muzik  was always envisioned as a trilogy project with an opening, middle and closing volume.  The Godfather trilogy was always an inspiration and I channeled some of that energy into the Boss  Muzik trilogy.  Overall, I think you can see my growth as an artist from Boss  Muzik  one to the finally Boss  Muzik III:  Finito .     Do you find yourself growing as a recording artist? I feel that I have grown tremendously as an artist since my first release.  From beat selection to song writing and exploring new facets.  I have always been a fierce lyricist but being able to say things and put your thoughts down in differing formats has been challenging and I feel I have gotten better with each release.   Suppose if there's another occupation for you besides music, what would it be? I’d like to say something being creative or running a business, formulating the blueprint for it.   Would you like to have a dr

Jintior Sieni A master at Afro beat, Pop and many other great genres

 Jintior Sieni is a Songwriter, Artist, Video Director and Fashion Designer. Coming from a family where entertainment is a lifestyle, Jintior is one of the Sieni Brothers INC, a Music Powerhouse based in Cameroon, the Pioneer of Sieni Entertainment INC and Sieni Clothings INC.   Born and raised in Victoria Cameroon, Jintior Sieni moved to the USA in 2010. Currently Based in Clearwater, Florida USA.  Besides being a Multi-platforms Systems Engineer, making music or Producing and Directing Music Videos, Jintior Sieni enjoys playing soccer, football, swimming and going out for adventures.    Currently working on his first debut Album titled "Illegal Alien", Jintior Sieni is getting ready to share with the world a few masterpieces from his library of songs from genres ranging from Hip hop, Rap,  Afrobeats, Pop, Reggae to Trap and Mboko Rap. Jintior Sieni is multi-lingual, and demonstrated fluently as he has tracks in French, English, Spanish, Franc-Anglais and Pidgin English.   


  This Ability was brought into the world in Romania 1989 and relocated with his family to Southern Germany in the mid 90's. After he completed school he joined for very nearly a decade the German armed force where he gleaned some useful knowledge, however with the years he felt that he was unable to do this for his entire life. This Ability gradually understood that music is his predetermination. He reached out to a variety of craftsmen and liberal individuals all around the globe.  LISTEN TO HIS EPIC REMIX BELOW This Ability · Rana Mansour Baraye / This Ablity Remix

New release from Papa Satch

    Papa Satch ( The Band) is a Long Island, New York Based band in the style of such bands as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco and Neil Young. The Band consists Of Bob Sachnoff( Papa Satch; Lead and Backup vocals) Steve Ronsen( Guitar, Bass Drums Lead and backup Vocals and Keyboards) , and John Zych on Keyboards. Bob writes the music and Lyrics for the songs with the help of Steve Ronsen, Arden Fekett, Clarke Ganshaw and John Hesterberg to write and Co-Write the lyrics. Bob started his musical adventure as as A member of such Bands as Black Horizon, OOlOO, Blank Stare and Mercy Hit. He was an integral member of the seminal Band ' Spoof' .He Wrote on Played on and Produced the critically acclaimed Album ' Actress, Doggin It' Album. Steve is a award winning music director who has played with the likes of Eddie Money and Charlie Daniels as well as his own bands such as Quickdraw and The Fast Lane and is Presently playing many solo performances Across the Northeast. He

Make Me Miserable By Karin Ann

Make Me Miserable combines high energy pop-punk with nostalgic 80s influences, while lyrically dealing with the painful realisation that an exciting new love may not be what it appears to be. Featuring a music video that documents Ann’s live shows over the last few months. “I didn’t really want to do a narrative music video with this song. It’s very upbeat and fun and I wanted the video to have the same energy. I love the people that support me and this is a little bit of a tribute to them because there are some great moments captured in the video.” The background story for this song is quite simple, there was a guy i really liked and i thought he really liked me, things seemed to be going great and then i found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.

Pimpin’ Change is Flyah!

  Pimpin’ Change knows what kind of music moves him. Expressive lyrics that paint pictures across intoxicating beats. Bluesy rhythms that meld into hip-hop soul. Melodic flows that lure one’s true nature out. His music is designed to shake the soul. Pimpin’ Change – also known as Jeremy Hill – first developed this sonic understanding in the 6th grade, where he played the trumpet in the school band. The band director restricted the students’ musicality to playing a strict set of songs that may be considered classics by some but, for Jeremy, failed to deliver the exuberant inner tingling that he knew music could provide. He craved a sense of connection to the art he was consuming, and soon found himself forming musical bonds with artists whose words resonated with him: deeply emotional storytellers like Z-Ro, expressive innovators like DJ Screw, ambitious rebels like Pimp-C. Together they form a pyramid of Jeremy’s greatest creative inspirations, with Chad “Pimp C” Butler seated firmly a

Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons

  Flyah Review: "ALL ON YOU" by Happy Curmudgeons   Happy Curmudgeons finds a deeper meaning.   After sizzling success with their last single, the incredible band returns to take you to a higher level.   Officially released on Sunday, October 16, 2022, "ALL ON YOU" is a welcome surprise to those who crave spiritual music   PLATINUM LEGACY:   Relentlessly determined to make music their way, Happy Curmudgeons took destiny into their hands.   Refusing to be average, the music collective decided to make amazing songs on their own terms.   And you can experience their extraordinary talent on the debut album entitled "MEANT 2 BE."   They also knocked out the competition and won an award with the  showstopping  single entitled "2ND CHANCES."   Instead of letting massive success slow them down, Happy Curmudgeons continues to release superior music.   ALL ON YOU, SO IT BEGINS:   The top-notch  production  is filled with rich, exciting sounds.   With maste