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Hakim Rush, a.k.a. Revolution, was raised in West Philadelphia where the potential of many young men is constantly stunted due to bad decisions and lack of proper guidance. Within his own family and surrounding community, Revolution witnessed the destructive effects of drugs, alcohol, crime, and violence. As Revolution grew into a young man he himself experimented with some of these same destructive elements, but by the grace of God did not continue in the way he'd seen so many friends and family follow. Known by neighborhood peers for basketball and rap talent, some do not know that Revolution has received a Bachelors degree from North Philadelphia's Temple University. Revolution would like to end the stereotype which says rappers cannot be educated, or educate others in some way. He would like to inspire others to uplift and encourage through the medium of music, other creative arts, and simply through cultivating relationships. Please keep Revolution in your prayers as he attempts to be an example to men and women alike, as a powerful voice to all who listen to his music.


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