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J.R. Smooth aka Joel and Terrie (T.J.) Exclusive Interview

Interview  Q uestio n Could you tell us what it's like being from Memphis TN?     Being  from  Memphis is   our roots and heritage especially  seeing family members  and being around them  as well.   We were apart of a great mi nistry,  The Westhaven Community Church of God  in  Ch rist under the leadership of Bishop Fred Wesson and Dr. Vivian  Wesson. W here  o ur parents served in leadership . Do you all have any influences when it comes to your music? Yes,  we have a variety of influences  from renown Gospel artists such as the  following:  Our Mom Lotonia Adams Askew  who is  a  artist  as well,   CeCe  Winans,  Vanessa B. Armstrong,  Smokie Norful,   Marvin Sapp, Fred Ha mmond, Kirk Franklin,  J. Moss ,   and  Hezekiah Walker  to name a few. ​ Can you tell us about your latest project? Our latest project   really began   around early 2017 when  our siblings  ( Joshua and Christina)   came together with  the  idea of creating  a  new generation gospel  group called “Hope”. We 

Hip Culture Exclusive Interview!

  Could you tell us what it is like growing up in Canada? I came over as a little boy from Sicily as my parents imigrated to Canada. Growing up here was great, but at first a little difficult having to learn English. But I did that rather quickly. Growing up in Oshawa Ontario I was lucky that I had easy access to parks to play in especially in the summer where we would play all kinds of sports. We would also go on huge Family picnics  with most of our relatives a few times each summer to beautiful destinations near us. I made lots of friends through the years and had some really fantastic and funny memories.  Being in Canada it was always safe to pretty much go anywhere without worry. My friends and I were involved in other activities besides sports such as a rifle club, pool club and always had a man made skating rink in the park to skate on in the winter time. Do you have any influences when it comes to your music? My influences were mostly great songwriters. The Beatles, Cat Stevens

Mike Williams Exclusive Interview

  Could you tell us about your upbringing in Raleigh? I am actually from Long Island, NY. I relocated to the Raleigh area in early 1994. When I was a kid, my father was taking acoustic guitar classes which ended up being short lived. When he gave it up, I picked up his guitar and started teaching myself. This led to my parents buying me an inexpensive electric guitar for Christmas. I would buy sheet music of Beatle songs I knew and worked on playing them. I figured since I knew how the songs sounded, I would know if I was playing them correctly. My parents were supportive in the sense they tolerated the noise (with my brother drumming) coming out of our garage or living room. I am a self-taught guitarist but did take a semester of music theory when I was in college many years ago. Although, I learned guitar by playing cover songs, I was always focused on writing original music which I have been doing since the late 1970s.   We understand you have an infusion of many influences; what im

The Losers Club Releases A New Pop Punk Single And Video

  The Losers Club Releases A New Pop Punk Single And Video Denver based pop punk band The Losers Club has a single release that gets you caught up in its pure rock energy! The song is called "Freak Like Me" and it provides quite an up swing and extremely fun punk sound.  The song has a great video and it's one of the best ways to dig into this single.  What's "Freak Like Me" about? It may be more relatable than you think. Here is what the band says. "Well 'Freak Like Me' is about being really in your own head all the time and feeling stuck. But realizing you're not totally alone and there's a lot of other broken freaks out there who are going through the same thing. " - The Losers Club   Check out "Freak Like Me" along with more from The Losers Club on their  Spotify .  Watch the video  HERE .                                             Website TikTok Instagram YouTube

Push Me Review | Tarah Who?

  Push Me Review The first song of Tarah Who? that introduced me to them and made me their fan was Bad Time. I was impressed to see a talented female rock band, and I agreed with their stand about the music industry that’s ignoring and overlooking all-female rock bands. Released on December 17, ‘Push Me’ features Brazilian rock duo Yur Mum. Push Me is a totally mind-blowing song. If you remember the classic songs titled It’s My Life and Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, then this song Push Me is the 2021 equivalent of those songs. One for today’s generation. The only difference is that this song comes from an all-women band. This song talks about competition and opposition pushing an artist to the maximum limit so that her/his best can come out. This is right because the way this awesome rock band puts it in this song, the music industry executives may ignore women rock stars, but fans who buy music and listen to it yearn for real talent. Real talent cannot be ignored or suppressed for l

Hasten Mercy Exclusive Music Review

Using retro synths and modern tools, "Hasten Mercy" is the newest project from Head Fake member Michael Baker. Created around the question of whether it is possible to refocus his musical energy after years of pursuing a path more  travelled , the EP is sure to  enamor  and inspire listeners. About Hasten Mercy The whole project  had made use of minimal  fancy sounds or frills, but it maintains  its  80s inspired flair. This makes the music quite straight forward, giving the listener a calm experience leaving you lost in thought. The whole project maintains themes of  self-reflection  and perseverance.  These Things  and  I Break Everything  give a  more timid  sound; there is  still some amount of perseverance but both songs show the singer reflecting on past decisions. On the other hand,  Star You Are , with its more  upbeat  tempo gives the listener some motivation while, also anchoring the project’s overall themes. I definitely get moments where the songs feel like a love

Nicki Kris Exclusive Interview

  Nicki, can you explain what your upbringing was like in Raleigh? I actually grew up in New Jersey and up-state New York, but have called the Raleigh-Durham area home for almost half my life. It’s actually the longest I’ve ever lived in one place. Growing up was complicated. There were some family challenges and being adopted, I never really felt I belonged.  I always had a strong sense that I was supposed to be somewhere else.  This was when I really started to get into music.  Music was a way for me to escape and it became the family that I always felt I should be a part of.  Why was it important to you that the season deserved a Christmas Song?   I’ve never been a fan of Christmas. My birthday is day after and it was always a reminder of a possible family that I didn’t know. It wasn’t until I had my own children that Christmas became an inspiration and a time of celebration rather than a hinderance.  This song is really a testament to what I now believe the Christmas season is all