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Black Friday (born as Jonathan Friday) is an up an coming artist from Eastern NC. Black Friday is a lyrical genius and is ready to take over the industry with his influential-real rhymes. His presence is so dominating you will engage to his music naturally. Work eagerly to put NC on the map, his company 365 ENT has a lot in store for 2014 and beyond.

How did you first decide to do music? It was just something I love to listen to and eventually became something I loved doing

What does it take for you to be inspired for a new song?? Experience observation real situations and just craft

Do you think the industry has changed?? Well to me It seem like it changes every five years or so just different music different sound

Where did you grow up??I was born in the Carolinas I think it gave me a mixture of styles

What have you accomplished so far??Well im completing my first project and can be one the lookout for some visuals to my music other than that im working with a couple djs to hit different markets


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