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Gracie Hays - In Your Skin #Flyah Review

With roots in the Deep South near New Orleans, Gracie Hays is a folk-pop artist with Jazz and Blues influences, who writes original, authentic music from the heart. Gracie self-produces all of her own work, and is a true entrepreneur in the new music industry.
In her music, she strives to cover topics that commercial pop doesn't address, and is determined to make people truly think when they listen. Singing truth in a world of deception, Gracie looks to inspire and enlighten her listeners. She wants to share these messages with the world, and with you. Gracie would like to invite you to join her on her musical journey and listen to her first album, a four song EP entitled Guidelines, released this past November.
Gracie is currently based out of Boston, MA.

Gracie Hays - In Your Skin #Flyah Review Gracie Hays - In Your Skin #Flyah Review Reviewed by Flyah ENTERTAINMENT on April 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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