Exclusive interview with RaShad Eas


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

I am from Birmingham, AL. My upbringing was a typical church upbringing. However, coming up in a family that was very involved in the Civil Rights Movement, I learned a lot about US history, oppression, slavery, Jim Crow, and being from the south. 
As I matured, I explored Islam, and became very entrenched in religion and spirituality. 
Attending different kinds of schools growing up, I saw what it was like to go to a high resourced school and what it was like to go to a low resourced school. I learned to appreciate my community and where I am from.  
Lastly, I’m an outdoors person and I am an eagle scout. I believe in playing and respecting, parks, forests, and our natural resources.

What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?

I make music. Lyrically, its hip hop. However, as a trombonist, I also play Jazz and Rock music. I first decided to be a musician, watching my grandmother in church play the piano by ear. Then I also watched my grandfather sing in a quartet sharing gospel music with audiences. My mother and my uncles were in choruses, primarily in church, but I learned to love vocals. My uncle, Rev. James Orange is a well known Civil Right Leader and one of the contributions he made besides organizing, was coining some of the songs protesters would sing to stay encouraged while being on the front lines, risking their lives. 
When I was 11, after taking piano lessons since I was 7, I started with the Trombone and never stopped.

Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?

People who have influenced my music are all over the place. Michael Jackson, Jackson Five, Temptations, James Brown, Little Richard, Marvin Gaye, Mahalia Jackson, Anita Baker, Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Grover Washington, Jr., Freddie Hubbard, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool and the Gang, and Parliament all influenced my sound.

When it comes to hip hop the notable artists are: Dungeon Family, Native Tongue Crew, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Rakim, Scarface, Ice Cube, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, David Banner, Ludacris, Boot Camp Clik, Hieroglyphics Crew, Method Man & Redman, are the lyricists that I hold in high regard.

The heart in my music, I credit that to artists, writers and speakers, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X, Pauli Murray, W.E.B. Dubois, James Baldwin, Michelle Lanier, Dr. Elijah Anderson, Dr. Rupert Nacoste, Dr. David Washington, Dasan Ahanu, Nuri Muhammad, 19 Keys, Dr. Charles Stanley & Andy Stanley, Mickey Fearn, and Adrienne Charleston.

Could you tell us about your latest projects?

D.E.I. is my newest project that is 23 minutes and 7 songs. This project is a collection of songs from 4 other albums. The point of this project is to help people who care about diversity, equity and inclusion principles, to see the different angles one can approach DEI. However, I am also trying to show people that if we as a human race, do not hold ourselves accountable to one another, if we do not take a revisionist lens at history and if we do not humble ourselves, then we will destroy this planet, and one another. We all need love as children and more mature children, so this project is about uplifting people. 
Recently, I released three singles from my upcoming album, The Branch, which focuses on black children in the outdoors. When you hear this album you will enjoy the music, but the engagement between the characters in each skit.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

You should expect to hear more from my label mates that are on the Easley Branch, LLC. We specialize in making music with a message and we call it, “Save Your Life music” because if you apply what we say, your life will change. 
We have two more albums in the works as part of the Branch Series, and they are, The Tree and The Root. These two albums will continue the theme of talking about the environment.

Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music?

Learn music from all angles. Lyrics and using your voice is the easiest entry into music, but there is so much more. It would benefit you to learn about the style of music you love, and improve in your craft. Focus on music making if you are an artist that is expressing yourself. If you are artist that is looking for a place to succeed because school or having an 8-5 is too hard, I do not believe that should be the reason one gets involved in music. I also don’t think people that are just interested in music, should make music.

I believe if you have a message that you want to share, and you have created other platforms to share your message and music is one of them, your music will be more real, relevant to others, and it was come off as genuine.

Are there any important achievements you have gained since beginning to do music?

Yes, I have been able to open for big name artists like Big K.R.I.T. I have been able to spend time with those I grew up listening to, and see how they are outside of music and I am talking about the Goodie MOB. I was able to interview them on my podcast, Heartwood. 
Speaking of Heartwood, I have been able to speak to musicians and other artists on that platform. Being a professional that works in the academy, in the environment, as a consultant, and a performer, I can bring my authenticity to the work, without compromising who I am.

Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

I am into fitness. As a former, 300-pound weighing person that has lost more than half of the weight and maintained this health, activity and size going on 20 years, I love sharing and learning about health. 
As a former campus pastor, I still love reading the Bible and other sacred texts to learn about people, and to see how they worship. For me, my worship is my service to others. My curiosity is usually the entry way to growing a relationship. Therefore, I believe reciprocity is the way to live. 
I am a professor and an author. I write articles, and I have a published book, entitled, Mind Heart for Diversity. I lead a consulting firm with the same name. In this space, I am a facilitator, public speaker, curriculum designer and advisor to CEO’s, educators, and other types of leaders.

Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

I am on tour but not for music, but on a speaking tour. I work with numerous entities to address equity issues in their organizations and I help people remove barriers. This work is very important to me, and it comes out in my music, which is why I speak about topics like race, religion, sexuality, and being from the south. 
I’ll be doing more music performances as my music is now being integrated into curricula that teachers can use to educate youth.

Any last remarks?

Do not let music be the only thing you do. I remember when I was younger, I would often hear celebrities say, if you are doing music and other things, then you are not a true artist. Those celebrities quickly dropped from my watch list because I had to remember, I do not look up to anyone, and no one’s path is the same. Also, I have been successful in entertainment, education and working in government. Therefore, do not limit yourself to anything. Lastly pay attention to your energy and enjoy the journey. If you are not enjoying the journey, then you may be pursuing the wrong goals.

Check out his music here: https://spotify.link/WJFRR68nrDb

Exclusive Flyah interview with Monty Warren


Where are you from and could you tell us a little bit of your upbringing?

I was born in Fort Myers,Fl and moved to Miami as a teenager. I was raised by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks The Who and The Faces.

What genre of music do you make and when did you first decide to be a musician?

See above. I first wanted to be “Paul” when I was 4 years old playing air guitar on a street corner in downtown Ft.Myers singing “ …I‘ll never dance with her mother,oooh….” Once I reached puberty, I preferred “John” and then discovered Keith Richards and that was all she wrote, so to speak.

Who are some of the notable artists and people that influenced your career thus far?

Other than as mentioned above, listen to any song in my catalogue and it’s apparent that I picked up the guitar so that I could sound like Keith Richards. Ray Davies, Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg have had the most influence over how I go about trying to write and record.

Could you tell us about your latest projects?

“ Life of Crime” is my latest release-with vinyl to be released on October 19,2023. It was written and recorded throughout the “COVID-era” and I suppose if it has a theme it would be a requiem for those who have been “taken.”

My other latest project was with Europe’s other “Mick”, Phil Wolff, in a project under the moniker of “War-Wolff”. I did two records with Phil(“Two Badasses” and “Slapback Backslap”). I love those albums since I get to be “Keef” to Phil’s “Mick”. We plan to re-release both records as a vinyl double album in ‘24.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

 I plan in ‘24 to release a couple of new singles with Phil Wolff to celebrate the Re-release of The War-Wolff catalogue.

I am also currently working on the next “Monty Warren” record, with a working title of “The Back Nine”, with my musical partner in crime(ie, co-producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist)Roderick Kohn. So far it’s sounding pretty darn good( but on the other hand, I have tinnitus so there’s that).

Could you give us some advice that you can offer to someone who is just getting started in making music?

1) When you start to record, buy yourself the best microphones you can afford, and find yourself a very patient recording engineer who actually loves the same genre of music you do.

2)If you are doing it for fame, money, attention or a hug, pursue something else.

Are there any important achievements you have gained since beginning to do music?

I have met and even gotten to work/play with some of my musical heroes. Just knowing that my music cam be heard around the world right this moment and I can play it from every hotel room tv I go to anywhere I roam is beyond what I ever thought would actually happen.  It also brought me to Europe, to meet Phil Wolff, and in Phil I found a long lost brother-it’s as if we were raised by the same family(i.e., Mick and Keef).

I couldn’t be more grateful for the peaks as well as the valleys which came along with pursuing songwriting and recording.

Besides music, what are some of the things that you are into?

Running, tennis, cooking and power watching well written movies and television series and getting lost in real life crime tv.

Are you currently on tour or planning to be?

The current state of our world these days has kept me happily safe at home. But I’ve learned to never say never and I really miss playing with Phil so…perhaps Europe in ‘24?

Any last remarks?

Long live rock!!

Check out his music here!


new music from M.A.C Killa, Maestro WizDom, and Thousand Times entitled Grind Season

Check out the new music from M.A.C Killa, Maestro WizDom, and Thousand Times entitled Grind Season

Grind Season is a catchy new track from Maestro WizDom, Thousand Times & M.A.C Killa. The track features fire bars from both artists as well as a banging beat from Thousand Times. The track is distributed by B&R Music Group from Chester, Pennsylvania.

Our first reaction to this track was Vibrant! The lyrical content really shows that they have great talent that could leave an impact on the game! The song displays their hunger and hustler mindset, making this track an awesome motivational musical piece.  I think the sound is trendy and has a great chance of progress!

Be on the look out for more dope music from these upcoming artists!  Check out the Spotify link below:


Maryann Stefanik is Awesome and captivating

Maryann Stefanik is Awesome and captivating

Maryann Stefanik is Awesome and captivating 

Maryann Stefanik, a sensational indie songbird from New Jersey and Florida, is making waves in the music industry. Her unparalleled talent and mesmerizing voice compare to none. With a career spanning over a decade, Maryann is a force to reckon with, and her magical voice is capturing hearts globally. 

Her debut album, "A ROSE…IS A ROSE…IS A ROSE," came out in July 2009. She took the music scene by storm with the album. The rest is history. Now, she's back with her latest masterpiece, "TIME," a captivating collection of her latest singles.

Maryann's undeniable talent has been recognized with four nominations for the 2023 Indie Music Channel Awards. She's been nominated for Best Rock Song, Best Rock Artist, and Special Songwriter for "Every Time I Think of You" and for the Album of the Year, "TIME." We are going to review three of the best songs in the album. 

House of the Rising Sun

"House of the Rising Sun" is a haunting exploration of regret and redemption. Set in the colorful backdrop of New Orleans, the song masterfully weaves a tale of life consumed by an uncontrolled addiction and another consumed by sin and subsequent longing for salvation. The vivid depiction by Maryann Stefanik about her journey, through her lyrics and her raw and passionate vocals, creates an immersive experience for listeners and lingers long in their minds after the song ends. 

The lyrics are rich in imagery. They tell a story of a troubled upbringing. It mentions a mother who was a tailor sewing her jeans, and a father who was a gambler in New Orleans. The story of her father adds depth to the narrative, making it relatable to her audience. These elements, combined with Stefanik's excellent storytelling, breathe new life into the song. 

And not just her vocals that captivate you. Her husband Tim Stefanik's fingers go hard on those guitar strings, evoking the song's emotional resonance. The strumming patterns and the chord progressions complete the lyrical content, adding more flavor to the narrative. The song ends with a caution to listeners, urging them to steer clear of the protagonist's path, thereby stamping a timeless appeal. 

The Outsider

"The Outsider," by indie singer Maryann Stefanik, is a soul-stirring melody exploring an underdog determined to win against all odds. Stefanik's lyrics are compelling and paint a vivid picture of a character refusing to be defined by societal norms and expectations. The lines, "You might think the Outsider's bound to lose," and "He's not tired No No, He's not tired of looking in to WIN," showcase determination and resilience and capture the essence of the human spirit. 

The song's narrative revolves around an 'Outsider' pursuing victory despite being continuously underestimated." Stefanik uses repetition, particularly with the phrase, "The Outsider, The Outsider's looking in," emphasizing the characters' persistence and desire to be accepted. It's a tune that resonates with her audience, making it relatable and inspiring. 

Every Time I Think of You

Maryann Stefanik's "Every Time I Think of You" captures the heartbreak of love lost. The beautiful lyrics convey a depth of raw emotion, tender and relatable. Stefanik's lines, such as "Don't say goodbye till tomorrow comes, Cause when it comes, I know we're through," and "Every time I think of you, Every time I picture you, I cry," tell a story of universal longing and sorrow.

The repetition of the phrase, "Every time I picture you, I cry," further expresses the persistent pain of remembering a loved one. The lyric, "I laid my head on my pillow and cried myself to sleep," effectively conveys the solitude and despair that often comes with heartbreak. The song is truly a lyrical masterpiece, beautifully encapsulating the complexities of love and loss. An authentic touch to the power of memory and emotion, “Every Time I Think of You” has been nominated for two categories at the 2023 Indie Music Channel Awards.

Take Away

Maryann Stefanik is truly inspirational, and her voice is conquering the waves. Check out her album, and be the judge. 


New music from Mikey Hamptons of Mikey Hamptons & The Meows


   Mikey Hamptons of Mikey Hamptons & The Meows is at it again. Offering his Christian and Inspirational music here for your spiritual edification and musical pleasure. Influenced by the British Invasion as well as folk and sacred music, Mikey has performed his songs in Christian churches wherever and whenever he can, through the years. Strong Beatlesque melodies and heartfelt lyrical honesty make Mikey Hamptons an artist to be heard, enjoyed, and reckoned with for years to come. Mikey's songs have placed well in song contests. His song, "Rise And Carry On" made the Final Round in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2022.  Mikey's songs have also placed in the U.K. Songwriting Contest and Song Door Songwriting Contest. A follower of Jesus Christ for more than 30 years, Mikey Hamptons takes great pleasure and considers it an 'honor' to brings his musical gift to you.






The trend of making songs on popular franchises from comics and movies has never been out of fashion. It is common to make songs on themes related to comics, cinema, and literature. Hence, now lovers of James Bond franchise have a reason to be happy as they are in for a musical treat. 

After rocking YouTube with timeless melodies like A Man OfMoodsWheel Of Fortune, and Just Thinking Of You, the talented trio comprising Nancy AdejorFishel Pustilnik & Irene Dav are back with Where Is My James Bond which is a treat for James Bond fans. Treat because the music of this song has been composed by Fishel Pustilnik.

Although these talented artists do not need introduction, for our new readers, we would like to introduce them. Fishel Pustilnik is Number 1 among Top Arrangers for Piano at the biggest Publisher Company in the World for selling & buying Sheet Music. He composed a song Blues In the Middle Of Christmas Night which was performed by Nancy Adejor. This song got him nomination in the Best Composer category at Film Festivals in Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Las Vegas, Cannes and New York. On 31 MARCH 2023, this song won award at the California Film Festival.

Toronto is a name that wrestling fans hear a lot and love but Nancy Adejor is a great reason for music lovers to remember Toronto. Adejor won Grand Prize at International Music Festival Yalta 2021. Irene Dav won Poet of the Year 2017.

Talking about the music video of Where Is My James Bond, the way the opening credits of Johnny English Series especially in Johnny English Reborn created the feel of a James Bond movie.  The visuals accompanied by mesmerizing instrumental music of Where Is My James Bond creates that feel in such a beautiful way that you would not need visual for that effect. However, Fishel Pustilnik wanted this awesome song to be an audio-visual treat and that is why, they shot a music video that looks like a song from the soundtrack album for a real James Bond movie. And the music of this song creates the nostalgic feeling that GoldenEye song by Tina Turner created in 1995, winning the hearts of James Bond movie lovers.   

The famous line Bond James Bond does create the feeling of happiness when Bond fans hear it. As the singer says “My James Bond” in her line, it appears that she wants her lover to be brave like James Bond. However, the verse about “I am his forever queen” does make the listener wonder what could be the expectation of singer as James Bond has different Bond Girl (heroine) in every movie. 

The song calls James Bond a superhero as the makers believe that although espionage movies are a different genre, the espionage movie featuring James Bond carry the entertainment quotient that superhero movies carry. This is the reason that over the years, stories of James Bond which started from novels have been adapted into comics too. 

Many people enjoy the lover side of James Bond more than his action hero side. The verse about “kiss of tenderness” highlights that side of James Bond.

Listen to the song Where Is My James Bond at the following YouTube link:


Listen to the song Blues In the Middle Of Christmas Night at the following YouTube link: