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Allison Copley is Flyah

An engaging and wholehearted performer full of light and spirit..
Allison comes from a musical family. She has always had music in her life as her father has been a professional musician for 32 years. Allison love of music is as natural as her singing. "Home" is the first song she has writtten for an upcoming album to be released in the fall of 2016. She is a Sr. at Big Bear High School In Big Bear Lake, Ca. USA. She has been involved in local theater for many years.
Allison is currently being played on several collage stations in southern California including Cal-State San Diego, UCLA, USC Cal-State Irvine and locally on KBHR 93.3FM.
Allison Copley is Flyah  Allison Copley is Flyah Reviewed by Flyah ENTERTAINMENT on March 15, 2016 Rating: 5
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