movie talk: Will ‘Incredibles 2’ Be Pixar’s choicest Sequel?


On this episode of Collider movie talk, Mark Ellis, Ti, Clarke Wolfe, and Haleigh Foutch focus on here:

  • THR experiences that James Wan and IT producer Roy Lee are teaming up to bring  Stephen King's The Tommyknockers to the large monitor.
  • Pixar released a brand new Incredibles 2 tv spot. The panel presents their innovations on it and if this should be Pixar's optimal sequel.
  • RLJE movies releases a trailer for Margot Robbie's classy neo-noir Terminal.
  • variety is reporting that Scarlett Johansson is in remaining negotiations to star in Fox Searchlight's World conflict II film Jojo Rabbit.
  • range studies that Hugh Jackman is in talks to big name within the movie bad education with Mike Makowsky penning the script and Thoroughbreds director Cory Finley set to direct.
  • live Twitter Questions
  • margot-robbie-tarzan

    picture by the use of Warner Bros.

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  • This Week in Animation news: 'Dragon Ball tremendous' Ends just the manner You thought it could
  • Animated 'Deadpool' collection verify Shared online via production Studio Titmouse, Inc.
  • bill Murray and Bob Balaban on 'Isle of dogs', Wes Anderson, and making an attempt to Be dogs
  • 'Craig of the Creek' Creators on the notion for caricature community's Adventurous New series
  • Crunchyroll's First video game 'Memoria Freese (Dan-Memo)' printed within the legitimate Trailer
  • Intel mulling Bitcoin miner tech as gaming manufacturers returned off

    A Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator turned into revealed in a patent this week, displaying Intel's hand ahead of any product unveil. during the last year, a number of fundamental gaming-concentrated hardware manufacturers went both in and out of affection with the fact that their gear changed into flying off cabinets. photographs processor makers chiefly found themselves between a rock and a hard vicinity when gamers have been unable to purchase gaming GPUs because cryptocurrency mining operations purchased out whole shops at a time – leaving game enthusiasts with out a option however eBay. Intel looks to haven't any qualms with expanding on Bitcoin.

    Intel filed a patent by means of the identify of "BITCOIN MINING HARDWARE ACCELERATOR WITH OPTIMIZED MESSAGE DIGEST AND MESSAGE SCHEDULER DATAPATH" lower back in September of 2016. This patent changed into just printed by the USPTO this March 29th, 2018. It could smartly be that Intel turned into getting ready for the cryptocurrency rush, however then in view that fell out of love, no longer not like the gaming hardware manufacturing community.

    more than one gaming hardware manufacturer – gaming computing device board-makers and linked manufacturers – determined internally to de-emphasize their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related hardware within the first quarter of 2018. I cannot identify names, but a short search manufacturers inventory of cryptocurrency mining-specific laptop boards now and (with the internet Archive) that of a couple of months ago reveals the truth: gamers don't have any love for OEMs that make hardware for miners.

    "A Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator is described," talked about the abstract of the Intel-made patent application. "A device on Chip enforcing a Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator might also include a processor core and a hardware accelerator coupled to the processor core, the hardware accelerator to mine digital currency."

    It's unclear at this time no matter if Intel will pursue the manufacture of any Bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrency mining hardware in the near future. The simplest truth we've got from Intel at the present is within the filing of the patent itself. Stick around as we continue to dig – or mine – for additional information!

    Here’s why April Fools’ fake pregnancy jokes aren’t funny

    April Fools' Day is once more upon us. In other words, here come the online pranks.

    Among them will likely be the fake pregnancy announcement. The "I'm pregnant, no I'm not, April Fools!" thing. A picture of a positive pee test, or a sonogram usually accompanies this gag.


    This is my plea to folks to think twice before sharing this joke.

    I want to explain why this joke is not always funny. For you lovely people out there who have pulled the fake pregnancy prank, please know I am not judging you. Some of my favorite people — people who are just bursting with empathy and kindness towards others — have pulled this prank. This does nothing to detract from their wonderfulness.

    I know that people need to be shown this point of view.

    The gag does seem innocent enough.

    However, for people coping with fertility issues or miscarriage, this joke may be a little more painful than you realize.

    This is why.

    The world of social media is such a strange one. Still in relative infancy, rules about what is appropriate to share on personal news feeds are ever-evolving. Social media in general promotes a bizarre open intimacy. The line between sharing and over-sharing can be difficult to discern. What is appropriate to share is highly subjective.

    Pregnancy announcements and reveals online are quite common. I think this is a delightful use of social media.

    I am talking about the hidden flipside. The things we don't share. These include fertility struggles and miscarriages. It is no joke that 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, that women carry a secret guilt around these losses. Remember too the millions of couples facing fertility challenges on their way to parenthood.

    For those who have been trying to conceive and have not yet been successful, fake pregnancy announcements aren't funny.

    For families coping with miscarriage, a fake pregnancy where an announcement is made and then unmade in a spirit of fun can be crushing.

    The open and exciting path to parenthood cinches up into relative darkness as it gets harder. Closed and secret Facebook groups exist for people to share stories of disappointment and loss. They tend not to spill over into the personal news feeds of those experiencing infertility and loss.

    The unwritten rules of social media invite sharing about exciting and happy events (real pregnancies, live births.) They create wonderful and abundant communities wherein people can gather around expectant or new parents and heap congratulations.

    People remain, however, uncertain of how to post melancholy or devastating news. I often post downbeat stuff on my own news feed and it rarely gains traction. I am fine with that (well, mostly) but when I feel just a tad invisible, I raise it with friends. Many remind that these downbeat stories are not really what Facebook is for. I get it.

    Few people post status updates along the lines of "Got my @@^% period again." And I have never seen an announcement of a miscarriage on a personal news feed.

    I can remember the struggle to conceive/gestate a baby. My pregnancies were mostly offline, and just a little online towards the end. Today, Facebook is a minefield when you are trying to get pregnant. Women struggle with remote baby envy and rise above it. They comment. They heap love upon a friend. This can mean having to face down dark demons of envy.

    This is hard work. This makes people feel badly.

    I know that the prankster did not intend to cause this.

    I recognize there will be some temptation to accuse me of having no sense of humor. I do. I swear I do have a sense of humor. (Full disclosure though: it almost never manifests on April Fools' Day, a day I have always found sort of annoying).

    Some may consider this joke to be very last year. Good! Leave it there.

    As internet pioneers, we know that internet sensibilities change. There are dark corners into which the glare of our collective screens has not yet cast a harsh blue glare. Some still house painful secrets and unrealized aspirations. Let's do what we can to honor these things.

    Images by iStock

    TI Calls Netflix Docuseries ‘Rapture’ the ’30 for 30’ of Hip Hop

    Mass attraction and Netflix are billing their new docuseries "Rapture" as a project that "stares directly into the shiny gentle that hip hop lifestyle shines on the realm and doesn't blink." And if you're a fan of ESPN's "30 for 30" films, then you definitely'll have in mind why T.I. advised TheWrap the streaming service's new reveal is in fact the equal component — however for his world.

    "I suggest, I believe that the way 'Rapture' has approached teaching americans on the numerous facets of hip hop, the usage of us as artists, the use of us because the conduits to get this suggestions out, is kind of paying homage to the style '30 for 30' did sports for ESPN," T.I., one of the crucial artists featured within the eight-episode sequence, spoke of. "ESPN had been protecting sports for God knows how lengthy. however then '30 for 30' got here along and sort of gave a extra in depth, a extra of a micro seem to be inner of those different labyrinths that exist within the world of sports. and that i suppose that's the identical thing that 'Rapture' is doing."

    invoice Simmons and Connor Schell's collection has been deep-diving into athletes' lives and historical moments in activities for the global leader in activities for close to 10 years now, and if "Rapture" offers even half nearly as good an in depth-up on hip hop, enthusiasts are in for a treat.

    together with T.I., the Netflix demonstrate devotes an episode to the personal and professional stories of Nas and Dave East, Rapsody, logic, G-Eazy, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, 2 Chainz and simply Blaze.

    So what does the singer hope viewers get out of this type of insider seem to be? smartly, Tip should be chuffed in case you effortlessly join along with his co-stars and himself greater in the conclusion.

    "just advice. simply assistance about individuals who they are interested in and who they consider that they relate to," TI stated. "i hope that they find they relate to them more because of the assistance they obtain. And that they reach a enhanced form of figuring out for the way of life and the americans who push the tradition forward."

    "And if there's any confusion or there's any doubt in any one's mind about why hip hop is the way it is or why people behave they manner they behave, i might love for them to simply watch and get a consider for what goes into the tradition and the lives of individuals that actually deliver you the tune as a substitute of just critiquing the song."

    All eight episodes of "Rapture" hit Netflix on Friday.

  • Grammys and Black Music

    The 2018 Grammy nominations were a triumph for diversity, with way more hip-hop and R&B nominees in the correct categories than ever before.

    In a way, it mustn't come as a surprise that an organization dedicated to aiding and honoring tune would respect the present ascendance of hip-hop because the dominant standard music kind. but it is something of a scrumptious shock, because considering the fact that they began in the 1950s, the Grammys have not precisely been inclusive.

    No hip-hop song, for instance, has ever won checklist of the yr or song of the yr. You might argue that they've been shortsighted when it comes to rock track and Latin music and jazz and different genres, too, that there's an inevitable conservatism that comes from having a tremendous physique of voters given that such an unlimited musical panorama.

    but the decades value of snubs and oversights are not pretty. Scroll via TheWrap's timeline:

  • Ella Fitzgerald


    on the first Grammys, the top-rated Rhythm & Blues efficiency category turned into gained via a white group, the Champs, with "Tequila." Ella Fitzgerald become the most effective African American nominated in the listing of the year, Album of the 12 months and song of the year classes, which were gained through Domenico Modugno's "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)" (record and music) and Henry Mancini's "The music From Peter Gunn" (album).  

    William P. Gottlieb/creative Commons
  • The 5th Dimension 1972


    on the tenth Grammy demonstrate, one of the most true three awards is eventually received by means of black performers: The Fifth Dimension, who win listing of the year for "Up, Up and Away," written by way of white songwriter Jimmy Webb.

    CMA-Marc Gordon Productions-management
  • Natalie Cole


    After 18 years, Natalie Cole turns into the first black performer to win premiere New Artist.

  • Christopher Cross


    or not it's the 12 months of Donna summer's "unhealthy women," Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall," Prince's "dirty mind," Smokey Robinson's "Crusin'" and the debuts of the Sugarhill Gang and Kurtis Blow. however the Album of the yr, music of the 12 months, checklist of the 12 months and most reliable New Artist awards all go to a wimpy white man named Christopher go.

    Getty photos
  • Purple Rain to Play at AMC Theatres


    Prince is nominated for Album of the yr for the 2nd and last time for "signal o' the times." That album, "purple Rain" and "1999" will finally enter the Grammy corridor of repute, however he will by no means win the award

    Getty photos
  • Bobby McFerrin


    Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of millions to grasp Us lower back," the maximum ranked hip-hop album in Rolling Stone's record of the 500 top-quality albums of all time, isn't nominated for any Grammys. but the record of the yr and track of the yr awards do go to a black artist: Bobby McFerrin, for "Don't be troubled, Be happy."

    Steve Jurvetson/inventive Commons
  • Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Parents Just Don't Understand


    DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh Prince (aka Will Smith) win the first-ever rap Grammy for "parents simply do not take note." The award changed into no longer presented all the way through the televised portion of the ceremony, and in protest Smith led a boycott of the demonstrate. (however DJ Jazzy Jeff did exhibit as much as settle for the Grammy.)  

  • Phil Collins 1981


    more than a decade after rap music began to revolutionize established music, MC Hammer's "U Can't touch This" becomes the first hip-hop song to acquire a record of the 12 months nomination. It loses to Phil Collins' "yet another Day in Paradise." 

    Philippe Rous from Strasbourg
  • Kanye West 2006


    Kayne West's "Late Registration" beats Eminem's "Encore" in the most suitable Rap Album category. This remains the only 1 of the seven years through which a white artist became nominated within the class that the white artist didn't win.

    Getty pictures
  • herbie-hancock-valerian


    Jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock turns into the most contemporary black artist to win Album of the 12 months. He does so for an album of Joni Mitchell songs.

    Getty photographs
  • Kanye Taylor Swift Grammys


    Taylor Swift's "Fearless" beats Beyonce's "i am … Sasha Fierce" for Album of the year. This comes 4 months after she beats Beyonce on the MTV Video music Awards, where her acceptance speech is interrupted by using Kanye West's notorious "imma can help you finish" second.

    Christopher Polk/Getty images
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Grammys


    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis win the superior Rap Album award over Drake, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, the sixth time within the 19-yr historical past of the award that a white performer had won it. Macklemore also beats Lamar for most suitable New Artist, and sends Lamar an apologetic textual content.

    Getty photographs
  • beck


    This time, it's Beck's flip to beat Beyonce within the Album of the yr category, along with his "Morning section" scoring a surprise victory over her self-titled album.

    Getty pictures
  • Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Jingle Ball


    Grammy voters' love for Taylor Swift proves embarrassing another time, as her "1989" album beats Kendrick Lamar's landmark "To Pimp a Butterfly." Her floppy-haired bestie Ed Sheeran, in the meantime, beats Kendrick within the tune of the year category.

    Getty photographs
  • Adele Grammys


    and finally, Adele wins Album of the year for "25," and immediately uses her speech to assert what everyone became considering: that Beyonce deserved it for "Lemonade," which she said turned into "so huge, and so well concept-out and soul-bearing."

    Kevin wintry weather/Getty photos
  • outdated Slide next Slide 1 of sixteen

    This yr's distinctive nominations are a far cry from the Recording Academy's history of lacking the most desirable in soul, R&B and hip-hop

    The 2018 Grammy nominations had been a triumph for diversity, with way more hip-hop and R&B nominees in the right classes than ever earlier than.

    In a way, it should not come as a surprise that a company devoted to supporting and honoring song would appreciate the current ascendance of hip-hop because the dominant customary track kind. nonetheless it is whatever thing of a delicious shock, because in view that they started within the Nineteen Fifties, the Grammys have not exactly been inclusive.

    No hip-hop song, for example, has ever won list of the year or song of the yr. You could argue that they've been shortsighted when it involves rock music and Latin tune and jazz and other genres, too, that there's an inevitable conservatism that comes from having an enormous body of voters because such an unlimited musical panorama.

    however the many years price of snubs and oversights are not pretty. Scroll through TheWrap's timeline:

    The most efficient Animal movie Characters of the 21st Century, From Black Phillip to Bunzo

    We right here at IndieWire care deeply about animals. So a lot so, basically, that we racked our brains, debated among ourselves, and got into shouting matches over the relative merits of our favorite 4-legged film characters (ok, possibly not that remaining half).

    just a few ground rules got here into play when whittling down our choices. are living-motion animals made the reduce, as did CGI creations in reside-action films; wholly animated productions, however, didn't (sorry, Dante from "Coco"). We've been blessed with many first rate cinematic creatures in contemporary years, some of whom aren't any longer with us. fortunate, then, that their work is immortalized onscreen.

    examine more:The most beneficial movie Animals of the 12 months: 'Kedi,' 'Okja,' and extra Contend for the first-Ever Black Phillip Award20. Marvin, "Paterson"

    Marvin Paterson

    there are many reasons why Jim Jarmusch's wonderful "Paterson" shouldn't have worked, but principal amongst them is its heavy reliance on an specific efficiency from an English Bulldog. The story of a bus-using poet (Adam Driver) from New Jersey, the movie follows the soulful rhythms and creative movements of his regimented each day activities. an important part of that events comprises his dog Marvin (Nellie, pulling off the gender swap conveniently), whose deadpan comedic timing is pure Jarmusch, as the approach she reacts, emotes and performs off an uber-honest Driver is pure gold. As Paterson (Driver) is thrown off his events the movie's coronary heart lives within the refined shifts, lots of which might be perfectly punctuated by Nellie, in a performance that thoroughly earned its Palm Dog on the 2016 Cannes film competition. —Chris O'Falt

    19. The horse, "The Turin Horse"

    The Turin Horse

    This stylish two-hour 26-minute black-and-white movie begins with the first of about 30 very long takes. an important ancient workhorse doggedly pulls a man and a heavy cart along a tough highway in a howling gale. His muscle tissue strain. He plows ahead. He's tired however he maintains going, finally pulling right into a barn the place the driver (János Derzsi) and his core-aged daughter (Erika Bóokay) unhitch and settle him. The decrepit animal eventually refuses to eat as the winds proceed to rage in the bleakest of landscapes. When the horse offers up, it means the conclusion for the farmer and the lady, who're subsisting on a shot of plum brandy and a boiled potato a day as their smartly runs dry. At age fifty six in 2011, Hungarian Tarr declared that this black-and-white tone poem to despair can be his closing. (He directed documentary brief "Muhamed" in 2017.) —Anne Thompson

    18. The spider, "Enemy"

    Enemy ending spider

    "Chaos is order yet undeciphered" is the epigraph that opens Denis Villeneuve's "Enemy," no longer that it's tons support with what's without doubt essentially the most bizarre penultimate shot of any film in fresh reminiscence: Jake Gyllenhaal walks into his bedroom and discovers that his spouse has modified into an enormous, cowering tarantula. Fin. images of spiders recur all the way through the film, providing simply sufficient thematic breadcrumbs to be confident that this eight-legged metaphor has a wonderfully decent explanation for being there. Of course, that doesn't make it any less terrifying to locate the huge arachnid curled up into the nook like it's just been caught in a lie. For arachnophobes, this may likely be probably the most traumatizing issue they've considered on reveal due to the fact "Arachnophobia" (and as a minimum that film was gracious adequate to warn us with its title). but even these viewers who aren't fearful of sp iders are prone to be jolted via Villeneuve's cheeky kiss-off, which leverages a well-known concern with a view to access a couple of a good deal deeper ones. —Michael Nordine

    17. The goats, "Manakamana"

    Manakamana goats

    aside from being one of the vital purest, unadulterated modern views of humanity, Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez's masterpiece of a documentary has an air of mystery to it. every time the cable automobile emerges from the darkness of the platform and out into the sunshine high above the Himalayan valley, it's a surprise who the next companions might be on this ride. one of the most memorable passengers on this cinematic journey are a group of goats. We on no account comprehend their names, where they're going, or what their eventual fate is. simply seeing them taking up this small house, hiking over each and every other and bleating in the path of whatever off-reveal cements this as a social gathering of the rhythms of living things, no longer just humans. It's a photograph in time, on film, and the incontrovertible fact that they're mostly oblivious about what's happening makes it all the extra sweeter a section. —Steve Greene

    sixteen. Seabiscuit, "Seabiscuit"


    The namesake thoroughbred in "Seabiscuit" changed into composited from 10 equine actors, among them Popcorn Deelites and that i TwoStep Too. together, their sprinting, eye contact, and whip-patience helped the difference of Lauren Hillenbrand's bestseller pick up seven Oscar nominations. author-director Gary Ross ("Pleasantville," "The hunger video games") paired Tobey Maguire — as sullen, semi-blind jockey purple Pollard, long ago deserted with the aid of his folks — with a cantankerous sturdy-occupant deemed too historic small to win huge. both rider and racer sustained profession-threatening injuries, yet they still triumphed over the fearsome, Triple Crown winner warfare Admiral. That 1938 contest, considered one of the crucial excessive aspects in American activities background, turned into welcome amusement for a nation rising from the terrific melancholy, bracing for World warfare II. —Jenna Marotta

    5 tech twists from ‘capable participant One,’ Steven Spielberg’s movie about gaming’s previous and VR’s future

    Haptic suit

    Haptic suit

    Wade Watts (performed by means of Tye Sheridan) wears a haptic swimsuit in "equipped participant One." (Warner Bros. photo)

    "in a position participant One," the Steven Spielberg movie that blends memes from the Nineteen Eighties with a virtual-fact imaginative and prescient of 2045, is getting basically superb stories from movie critics and filmgoers, and from container-office trackers as well.

    Some see the movie as a metaphor for the yin-yang, love-hate, fanboy-hacker relationship we've developed with our hyperconnected world. but for techies, one of the vital largest allures of "ready player One" may also well be the way it amps up nowadays's frontier technologies to display day after today's common realities.

    throughout a Cinerama preview prepared by means of Madrona Ventures neighborhood, managing director Matt McIlwain informed the audience that the movie mirrored the VC company's interest in intuitive "multisense" interfaces that are heading in the right direction to transform the manner we use excessive-tech functions.

    in case you need to go into the theater figuring out absolutely nothing in regards to the film other than what you've seen in the teasers, put this story on pause and come again later. but if you're ready for a brief rundown on five real-world gadgets and tech trends which are amped up for "competent participant One," read on.

    Haptic matches: The film's protagonist, Wade Watts, parlays his early success into a big-ticket purchase — a full-body go well with that provides haptic remarks. wearing the suit, he can consider a punch to the gut, or a romantic caress, as if the virtual-reality stimulus had been coming from the true world. Rudimentary models of such suits already exist, and the get-up marketed through Teslasuit looks plenty like what's on reveal in the film.

    Omnidirectional treadmills: in case you're running in virtual truth, where do you run? within the film, a different variety of treadmill lets Watts and other characters walk in any route while staying in vicinity of their real-world VR rigs. nowadays, treadmills offered by Kat VR and Vue VR can give you that feeling, but the expertise nevertheless has a way to go before it works as smartly as it does in 2045.

    Selfie-snapping drones: When lovers want to take a selfie with a VR celebrity, they simply throw a ball into the air and let it hover in the correct position to snap a picture. Selfie drones are already in the marketplace, and some may also be programmed to comply with you at a standoff distance. They can also no longer work reasonably as comfortably because the hoverballs in "equipped participant One," but when you're ready in your spherical selfie snapper, you could play around with the wise, sensor-encumbered online game balls marketed by means of Seattle startup Play unattainable.

    Stackable buildings: in the film, Watts makes his real-world domestic in a dystopian edition of Columbus, Ohio, where mobile buildings are layered on desirable of each different to kind "the Stacks." within the precise true world, Harvard engineer Jeff Wilson has installation a startup known as Kasita, which grants 352-square-foot modular habitats that can be moved round or stacked up. You may also take a VR tour, a la "capable participant One." just don't stack them as excessive because the Stacks, good enough?

    virtual forex that receives true: the most reliable foreign money in "capable player One" is the cash that's generated by using taking up adventures (and blowing up foes) in the Oasis digital world. Watts finds a means to utilize the Oasis credit offline in addition to on-line. The parallels to current-day gaming credits and cryptocurrencies reminiscent of Bitcoin haven't escaped consideration. Regulators are already taking notice: just in the past couple of weeks, a metropolis in big apple enacted a ban on cryptocurrency mining — and a federal courtroom cracked down on a scheme that let on-line gamblers convert their digital chips to real cash, in obvious violation of Washington state law.

    The Trump Team’s Account of the Stormy Daniels Story Is So Bad It’s Funny

    Stormy Daniels

    Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) poses for pictures at the end of a show in Gossip Gentleman club in New York on February 23, 2018. (Reuters / Eduardo Munoz)

    Thank you for signing up. For more from The Nation, check out our latest issue. Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Support Progressive Journalism The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. Fight Back! Sign up for Take Action Now and we'll send you three meaningful actions you can take each week. Travel With The Nation Be the first to hear about Nation Travels destinations, and explore the world with kindred spirits. Sign up for our Wine Club today. Did you know you can support The Nation by drinking wine?

    Let's recap the Trump camp's account of the Stormy Daniels story in all its ludicrous glory. They insist that the tryst Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claimed to have had with Trump never happened. It's all a big lie. And despite the fact that it never happened, Michael Cohen, Trump's notoriously combative consigliere (he reportedly told a journalist working on a negative story about his boss, "I'm warning you, tread very fucking lightly, because what I'm going to do to you is going to be fucking disgusting") took out a line of credit on his own home to pay Daniels $130,000 in hush-money.

    Ad Policy

    Margaret Hartmann wrote for New York magazine that, "while there's little evidence that Cohen was kept on the payroll for his sharp legal mind, he'd demonstrated again and again that he possesses the unshakable loyalty that Trump values so highly," and yet Cohen claims that he didn't even tell his boss about this magnanimous gesture, and never planned to do so. He says that he negotiated the agreement and made Trump a party to it without uttering a word about it, and certainly didn't ask to be reimbursed for it. Paying a porn star $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair that never happened was just a personal transaction by a guy who refers to himself as a "pit bull" on behalf of a guy with much deeper pockets than he has. (The White House has consistently dodged the question of whether Trump knew of the payoff.)

    Cohen further insists that it had nothing to do with the Trump Organization, despite the fact that he used his company e-mail address to set up the wire transfer to Daniels and, according to CNN, "Jill Martin, a top lawyer at the Trump Organization," is listed in a court filing as the attorney representing the LLC that Cohen established specifically to pay off Daniels. Martin, whose title is vice president and assistant general counsel for the Trump Organization, also issued a statement claiming that she worked on the matter only "in a personal capacity," despite the fact that the address she listed on the filing is that of the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.

    All of this, according to the White House and Cohen, also had nothing to do with the presidential campaign—never mind that this all went down just weeks before Election Day, at a time when it appears the campaign was working furiously to kill off stories about the affair that were set to run in at least three outlets. If it had been related to the campaign, Cohen would be liable for an illegal $130,000 campaign contribution, but he insists that it wasn't.


    This doesn't appear to be an isolated incident. Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who has a story that's very similar to Daniels's, was also paid $150,000 to keep quiet by a close friend of Trump's, David Pecker, who runs A.M.I., the National Enquirer's parent company. According to The New York Times, Michael Cohen "was secretly involved in her talks with the tabloid company." The company confirms that, but Cohen says that he doesn't remember anything about the deal.

    A small child caught with her hand in a cookie jar could come up with a more credible story than this mishmash of obvious untruths, yet 41 percent of Republicans believe it, according to a recent poll conducted by CNN.

    How could so many people believe such a cockamamie tale spun by the most mendacious political figure in modern history? It's not (necessarily) because they're stupid. It's simply an example of motivated reasoning—the human tendency to discount information that conflicts with our deeply held beliefs and embrace that which supports them, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to people who aren't invested in the same belief system. We all do this to a degree.

    Current Issue

    But it's important to understand the mechanism by which this cognitive process functions. It requires an alternative, ostensibly factual narrative from some seemingly credible individual or institution. There must be an alternative set of "facts" to latch onto in order to dismiss something as obviously false as the story Cohen and Trump's staff are peddling to the American people.

    Climate-change denial would not be possible were it not for a handful of "contrarian" researchers arguing that the Earth is actually cooling, or that warming is a result of solar activity. There's an entire cottage industry devoted to writing dubious articles or producing fake—or at least misleading—charts purporting to prove that climate change is a scam.

    So it is with Trump's constant laments about "fake news." It may seem silly and immature to those of us who don't support the administration, but it's no laughing matter. A Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted last October found that three out of four Republicans "think the news media invent stories about Trump and his administration, compared with only 11 percent who don't think so." Barrels of ink have been devoted to stories about how Trump's core supporters have stuck with him through thick and thin—about how he really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose their loyalty—and Trump's constant laments about fake news is a big reason why that is.

    By all accounts, Trump is not a particularly intelligent man, and there's no reason to believe that he has some special understanding of how this dynamic works. The conservative movement has long claimed that sources of information that conflict with its ideological priors—the academy, the media, various government agencies—are all hopelessly biased against the right. Trump's simply turned that up a notch, claiming that it's not just a matter of subconscious bias at work, but rather that negative stories about him are entirely fabricated.

    Trump's official and utterly ludicrous account of what transpired with Stormy Daniels is just one example among many of how his supporters convince themselves that he's the guy they voted for in 2016. The pro-Trump media, following his lead, churn out a constant stream of alternative storylines that his fans can hang onto.

    It's become common these days to lament "media polarization," as if it's a generic problem that afflicts both sides of the partisan divide. But it's important to note that there's a stark difference in how the left and the right views the mainstream media, and its flaws. Partisan outlets on both sides of the ideological divide see themselves, at least in part, to be watchdogs for the traditional media. But progressives tend to focus on subconscious biases or questionable norms, like the tendency to present both sides' arguments as if there are no objective facts, reporters' hesitation to risk their access to the powerful or their eagerness to conform to the conventional wisdom. When conservatives talk about "media bias," they're often not talking about bias—as a subconscious process—at all.

    If you think that professional reporters regularly invent stories out of whole cloth, it may seem defensible to do so yourself in the name of fighting fire with fire. So when a conservative operative tried to pose as a victim of former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in order to dupe The Washington Post into reporting a false charge against him, her cover was blown when reporters uncovered a post she had written in which she gleefully announced that she'd "accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM."

    There's also a feedback loop between Trump—and Republicans in Congress—and the conservative media. Trump tweets out policy statements based on the nonsense he sees on Fox and Friends, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions names a prosecutor to follow up on House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes's (R-CA) discredited claims suggesting that Kremlingate is a "deep-state" conspiracy and the real problem is the FBI's supposed bias against Republicans. There's an alternative narrative for every damning story about the regime, even something as straightforward as EPA chief Scott Pruitt's notorious penchant for traveling first class on the taxpayer's dime.

    So if you watch Fox and read Breitbart, it's quite likely that you believe the Trump regime has been disciplined and effective and free of scandals, while the mainstream press continues to cover up the greatest political crimes of our generation, all of which revolve around the Clintons or Barack Obama. It's a scam, but one that works to keep those who want to believe it in the fold.


    Disney's biggest motion movie failures


    earlier than they purchased marvel and celebrity Wars, Disney had a protracted heritage of trying - and more often than not failing - to make their own blockbuster adventure films. with the aid of William Bibbiani

    It could be difficult to be aware now that Disney dominates the container workplace every year with wonder and big name Wars films, however there became a very long time when apartment of Mouse could not make a a success action film to keep their lives.

    Granted, there are exceptions to this rule. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films are blockbuster hits, the country wide Treasure films made a killing, and the fashioned 20,000 Leagues below the ocean continues to be a basic. but for essentially the most half Disney usually seemed to have obstacle making motion-packed motion pictures that could compete with other studios' kick-butt blockbusters, which doubtless explains why they felt the need to buy pre-current franchises that already had an important built-in audience.

    in case you do not be aware all of Disney's action movie flops, you are not on my own. somewhat a number of of them obtained swept beneath the rug, and many of the others went on to turn into cult favorites, so it's convenient to forget that they have been as soon as predominant container workplace disappointments. but do not cry for Disney; they're making billions. Let's simply take a moment to bear in mind where they got here from, and how often they got here near economic ruin by means of placing all their funds into action-adventure films that failed to discover an viewers. Watch the video above or try the slideshow below for Disney's biggest motion movie failures...

    Do you believe these misses from Disney may still've fared better on the box workplace? Or had been they rightly discard into the trash heap of box-office historical past?

    Let's focus on within the comments!

    inner South Korea’s severe gaming subculture

    discover more from heart of Korea, a collection currently screening on the BBC World information tv channel

    in the heart of Korea mini-series, conductor and cultural explorer Jason Lai explores South Korea, a nation conventional equally for its prosperous heritage and its modern k-pop bands. Jason takes us to meet talented and provoking trailblazers from world-famous hip-hop dancers to a young Hanbok aficionado on a quest to make normal Korean clothes conventional once again amongst younger Koreans.

    be a part of 900,000+ Future fans with the aid of liking us on fb, or follow us on Twitter.

    April Fools' Day pregnancy jokes aren't funny to women struggling with infertility

    This story was originally published on April 1, 2016.

    On April Fools' Day, you can bet that one of your friends will pull the oft-told "I'm pregnant" joke.

    Even singer Gwen Stefani used the joke to prank her fans this year, sharing a photo of a sonogram on Instagram and captioning the pic, "It's a girl."

    But for many women struggling to conceive or dealing with infertility issues, the joke isn't funny.

    Chelsey Kimmel, a school teacher in Burrillville, Rhode Island, warned her social media followers by posting a lengthy message to Instagram, telling them to think twice about sharing the pregnancy joke on April Fools' Day.

    Kimmel, 24, has been trying to conceive for 18 months. She and her partner of five years, Jamie Cardinal, also suffered a miscarriage last October. They're due to start another round of in vitro fertilization in 10 days.

    Chelsey Kimmel and her partner Jamie Cardinal have been trying to conceive for 18 months.

    "I've known people for a long time who joke that they're pregnant and this year it hit me that it does hurt," Kimmel told ABC News. "I struggle with real posts of people I know and love when they really are pregnant, but when people make a joke [about it], women like me, who want more than anything in the world to be pregnant ... it just really hits home. It can hurt."

    Qiana Gabriel, an engineer in Ellicott City, Maryland, can relate. She told her husband that she planned to stay off of Facebook today after seeing five friends joke that they were pregnant.

    "Although my husband and I were blessed with a baby boy six months ago, it took us two years of trying to get him," she told ABC News. "There are a lot of emotions and energy we invest when facing fertility issues. Seeing people joke about being pregnant is deflating."

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 12 percent of women, ages 15 to 44, have had difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term.



    Seeing people joke about being pregnant is deflating.

    Helen Stephens, who is the CEO and president of Diversity Fertility Services, LLC in Short Hills, New Jersey, said pranksters "have to be mindful of the emotional ramifications of this particular April Fools' prank."

    Stephens truly understands because before she had two children, she had her own struggles with infertility, including multiple miscarriages.

    Stock photo of a couple holding hands.

    "You have to be empathetic that these women, and men in some cases, are trying to understand why is my body not working," she said. "I've had regular intercourse for over a year without becoming pregnant, which is the definition of infertility."

    She added: "Having had my own experiences myself, I hope we'll start to view this pregnancy prank as taboo."

    Kimmel hopes to see that, too.

    "I had someone say to me, 'Well, I don't get why it's so upsetting.' I said, 'Try and put yourself in my shoes.... You wouldn't make a joke about losing your child or your child getting injured," she said. "It feels the same way.' People don't realize that."

    Rapture, Netflix evaluate: Nas's patchy dive into hip-hop tradition

    prior this month, Netflix launched the hip-hop documentary series The Defiant Ones, a first-class examination of the partnership between Dr Dre and producer Jimmy Iovine that brimmed with vibrancy, wit, trend. Now, just a few weeks later, Rapture, a new eight-part hip-hop documentary collection has arrived on the streaming service – this time dedicating each episode to a distinct, lesser accepted hip-hop figure. And while Rapture does not rather boast the same HBO-level price range, nevertheless it's tough not to compare the two and find Rapture missing.  

    We meet the artists each at different levels of their careers with the intention of taking pictures the genre's "affect on world culture". It's produced by using Mass attraction, the Nineties-born new york-primarily based media enterprise, revived in 2013 by way of an investment by using Nas, who launched Mass enchantment records here year. As such, a couple of of the profiles consider a bit like fly-on-the-wall promo movies for an up-and-coming artist.

    Dave East, one of the vital Mass appeal signees, become paired up with Nas in the second episode. We heard about his journey of getting out of his rundown neighbourhood and making it as a rapper, with the guide of Nas. Rapsody changed into at the same element in her career. Focusing on her event of being a girl in hip-hop (she talked about the lack of sisterhood and camaraderie compared with the years when MC Lyte, cunning Brown, Missy Elliott and others have been at their peak).

    Boogie wit da Hoodie, in the meantime, turned into simply 21. The cameras followed him to his local park, where a group determine explained how his success and fame had brought individuals together. We in brief heard about how hip-hop is entwined with the development of know-how (it might've been satisfactory to hear more) and the position of company partnerships (which turned into reasonably greater tedious).

    The episodes flitted between themes and scenes which resulted in an absence of narrative coherence and path. The snapshots of the artist's lives often felt thrown collectively and the talk chosen can be platitudinous and nostalgic ("music, for me, it's in my identification, it's in my DNA"). It did little to present a sense of hip-hop's have an effect on on world tradition.

    Tommy Wiseau Bounces lower back With New film 'ideal F(r)iends'

    in contrast to "The Room," which become directed, written and produced through Wiseau, "premier F(r)iends" become written and produced with the aid of Sestero, enabling Wiseau to center of attention on performing - a subject on which he's particularly delicate.

    "individuals do not understand i will do acting, #1," Wiseau stated. "quantity two, as you be aware of, there turned into very negative running a blog about Tommy Wiseau, about me, and that they do not needless to say i have been performing for two decades, so I think very decent about it."

    Actor Paul Scheer, who additionally regarded in "The disaster Artist," said the new movie got here from the coronary heart.

    Wiseau and Sestero, he talked about, "have the entire passion of a Paul Thomas Anderson or a Steven Spielberg. Their execution is basically different but they love what they're doing and they are looking to do wonderful, pleasing work and i feel that this is what i really like about them."

    "or not it's now not about making the most of making yet another film like 'The Room,' they may be trying to make anything distinctive. Now, will it be acquired that means? Who is aware of?" Scheer pointed out.

    The pai r is banking on extra demand from audiences. Already, extent 2 of "most suitable F(r)iends" is scheduled to arrive in U.S. film theaters in June.

    (Reporting with the aid of Rollo Ross; editing by using Richard Chang)

    continue analyzing the main story

    Theatre 7 ends their season with a funny mystery

    DECATUR — Secret chambers, trap lids and hidden panels can be suspenseful, but also funny.

    The play revolves around the disappearance of Edgar Hollister. "But we don't know if he dies," said director Carl Sebens, adding more suspense to the play.

    Hollister's new wife and her boyfriend plan to kill the rich old man; however, his daughter and her fiance' complicate their plans. All of the escapades take place in a mansion filled with trap doors and hidden stairways.

    "The guy that built the house was real crafty and made secret passages," said Scott Magruder said of Hollister.

    As Theatre 7's set builder, Magruder had to follow the script as closely as the actors. "I went by the design they gave me, but I had to make some decisions on my own," he said.

    Before he builds a set, Magruder studies the script for specifics, including the time period and social status. Magruder also takes into consideration the actors' sizes and abilities when building hidden passages.

    The play's humor comes from the physical action taking place among the actors. "And silly, silly dialogue," said the show's producer Jan Hooten.

    She describes the play as a spoof on British murder mystery spoofs. "It is a farce on a farce," she said. "Decatur loves a good mystery and a good comedy."

    The cast consists of six actors, but a large crew is behind the scenes as well. The crew will operate many devices including moving photos, hidden compartments and shifting furniture.

    Emily Steele, stage manager, said the show's set is the biggest of the season. "We use all of the stage," she said.

    Timing and delivery is crucial to the comedy show. This was a draw to first-time Theatre 7 cast member Kade Thoms.

    Thoms, 18, plays Barry Draper, the fiance. He performed in plays while in high school, but found the Decatur theatre to be a group of artists prepared many types of acting. "In high school, especially in a small town like Cerro Gordo where I went, everyone has their limits to what they are willing to do for a show," Thoms said. "These people are pros and this is what they do. They work at a higher caliber."

    According to assistant director Kathy Zientara, the show has intricate details. "There are a lot of pratfalls that occur on the set," she said.

    The stage crew is crucial for this show with two stage managers as well others specifically for maneuvering the hidden doors and other furniture. "It is a prop-heavy show," Steele said. "So we have a lot of backstage people."

    'Love & Hip Hop' celebrity Tommie Lee desired by law enforcement officials again


    "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" big name Tommie Lee ought to really love the feeling of being desired ... notably by using law enforcement officials.

    legislation enforcement sources inform TMZ ... Tommie did not appear for a listening to Wednesday in Fulton County, Atlanta over her arrest in 2016 on prices that included DUI and driving and not using a license. Her no-display brought on a warrant for her arrest.

    And get this ... only one day earlier than she didn't seem in courtroom, prosecutors filed a motion to revoke Tommie's bond for the 2016 case after allegedly attacking a mall worker ultimate month.

    TMZ broke the story ... Tommie changed into booked for misdemeanor battery for the alleged mall beatdown, but did not seem all that concerned.

    Tommie's tune could quickly trade.


    competent player One: The 5 biggest publication-to-movie alterations


    Some sides of Ernest Cline's world have been enormously modified in the soar to the big reveal. by means of Tom Jorgensen

    Steven Spielberg's adaptation of equipped player One, and the myriad Easter eggs therein, has ultimately hit theaters, and blessedly, is truly, actually enjoyable.

    lovers of the e-book should be delighted with how the OASIS is realized however, as with any adaptation, some sides of Ernest Cline's world are enormously changed in the soar to the big monitor. We cite the 5 most noteworthy deviations below.

    Full spoilers follow, for both the publication and movie adaptation of ready participant One.

    The constitution of the Hunt

    while finding all three of OASIS creator James Halliday's hidden keys is crucial to free up his easter egg, the radical truly facets even more obstacles for Parzival and the legions of gunters. The booklet's hunt required Gunters to find a key, observe the clue included with that key to an identical gate, use it to enter the gate and finished a challenge of some form, and repeat. in the book, these challenges are as follows:

  • Copper Key: Defeat Acererak the Demi-Lich (Dungeons and Dragons) in a best of three round of the 1982 arcade basic Joust.
  • Copper Gate: complete a WarGames flicksync (more on that beneath).
  • Jade Key: Win a 3-dimensional rendering of the textual content-primarily based event game Zork.
  • Jade Gate: Win a 3D rendering of the 1987 platformer Black Tiger.
  • Crystal Key: Return a mythical guitar to its altar on the planet of Rush's basic conception album, 2112.
  • Crystal Gate: Beat Halliday's high ranking in Tempest, finished a Monty Python and the Holy Grail flicksync, and discover the very first video online game easter egg in adventure, the 1980 Atari game.
  • That's a whole lot to get via in two hours and fifteen minutes, so the filmmakers neatly decide to get rid of the gates from the equation, and really greatly alter the first two challenges:

  • Copper Key: live to tell the tale a race through a city being defended by using massive monsters and booby traps.
  • Jade Key: Ask for a dance with Kira, Halliday's lost love, in the Gold Room of The Shining's fail to notice hotel.
  • Crystal Key: discover the very first video video game easter egg in experience, the 1980 Atari game.
  • The Copper Key race and ticking clock hunt in the course of the fail to spot are visual feasts and positively greater cinematic than looking at a D&D personality play an arcade online game would've been.

    the place are the Flicksyncs?

    one of the crucial memorable elements of the e-book not noted of Spielberg's able player One are flicksyncs. These standalone simulations drop users right into a film and makes them play via it because the protagonist, requiring them to function all of their dialogue and actions on cue. in the novel, the Copper and Crystal Gates force avid gamers to play through WarGames and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, respectively. These are incredibly enjoyable passages which appeared ripe for inclusion right here, however had been possible left out because of the visible effects wizardry that could've been required to believably dermis Parzival as Matthew Broderick or the participants of Monty Python for these scenes.

    The closest we get to a flicksync in the film is the Jade Key challenge, which sends the high 5 via an exquisite recreation of The Shining's fail to notice resort, but even that scene features look-alike (well, seem-a-kinda-like) actors as the Grady twins and the woman in Room 237.

    Art3mis and Parzival

    Critics of Ernest Cline's novel frequently aspect to the skinny drawing of Samantha cook, Art3mis in the OASIS, and her being little greater than a nerd fable for Wade to drool over. As an immense fan of the booklet myself, i can't say I disagree. Wade actually admits to having cyber-stalked her in a single of their early meetings and after they "destroy up" (they hadn't been dating, whatever thing Wade appears chuffed to ignore), he resumes that habits.

    Cline, along with his co-author on the script Zak Penn, have to've taken that criticism to heart, as the relationship between the movie's leads is much more even-surpassed. Don't get me wrong, this film doesn't ace the Bechdel test, but when you have been some of the many that discovered yourself cringing at how Art3mis changed into handled within the novel, you'll discover the movie's dealing with of her personality plenty more palatable.

    The riot

    That whole underground riot working to topple the all-powerful ingenious on-line Industries within the movie? Yeah, that's nowhere in the e-book. real, there are Gunter clans devoted to looking IOI's Sixers internal the OASIS, however there's no point out of any real-world organizations combating the telecommunications conglomerate. The groundwork for the riot's inclusion within the movie doubtless spins out of novel Wade's strikes against IOI, where he infiltrates their headquarters with a view to sabotage the protect they conjure to block the entrance to Anorak's fort and the Crystal Gate internal the OASIS.

    whereas Wade cautiously plans this mission within the booklet, it's performed a lot more haphazardly in the movie. Samantha is captured during an IOI raid whereas purchasing time for Wade to break out. Wade manages to make contact with Samantha whereas she's interred at IOI and stroll her via how get away her mobilephone and shut down the defend. whereas the rebellion subplot ends up being less enticing than the Hunt story, it does provide Wade and Samantha the probability to satisfy in true life lots earlier than within the book, where they don't meet face-to-face except the very conclusion.

    some of the excessive 5 Avoids Their ebook dying

    Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, Daito, and Shoto (just "Sho" in the movie) kind the excessive five, the first OASIS clients to area on the Hunt's Scoreboard. at the end of both the booklet and the movie, Parzival decides to break up his newly received controlling stake in Gregarious Gaming programs (and by using extension, the OASIS) with the other contributors of the excessive five. but within the ebook, not all of his friends make it to the finish line. the radical sees Daito (true identify Toshiro Yoshiaki) being murdered on the orders of Nolan Sorrento, eager to sluggish the excessive 5's growth. And while he bound does are trying to kill the high five in the film, the filmmakers decide to let Daito take pleasure in a contented ending along with his pals. And billions of bucks. So many billions.

    What were your favorite, or least favorite, alterations the in a position participant One movie made to the source material? tell us and for extra on competent player One, make sure to check out our valiant effort to find as many easter eggs as we may as well as our overview of the movie.

    Xiaomi Mi Gaming computing device takes goal at Razer with its first gaming desktop

    a close up of a laptop computer: xiaomi-mi-gaming-laptop-15-6-1 © provided with the aid of CNET xiaomi-mi-gaming-desktop-15-6-1

    Aloysius Low/CNET

    a brand new telephone wasn't the most effective dish on Xiaomi's new menu on Tuesday.

    At its press conference in Shanghai, the chinese language enterprise additionally brought a new entry into its line of its Mi Notebooks, and this one comes with specs correct for gaming.

    Clad in a black steel conclude, the Mi Gaming desktop 15.6", because the identify suggests, comes with a 15.6-inch reveal. or not it's the biggest in Xiaomi's strong, and there's no logo on the shell, as Xiaomi says it prefers to retain it clean and subtle.

    in the event you want to video game notwithstanding, the Gaming computing device comes blinged out with LEDs below the keyboard and lights on the facet as neatly.

    whereas it be no longer as slim because the Razer Blade (Xiaomi failed to deliver numbers, however become a little thick), the notebook sports 4 USB three.0 ports, HDMI 2.0, USB type-C and a LAN port.

    internal, the Mi Gaming laptop uses a seventh-gen Intel Core i7 processor, has 16GB RAM as default (with a max of 32GB) and uses both a Nvidia GTX1060 or a GTX1050Ti for discrete images. game enthusiasts will also like that it has special customizable buttons on the left facet of the keyboard. a different button will switch on all of the fans to cool down the laptop if you are gaming.

    while it would not use Max Q expertise just like the the Asus Zephryus or the Acer Predator Triton seven-hundred, Xiaomi's Mi Gaming computer has a chiefly designed cooling equipment that vents out the scorching air to the facets and lower back.

    With a starting expense of 5,999 chinese language yuan (converts to roughly $955, £675 or AU$1,235) for the reduce-end GTX1050Ti model and 8,999 yuan (roughly $1,435, £1,010 or AU$1,850) for the one of the best mannequin, the Mi Gaming laptop 15.6" will go on sale in China on April 13.

    when you are considering of getting one even though, bear in mind that it will handiest include a chinese language edition of Microsoft windows, which potential there isn't any English language. you are going to must buy and install your personal version of home windows, except you examine Mandarin.

    xiaomi-mi-gaming-laptop-15-6-5 © offered by way of CNET xiaomi-mi-gaming-laptop-15-6-5

    Aloysius Low/CNET

  • Processor: Seventh-gen Intel Core i7

  • screen: 15.6-inch full-HD 

  • graphics: Nvidia GTX1050Ti, Nvidia GTX1060

  • memory: 16GB RAM, up to two 256GB PCIE SSD

  • an open laptop computer sitting on a table © supplied by CNET

    'It's funny but it's not funny': Trading executive warns about pivots to blockchain

    Jason Paltrowitz LinkedInLinkedIn

  • Business Insider spoke to Jason Paltrowitz, executive vice president at OTC Markets, about the ongoing cryptocurrency and blockchain craze.
  • He says the company has beefed up its oversight and warnings to investors about potential fraud as it continues to see companies boost their stock price by pivoting to crypto. 
  • "It's funny but it's not funny," he told Business Insider. "This is the latest avenue for potential fraud and things that will harm investors, and so we need to take it seriously."
  • A swath of publicly traded companies — from iced tea bottlers to biotech firms — have found good fortune by slipping things like blockchain or cryptocurrency into their names.

    While some of those pivots have occurred on major exchanges, many have occurred on alternative trading systems (ATS), and the craze has led perhaps the most well-known of these, OTC Markets Group, to beef up its oversight to protect investors from fraud.

    "Some of its kind of funny, companies that one day were making lawnmowers and the next day they're in bitcoin or a cryptocurrency," said Jason Paltrowitz, the group's Executive Vice President of Corporate Service told Business insider in an interview. "It's funny but it's not funny."

    "This is the latest avenue for potential fraud and things that will harm investors, and so we need to take it seriously," he added.

    The company on Wednesday launched new stock promotion flags on its website that will warn investors that may be the subject of promotional activity. OTC says these illegal promotions "harms investors, impedes capital formation and disrupts efficient pricing mechanisms."

    Paltrowitz wants to make clear, however, that the group wants to provide a marketplace for blockchain and cryptocurrencies — so long as they follow all applicable laws and regulations. He points specifically to the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust, which trades on the group's top OTCQX market, as an example of a successful crypto company listing on the marketplace.

    He also said that the OTC marketplace provides an easier way for companies to access public markets, without the deluge of regulatory work national exchanges require.

    "Our market, as an ATS, can be a little bit more flexible, specifically to the needs of two very distinct types of companies: the first is the large 'Blue Chip' global names that are already listed on their national exchange and don't need or require duplicative reporting standards to the US," explained Paltrowitz. These include companies like Heineken and Adidas, both listed on OTC. 

    "The second would be the the small- and micro-cap companies where being on a National Exchange is incredibly expensive both from a dollar perspective and a time perspective," he said.

    But there are also companies who end up on OTC markets less-than-willingly.

    Take Long Blockchain, for instance. The company, known until late 2017 as the Long Island Iced Tea Company, saved itself from being delisted by Nasdaq with the trendy name change, but said in a regulatory filing last week that it is considering moving its listing to OTC as it struggles to keep its stock price above the minimum market cap for the Nasdaq exchange.

    Between 30 and 50 companies leave the national exchanges — both willingly and unwillingly — each year in favor of OTC markets, Paltrowitz said, most of which end up on the group's pink market, "which is not one of our premium markets."

    It's not clear where Long Blockchain will end up if it does move its listing — neither the company nor OTC Markets could comment on any ongoing proceedings. But Paltrowitz remains optimistic for new companies on OTC going forward.

    "IPOs and new companies coming to market have been strong going back to 2015 and last year was one of our best years ever" Paltrowitz said. "I think that this year that momentum continues."

    film academy head cleared of misconduct allegation

    Academy of action image Arts and Sciences President John Bailey at 90th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton lodge on February 5, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

    Kevin winter / Getty pictures

    l. a. -- The Academy of action image Arts and Sciences has concluded its evaluate of a misconduct allegation towards film academy president John Bailey and decided that no extra action is required. The film academy referred to late Tuesday that Bailey will stay in his place, which he has held when you consider that August.

    Bailey, a cinematographer whose credit consist of "Groundhog Day," ''The huge sit back" and "pretty much as good as it gets," had up to now denied the allegation that he attempted to touch a woman inappropriately on a movie set a decade ago.

    The movie academy says the membership and administration committee and its sub-committee took his response, the declare and corroborating statements into consideration in its overview. outside advice become also consulted, together with from Ivy Kagan Bierman, an adviser to the Anita Hill-chaired fee on eliminating Sexual Harassment and advertising Equality in the place of work.

    The committee's unanimous conclusion changed into also backed via the academy's Board of Governors.

    Bailey's lawyer David Schindler did not immediately reply to an e mail in search of comment.

    The investigation comes as the academy has sought to make the battle towards sexual misconduct a important aim after the wave of revelations beginning in October that brought down movie multi-millionaire Harvey Weinstein and unfold during the trade.

    Bailey changed into two months into his presidency in October when Weinstein's membership turned into revoked. ahead of Weinstein, just one other person has had their movie academy membership withdrawn, and that become for loaning out awards screeners.

    on the time, Bailey said in a memo to participants that the academy "can be part of a bigger initiative to define specifications of behavior and to aid the inclined women and men who may well be at personal and career risk on account of violations of moral requisites by means of their friends."

    The academy adopted its first code of behavior in December, which stipulated that the academy isn't any location for "people who abuse their popularity, power or influence in a fashion that violates specifications of decency," and made it more straightforward to droop or expel participants.

    The claim against Bailey investigated by means of the academy became obtained on March 13.

    In its observation Tuesday, the academy talked about it will refrain from discussing the specifics of the claim out of admire for the confidentiality of the claimant and Bailey.

    The company's aim, the commentary pointed out, is "to encourage workplace environments that assist creativity, equality, and recognize."

    © 2018 The linked Press. All Rights Reserved. This cloth can also now not be posted, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

    every little thing to know about Roxanne Shante, the field of Netflix's new hip-hop biopic you should already be looking at

    every thing to find out about Roxanne Shante, area of Netflix's "Roxanne, Roxanne" - HelloGigglesSearchSearchCloseDownDownDownDownDown every little thing to know about Roxanne Shante, the area of Netflix's new hip-hop biopic be sure to already be staring at

    ASRock receives into pics playing cards with Radeon-based Phantom Gaming GPUs

    soaring demand by means of cryptocurrency lovers have made it impossible to find pictures playing cards at economical fees, however a brand new contender is throwing its hat in the ring nevertheless. Motherboard maker ASRock already offers boards with room for as much as 13 GPUs, and now it's seeking to fill all those slots with its new Phantom Gaming pics cards.

    The Phantom Gaming lineup completely makes use of Radeon Polaris pix processors. The mighty compute efficiency of AMD's GPUs makes them a success with miners, but (as indicated by way of the name) ASRock is seemingly pitching these portraits cards in opposition t gamers.

    Single fan types of the 2GB Radeon RX 550 and RX 560 are available with a dual ball bearing design, whereas the tons stronger 8GB RX 570 and RX 580 incarnations bump that up to two enthusiasts augmented with "excessive efficiency composite warmth pipes." The playing cards additionally include a finned aluminum heatsink with a copper base the place it contacts the GPU.

    asrock phantom gaming lineup ASRock

    particulars of ASRock's Phantom Gaming pix playing cards (click on to amplify)

    PCWorld's book to Radeon graphics cards can explain the frequent efficiency to predict from each mannequin. ASRock is rolling out custom "Phantom Gaming Tweak" software to enrich the new hardware, and it comprises a trio of presets that let you tailor your gaming event towards performance or efficiency: Silent mode, Overclock (OC) mode, and Default mode. We'll ought to see how this virgin effort at overclocking application holds up although—you might be using the Radeon Wattman overclocking tools baked without delay into AMD's Radeon Settings software.

    The Phantom Gaming page doesn't consist of cost or release date info, however let's be sincere: pix cards aren't promoting for low-priced costs this present day anyway, and that goes doubly so for Radeon-primarily based alternatives. As excellent because it is to look new competitors within the pix hardware area, predict these to be snatched up at sky-excessive expenditures as quickly as they appear (possibly around the April launch of AMD's Zen+ processors?). except GPU expenses return to sanity, make certain to take a look at PCWorld's guide on the way to maintain gaming when pics cards cost so a great deal.

    To comment on this text and other PCWorld content material, visit our facebook web page or our Twitter feed.

    Miranda Cosgrove Shares Funny Throwback Pic With Vanessa Hudgens

    Miranda Cosgrove has blessed our Wednesdays with the best kind of throwback ever.

    The 24-year-old actress shared not just one, but two stellar throwback pics on her Instagram Stories last night and they are pure gold!

    One features Miranda and a very young Vanessa Hudgens, who guest starred on Drake & Josh once upon a time, making funny faces.

    "An oldie but a goodie. haha," Miranda wrote on the pic.

    If you recall, before there was iCarly for Miranda, she was Megan on Drake & Josh.

    The other photo features new The Perfectionists star, Hayley Erin!

    Check them both out below!

    Like Just Jared Jr. on FB Photos: Getty, Instagram Stories Posted to: Hayley Erin, Miranda Cosgrove, Vanessa Hudgens


    film talk: What MCU Characters Will appear in ‘Captain wonder’?


    On this episode of Collider film talk, Mark Ellis, Ti, Kristian Harloff, and Mark Reilly discuss here:

  • Fox officially announced new release dates for X-guys: darkish Phoenix and The New Mutants.
  • marvel Studios issued a statement saying that Captain marvel has begun filming in l. a. and that Clark Gregg, Lee pace and Djimon Hounsou will be becoming a member of the solid.
  • Tom Hardy took to Instagram to publish a first appear of himself as Al Capone in Josh Trank's movie Fonzo.
  • deadline is reporting that capable participant One's Zak Penn has signed on to adapt ROM right into a function film for Paramount images and Hasbro's Allspark images.
  • cut-off date reports that Netflix has bought the live-motion feature film rights to Carmen Sandiego and have attached Gina Rodriguez to superstar in it.
  • Steven Spielberg tells most excellent France that Tintin 2 isn't lifeless and that Peter Jackson will beginning engaged on the script soon.
  • are living Twitter Questions
  • x-men-dark-phoenix-sophie-turner

    graphic by the use of 20th Century Fox

    related content
  • film speak: Spider-Man turns into an Avenger in New 'Infinity battle' television Spot
  • film talk: James Gunn Reacts to 'Infinity warfare'; Spielberg Chimes in on Netflix motion pictures
  • movie talk: New 'Deadpool 2' Trailer offers Us greater Cable, Domino and X-drive
  • movie talk: Can 'Shazam!' and 'Aquaman' keep the DCEU?
  • film speak: 'The Matrix' Reboot and Steven S. DeKnight Talks 'Pacific Rim rebellion'
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar Jokingly Says She Bit Beyonce With Funny ‘Buffy’ Throwback Pics!

    a couple of people posing for the camera © Getty Images

    Buffy the Beyonce Biter? Sarah Michelle Gellar has jokingly claimed responsibility for one of the biggest mysteries of our time – who bit Beyonce?

    After Tiffany Haddish revealed that she saw an actress bite Beyonce on the face the first night they met, the search has been on for who the mystery woman was. On Tuesday, Gellar, 40, took to Instagram to take the blame for the biting.

    "All right, I admit it. It was me. #TheBiter," she captioned two shots from her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days, sporting vampire fangs.

    Though Buff is obviously in charge of staking the vamps (for any confusion, see the show's title), in a season one episode, "Nightmares," she turns into a vampire herself as she lives out one of her biggest fears. 

    Gellar isn't the first celeb to get in on the fun of Bey's mystery biter. American Crime Story creator Ryan Murphy took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce the new season of his hit show – American Crime Story: Who Bit Beyonce?

    Several stars have publicly denied biting Beyonce, including Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan. Chrissy Teigen confirmed there was a bite, but has kept tight-lipped about who sunk their teeth into Queen Bey.

    "The problem is, I love everybody involved, so, I'm like, zip," she explained.

    For more on #BiteGate, watch the clip below!

    Click to expand


  • Watch as country star Lauren Alaina hears she's won her first ACM award

    In her Morning Boost, Hoda Kotb shares the special moment that country singer Lauren Alaina found out from Reba McEntire that she won the 2018 Academy of Country Music Award for best new female vocalist.

  • Who is Caroline Sunshine?

    Former Disney Channel actress Caroline Sunshine has joined Donald Trump's White House press team. Sunshine previously starred alongside Zendaya and Bella Thorne on Disney's Shake It Up, as well as interning at the White House.

  • Fans are wondering: who bit Beyonce in the face?

    In a recent interview with GQ, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish says that an unnamed actress bit Beyonce in the face at a party. Now, many are wondering who the biter was. TODAY's Carson Daly reports in PopStart.



    Logitech G seasoned Gaming Headset is able for notebook, ps4, Xbox One, and swap

    taking part in games on-line with different individuals is all of the rage at the present time, and with that comes voice-based trash-speakme. Insults over voice chat has become an incredible part of the online gaming experience. The most useful method to participate in such conduct is with a gaming headset. Negativity apart, a headset can also support you to speak with teammates to plan offenses.

    today, Logitech unveils its latest such product -- the G professional Gaming Headset. This headset is designed for both knowledgeable eSports gamers and novice gamers alike. regardless of its professional branding, it's highly competitively priced. The microphone is removable, which is splendid for privacy, however also lets the headset be used just as headphones so that you might not appear dorky wearing them out of the condo. Logitech is even together with replaceable fake suede leather earpads in the event you don't love the greater common "leatherette" pads.

    "The Logitech G pro family unit of gaming equipment outfits lots of the world's top esports athletes with the equipment they deserve to compete at the maximum level of efficiency. We take our classic designs that professionals love, make them tremendously strong (yet truly light-weight!), and add the correct points and superior technologies to make them the best possible tools for competitive play," says Logitech.

    also study: Logitech Crayon and Rugged Combo 2 boost the iPad (2018) event

    The business also says, "the new headset includes Logitech G's superior seasoned-G drivers, which ability which you can hear each footstep and spell in super-effective detail, whereas directional audio, mixed with extremely good readability, gives high-quality awareness all the way through gameplay. The gaming headset's premium leatherette ear pads deliver 50 percent more sound isolation than outdated ear pads, and give you optimum passive sound isolation, whereas improving sound clarity and quantity. a professional-grade pop filter and top notch, noise-canceling microphone with more suitable arm bendability gives game enthusiasts improved sound capture, wider frequency response, lessen signal-to-noise ratio and better sensitivity."

    Logitech shares the following necessities.


  • Driver: Hybrid mesh pro-G
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 107dB@1KHz SPL 30mW/1cm
  • Noise Isolation: up to 16dB
  • Cable size: 2m
  • surround: home windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for headphones appropriate
  • materials

  • headband: TR90 nylon
  • Joint: Glass fiber bolstered nylon​
  • Slider: stainless-steel
  • Ear and head pads: Leatherette
  • additional ear pads: Microsuede
  • Earcups: tender-contact
  • seasoned Microphone:

  • Microphone Pickup pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • class: again Electret Condenser
  • dimension: 4mm
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-10KHz
  • Arm: Full-latitude flex
  • The Logitech G seasoned Gaming Headset is purchasable immediately from Logitech directly right here. it's budget friendly at just $89.99 -- a shockingly in your price range for a professional-grade headset from any such respected business.

    LL Cool J to launch new SiriusXM basic hip-hop channel

    by way of Jonathan Landrum Jr. | AP by means of Jonathan Landrum Jr. | AP March 27 at 9:26 AM

    ATLANTA — LL Cool J wants to make historical-school hip-hop song principal for listeners today with a new SiriusXM channel.

    both-time Grammy-winning rapper advised The linked Press that he'll launch his classic hip-hop channel called "LL Cool J's Rock The Bells Radio" on Wednesday. He, together with DJ Z-go back and forth, will host an invitation-only curler skating event to assist launch the channel all the way through a live broadcast Wednesday at 10 p.m. eastern in la.

    "Rock The Bells Radio" will air on channel 43. The channel's name derives from LL Cool J's 1985 hit music, "Rock The Bells."

    "I felt like classic hip-hop obligatory some leadership," mentioned the rapper and actor, who also stars in CBS' "NCIS: l. a." and hosts "Lip Sync combat" on the Paramount network. "It essential some organization. It essential somebody to step up and say, 'hi there, this song is dope, individuals adore it and want to hear it.' nonetheless it needs to be introduced in a dope means and handled with the respect that it deserves."

    LL Cool J mentioned he created the channel as a result of he felt historic-faculty rap artists and their tune had been not getting ample attention. He stated he desires to uplift the subculture.

    "there are so many artists who're the groundwork of this lifestyle," he mentioned. "nevertheless it appears like they have got been marginalized and pushed to the side if they're not on the pop charts. I felt like hip-hop has a story and lots of founding fathers and mothers that the area may still recognize. ... people know Run-DMC and myself, but there were americans earlier than us."

    LL Cool J hopes the channel can also be an avenue for rappers from the Seventies, '80s and '90s to advertise their previous songs, unheard facts and new cloth. He pointed out the channel will characteristic interviews and classic hip-hop songs from Ice dice, Outkast, Public Enemy, Run-DMC and Snoop Dogg.

    Even LL Cool J's previous opponents, from rappers Kool Moe Dee to Canibus, will get some play on the channel.

    "I'm going to play even those facts where they talk about me," he observed. "I'm now not going to disclaim not one of the fanatics of my competitors' tune. here is now not about stroking LL Cool J's ego. It's about the hip-hop way of life. We're going to dig into the crates for this."




    follow Jonathan Landrum Jr. on Twitter at

    Copyright 2018 The linked Press. All rights reserved. This material may no longer be posted, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Captain marvel: How the classic Kree-Skrull warfare Story might influence the film


    Interstellar battle can be coming to Earth. by using Jesse Schedeen

    the previous day marvel Studios introduced that production has begun on the Captain surprise movie. And while they didn't brazenly demonstrate any new plot particulars about this cosmic superhero adventure, new casting announcements present a good idea of the place the film is headed. The undeniable fact that the movie will bring back villains like Ronan the Accuser and Korvath strongly means that Captain marvel is drawing from the traditional comedian book storyline The Kree-Skrull war.

    examine on to find out what The Kree-Skrull warfare is and why it appears to be an immense influence on this upcoming MCU epic.

    The basics

    Created by writer Roy Thomas and artists Sal Buscema, John Buscema and Neal Adams, The Kree-Skrull struggle is a nine-difficulty storyline that ran in the pages of The Avengers in 1971 and 1972. The story became very strange for its time in that it told an extended-form narrative as opposed to choosing standalone storytelling. The scope of this story, and its emphasis on bringing collectively distinct surprise franchises, become an important impact on later surprise Comics crossovers like Infinity Gauntlet and Civil struggle.

    The Kree-Skrull struggle dealt with the fallout of the infinite conflict between the two cosmic empires, as Earth unexpectedly found itself caught in the core. That battle bubbled over as soon as it turned into found that Kree soldier-turned-superhero Mar-Vell (who held the Captain surprise title on the time) had fathered a toddler with the Skrull princess Annelle. needless to say, neither empire is glad at researching this bit of tips.

    it is the crux of The Kree-Skrull war, though the storyline involved a few other working threads, such as Ronan's attempts to eliminate human civilization and weaponize earth in opposition t the Skrulls, Annihilus attacking the Avengers from the poor Zone and Maximus taking over the Inhuman throne. We assume most of that might be omitted for the Captain surprise movie, but the primary concept of Earth becoming collateral damage within the escalating battle between the Kree and Skrulls will doubtless remain.

    The Kree and Skrull Empires

    on account that the early days of wonder's Avengers and astonishing four comics, the Kree and Skrull Empires were two of the dominant powers within the marvel Universe. as a result of they're both warlike civilizations with a love of conquest and growth, they've basically been locked in a under no circumstances-ending feud for hundreds of years. each races see Earth as a valuable aid and a key battleground in their cosmic struggle. that is actual within the Kree-Skrull war and a number of other key wonder storylines.

    The Kree are dominated by way of a pacesetter referred to as the Supreme Intelligence, a being who's truly little greater than a floating head with well-nigh limitless brainpower. The Supreme Intelligence's will is enforced with the aid of a gaggle of effective warriors/area cops called Accusers. MCU fans already met one of these Accusers, Ronan, in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, and he'll be making a return appearance in Captain surprise. The Kree have additionally been commonly referenced in tv collection like brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Inhumans. The Kree themselves lengthy ago reached genetic stagnation, and a lot of their hobby in Earth stems from a need to harness humanity's genetic abilities to enrich upon the Kree genome.

    The Skrulls, meanwhile, are first-rate for for his or her capability to form-shift and impersonate other creatures (human and animal alike). specialized troopers known as tremendous-Skrulls are even capable of mimicking the superhuman talents of Earth's heroes. as an instance, the long-established super-Skrull wields the powers of all 4 members of the magnificent four. The Skrulls have yet to appear in the MCU, however little question Captain marvel will demonstrate how they've performed a hidden position in movements on the earth over the past a number of decades (if not longer).

    The Mar-Vell/Carol Danvers Dynamic

    in the comics, Carol Danvers gained her superhuman competencies after her DNA became accidentally fused with that of Mar-Vell, pretty much making her half-human, half-Kree. Mar-Vell became her mentor, helping her come to phrases together with her powers and inspiring her to develop into a hero in her personal correct. It become best pretty lately that Carol took up the Captain marvel mantle in the comics (she went through Ms. marvel or Warbird previous to that), but it surely appears as although she'll be the only 1 to elevate that name within the movie.

    or not it's likely a secure wager that the core dynamic between Carol and Mar-Vell will remain mostly unchanged in the film. besides the fact that children, or not it's possible that Carol, who has simplest a small position in the Kree-Skrull struggle storyline, will take the vicinity of 1 or greater characters during this version of the story. within the comedian, Mar-Vell's body become bonded with Rick Jones, a regular Earthling who changed into partly chargeable for the start of the Hulk and assisted the Avengers in their early adventures. the two characters couldn't exist in the same airplane of existence on the identical time, meaning one became trapped in the terrible Zone whereas the different become within the marvel Universe.

    We could see Carol and Mar-Vell sharing an analogous dilemma in the film. whatever thing accident fuses their DNA could also be responsible for keeping Mar-Vell trapped in one other dimension, forcing him to support guide Carol from afar as she fights to avoid two space empires from destroying Earth. Her pleasing genetic structure may additionally get rid of the need for the subplot involving Mar-Vell and Annelle's baby. Ronan and his Kree troopers may additionally goal Earth notably with the intention to find this bizarre new heroine who holds the key to advancing Kree genetics.

    Having Carol and Mar-Vell be physically bonded might additionally clarify Carol's extended absence from the MCU. We recognize that the film takes vicinity more often than not, if no longer absolutely, in the '90s, but we don't know why Captain wonder has been MIA for the closing 10 years' value of motion pictures. might be she's been trapped in a distinct dimension all this time?

    The S.H.I.E.L.D. element

    Captain wonder will function somewhat more youthful models of a number of everyday S.H.I.E.L.D. characters, together with Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. It appears that Carol Danvers may be the primary super-powered hero Fury and his agents stumble upon in the modern age, possible surroundings in action Fury's Avenger Initiative and every thing that adopted.

    besides the fact that children, this probably is rarely the handiest role S.H.I.E.L.D. has to play within the movie. yet another primary subplot from The Kree-Skrull warfare comprises a personality named Senator Warren Craddock, an apprehension-mongering politician who stokes anti-alien paranoia through the creation of the Alien actions commission. it be at last revealed that the real Craddock has been replaced by using a Skrull impostor. or not it's very possible that the movie will discover S.H.I.E.L.D.'s efforts to keep order as Earth's leaders discover the first evidence that humanity isn't alone within the universe. it could actually also be printed that some of these leaders are Skrull impostors secretly paving the style for the leisure of the Skrull Empire to take over the planet.

    wonder might even use this movie as a way to construct towards an adaptation of 2008's Secret Invasion. That crossover constructed on the revelation that a lot of wonder heroes had been changed through Skrulls, resulting in the tagline "Who Do You trust?". most likely the next phase of the MCU will build towards a Secret Invasion-inspired storyline in the same means the first three phases have slowly install Infinity conflict.

    Jesse is a mild-mannered writer for IGN. enable him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by means of following @jschedeen on Twitter, or Kicksplode on MyIGN.

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