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The addictive pop of Me Me Me

The addictive pop of Me Me Me

Atlanta based pop group Me Me Me packs a punch, but does so in the form of  strings, hooks, and excellent songwriting. Their EP (self titled), goes through 5 songs each strung together and woven into a whole almost seamlessly. Each song a part of the next, and each song with the stature to stand on its own. The record is as poppy as it gets in an acoustic sort of way, but most of these tunes are backed up with some titillating strings that just take over and leave you wanting more. In short, Me Me Me leaves you wanting more more more. The EP is a good length and is worthy of hitting repeat a few times at least and this band has come a long way from their humble beginnings. But you can hear the musicianship and quality in this record without trying. A valiant effort from Me Me Me.  

The addictive pop of Me Me Me The addictive pop of Me Me Me Reviewed by Flyah ENTERTAINMENT on March 09, 2020 Rating: 5
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