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Hailing from the U.S. of A, the av8ter has been rapping since early 2004. During the rise of social media, av made a name for himself on the Myspace wave as Corrvet. After the fall of Myspace, he took a break from the world of rap to live life. In 2011 he and fellow rap mate Nvy, made a splash back into the music scene with their first official mixtape release "Level 4". Since then av the av8ter has put out 3 additional mixtapes "WE" being the latest work. The av8ter is currently working on his third solo installment.

Death Chamberz Music Interview of Av the Av8ter
   How did you get your name?
My actual name was suppose to be av but there were other people named that, so I was trying to think of something to add on that actually meant something. So I thought of the av8ter, it represents where I want to take it, much higher. Av the av8ter stuck surprisingly. 
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