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Around We Go(feat. Denny Mild) New Single from Avoid Fiasco

  Rellz Tha Postman is back with a hot single entitled Around We Go, featuring Denny Mild! The track brings detail about maintaining your grind and hustle while being aware of the snakes in the grass. In life we are have capabilities, but sometimes some us put more work in than others which brings jealous envy and hate. Through it all we must stay on our toes and continue to proceed with faith, honesty and stregnth!  

Exclusive Interview with Extraordinaire

  So EXTRAORDINAIRE where are you from, and what’s it like in your home town?      I am from Chattanooga Tennessee. I was born in Nashville and spent a lot of time in that area learning the music game and my father was from Atlanta so I spent a lot of time there  with him absorbing that rap scene coming up. Back in the day a lot of artists broke in my Chattanooga so we have a great history and a real dope music scene in and of itself   Could you tell us more about Black Folk Inc. and Circa 94 Beats?  They are both musical outlets for me. BFI is a musical I started with my partner B-Lo Brown and it was supposed to be a flip on NWA and we have released a few projects and singles over the years . Circa 94 Beats is a production crew that B-Lo is also apart of as well as my partners Mcghee and K2 .It's an outlet for other types of production in hip-hop that is not in the mainstream. Jazz to Boom Bap to lofi. How long have you been doing music and who are some of the notable people that

Josh Brennan Drops Stay The Night

  Josh Brennan is making a splash with the single, "Stay The Night". the vibe is themed for summer and the song has lyrics that are energetic and very passionate. The production  is well put together and reminds me of great artists, Nick Jonas Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. With an island sound and perfect mixing, this is definitely a song that you can put on your playlist. The single is available for Spotify, click the link below to give it a listen.

Gyption and Khalia “I’m For You” very powerful Love song❤️

  The song contains a warmth and the vocals are expressive. "I'm For You" by Gyption and Khalia is the jam for the lovers. The lyrics touch the soul and uses the tradition of Reggae to keep the tempo steady. There's nothing wrong about getting in the mood and slow dance to these deep lyrics. A very powerful love song indeed. Listen to this track at the link below

Khalia and Dre Island -“Wild Fire“ is definitely Hot Reggae Track🔥🔥🔥🔥

  The summer is on fire from the Reggae hit, "Wild Fire". Khalia and Dre Island make their collaboration work like magic. The tune is groovy smooth and able to dance to. When hearing Wild Fire, the wonderful vocals almost bring you into a musical dream. The song is relaxing professional and should be in your playlist. Hear the classic Reggae track at the link below

Stuart Pearson Dark Americana artist Suart Pearson releases the MOJAVE album and it is creepily addicting.

Stuart Pearson Dark Americana artist Suart Pearson releases the MOJAVE album and it is creepily addicting.  Pearson specializes in a very particular style of folk music called "Dark Americana" and it's got its shadowy tones and effects but there is something about the record that you find so intriguing that you can;t stop listening.  Most songs are released with music videos which is a delightful thing as they give you a better sense of what it is to be in Pearson's world musically and visually.  There is a lot of content here so you can start wherever you like but the MOJAVE record is one of the best places to begin your journey.  You can find some of the videos from this record on his  Youtube channel . The releases are also on his  Spotify  page. Or you can jump over to his  Website  as well to drink it all in. It's definitely nothing quite like what you've heard before and shows some amazing songwriting and performances. Stuart Pearson Instagram Stuart Pea

REYN Exclusive Interview

  1. So REYN, where are you from and what's it like in your hometown? I'm from Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York. Where I'm from the beach was down the block. It was living in the projects but on an oceanfront tropical island. 2. Doing Hip-Hop and R&B, what are some of the things you bring to the table that separates you from the pack? The way I see the world, I can only be myself, REYN. So, I strive to be the best REYN I can be! By staying true to myself, living my truth, my life and talent, hard work, patience, and determination strengthen my confidence to create waves instead of only riding the waves of others. 3. How many years have you been in the music industry and what are some of your accomplishments? I've been in the music and entertainment game for a minute now, and I'm excited about the new era we're now in. Independently owning what I create makes all my hard work worthwhile. In our industry, from national tours, winning awards, making, and sellin