Kat Pace #FLYAH


Kat was raised outside of Philadelphia and fell in love with music and theatre at a very young age. When Kat was 4 she performed an incredible cover of BaBaBlack Sheep that brought the house down. In addition to doing inspiring covers she began writing her first songs at around 5 and, silly as they may have been, they lit the first real fire of passion for music for Kat.

Kat started studying voice and piano at 12, she began performing at 14 when she was in her first play: The Stingiest Man in Town. Her fascination with entertainment grew throughout high school as she continued to perform and study singing. Kat’s thirst for creativity was not quenched by performance alone and she started composing music at the age of 15.  She started a band with friends shortly afterward and even though they were just rocking out in a living room, Kat always treated it like a sold out rock concert. When the band won second place in a battle of the bands at 16 she knew she had to keep writing and performing music. She soon realized that this was more than just a hobby and decided to make it a career while attending the University of Maryland to study Theatre Performance.

After graduating from University of Maryland in 2012 Kat moved to New York to pursue her music career. Since her move, she began writing for her first EP, which she recorded in Nashville. Her Survivor EP was recently released on iTunes. Since her EP was released Kat has continued writing, performing and having the time of her life while getting ready to record a full album!

Hella Donna feat. None like Joshua (NLJ) #FLYAH


Hella Donna (means: “Hell, what a woman”) is a Saxony (Germany) based pop project and stands for expressive modern pop - a powerful mix of groovy pop songs, rock tracks with electro-, house- and RnB-elements as well as emotional and soulful ballads.

Hella Donna was founded in 2003 by guitarist Sven Hessel from Plauen/Vogtland. Currently, the group is represented by the charismatic Anika Karabas (Vocals, Since 2011 successor to the former frontwoman Cindy Leißner) and her four fellow musicians Sven Hessel (Guitar), René Voigt (Bass), Lars Henrik Lincke (Keys) and Christian Scherff (Drums, Backing vocals).
The first successes, first publications, first concerts
The original cover band Hella Donna had arranged within the shortest possible time to get plenty of attention on their own songs. The tracks take very quickly their place in the regional, national and even international web and radio charts.
In 2005, the band released the debut single "Hometown Radio", which was heard on numerous radio frequencies (like Vogtland Radio, R.SA, Bayern3, Radio Zwickau, Radio Zusa, Radio NRW). The debut album "Come on" followed in April 2007 with a total of three singles ("Give me some time", "Star Stalker" and "Come On"). In cooperation with the Bavarian film company Dreamfilms an elaborate music video has been produced, which was a promo clip for the planed same name movie "Starstalker". Invitations to various radio shows and television shows (like FAB-Berlin, VRF, Antenne Thüringen, TV Zwickau, Landeswelle Thuringia, Vogtland Radio) as well as numerous live performances throughout Germany enthused the audience.
First career peak in autumn 2007: During her headlining club tour Hella Donna played in 16 German cities (including Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne and Nuremberg) and was also at the Wood Pop and the Summer Summit Festival on stage.
Baby break of the front woman = Hiatus for the whole band
The maternity leave of front singer Cindy Leißner was used by the band as a a real creative break. With new ideas and much enthusiasm Hella Donna returned in 2009 and presented their fans in July the second album "Different Faces". The first single "Only You" was previously published in May and promoted in the Pro7 TV show "Germany's next Show Stars". "Only You" climbed to number one in the "Official Webcharts" and was played by over 70 radio stations (including JUMP , Radio BOB , rock radio).
The band was also with over 30 live shows again very present in 2009. The highlights were the “Jump Community Party” in Ferropolis and the “Splash Diving World Cup” in Essen.
In January 2010, Hella Donna published with "Good Things" another single from the second album.
Break up and a new beginning
After the live season 2010, the members of Hella Donna broke up to focus on other music projects. But as early as the spring of 2011 René Voigt and Sven Hessel decided to rebuild the band.
By 2012, Hella Donna was back again - with new front woman, new program, new musical orientation and a new show concept. Also a new album and first live performances would not take long to wait for. "Groove On", the now third longplayer by Hella Donna, includes a total of 14 ballades, pop and rock songs. It was published in September 2012. The first single "Perfect" came out before, including the bonus track "Block by Block", a Hella Donna homage to the cult computer game "Minecraft". The accompanying video has already more than 280,000 views on YouTube. The second single was followed in October 2012: "Not the Cure". A song in cooperation with Grammy-Award winner Philip Larsen (also remixer for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more) was produced and nominated before the publication for the "Hollywood Music in Media Awards”. The team around Anika Karabas is the first German band that was nominated for this American Music Award in 2012. In addition, the song reached top rankings in several dance and radio charts. So it was not surprising that the music video with a focus on the impressive front woman Anika Karabas was from the beginning of great interest. It was followed by airplays on many TV stations (A- rotation IM1 and MTV Music24). Also at the German Rock and Pop Award in 2012 and 2013 Hella Donna was one of the big winners. After 6 nominations in two years there were three initial placings for "Not the Cure" as “Single of the Year in 2013” and for "Groove on": "Best Producer of 2012" and "Best Cover 2012". Also: Nominations for the LSFM Newcomer Award 2012, winning the Bubble Beat Awards (Best Newcomer) of the Dude magazine and the BMT Award “Video of the Year 2013”

In addition to numerous television appearances (Pro7, TV.Berlin, RNF.TV, IM1, BubblegumTV, NachtfahrtTV, YagalooTV, FAB, FAN) and video airplay (MTV Music 24, IM1, McDonalds Instore.TV, Putpat.TV, tape.tv, QTom, StreetclipTV) enthused Hella Donna her fans in the last year live in Germany - Anika and the band grooved at numerous major events and concerts. Further successes on the World Wide Web: 500,000 Views in YouTube channel and over 18,800 fans on Facebook - and rising.

Another highlight in April 2014 was a tour through Germany, Switzerland and Poland as the support of the British Led Zeppelin tribute band Letz Zep. Especially Anika and her boys were also excited to cooperation with the New European Westling League (N.E.W. ) for a new anthem produced by Hella Donna.
Future plans, tragets and visions
For 2014, the publication of the single "Gimme - Light, Camera & Action" (May 2014), a collaboration with U.S. indie rapper and YouTube Star None Like Joshua as well as the release of th fourth studio album "Unbreakable" (June 2014) is planned.
In addition, Anika Karabas and her four band mates look forward to numerous festival and club shows throughout Germany!

The glamorous world of Hollywood : stars, starlets and award ceremonies. An exhilarating experience that carries a harsh competitive market behind its shimmering facade. For her new single "Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" , the band from Plauen (Germany) Hella Donna has brought strong support on board with the U.S. indie rapper None like Joshua. The result is an energetic song that examinates with a twinkle in his eye the dazzling world of show business and possesses all the preconditions for the next summer hit .
Like its predecessors singles "Not The Cure" and "Pictures In The Box" comes "Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" in several remix variations. In addition to the radio version there is a club mix of PITCHEDsenses who already grabbed Hella Donna's last Maxi in a club-grade garment. Producer Philip Larson (Grammy winner and remixer of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and many more) provides three interpretations: a radio edit, club mix and an instrumental dub mix. Thus, the newest song by Hella Donna will also soon be a perennial favorite on all dance floors.
Front woman Anika gets active amplification by the word acrobat None like Joshua on this single. The American came to prominence as a rapper and producer already with some releases on the internet. Particularly well known are his tracks, which he dedicates to popular video games like Zelda or Tetris. In his music, he is breaking new ground and relies on beats from the EDM area such as Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop or Neuro-Hop.
"Gimme - Lights, Camera, Action" is a harbinger of the fourth studio album by the five musicians appearing at the June 27th 2014. The single will be released digital at May 23th 2014 and is distributed through Feiyr. After the success of the music video for "Not The Cure" there will be also a high-quality clip for the new single, that Celebrates his premiere on May 16th May.


NickyWill (Nick Hargarther) is a suburban rapper/Pop artist from Rochester, New York, currently based
in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teenager, he began artfully crafting a unique style of lyrical flow to
accommodate his in-your-face delivery, drawing inspiration predominantly from the likes of mainstream
performers such as Eminem, Asher Roth and Ludacris. NickyWill’s first album, self titled, was released
independently, having been written and produced completely by NickyWill himself. The project was
well received by local critics, prompting NickyWill to immediately begin work on the 2010 release of his
second full length album, “On A Mission”. Utilizing the exposure opportunities of social networks such
as Facebook and Twitter, the album’s breakout single, holding the same name, gained recognition from
top promoters in Upstate New York, offering NickyWill various opportunities to perform alongside top
touring industry acts such as The Cataracs, Maino, Donnie Klang, MC Lars and Hoodie Allen.

After taking some time in 2011 to perform and promote himself as an artist within the underground rap
scene, NickyWill began constructing his most recent project, the “Write Around The Block” mixtape.
Wanting to make a true impact on the hip-hop community, NickyWill wrote and produced the album to
take influence from the roots of jazz, folk rock and blues, blending it with the contemporary sounds of
today’s rap. With the mixtape’s digital release in summer of 2012, NickyWill was praised equally for his
matured sound and the creativity of the instrumentals by a variety of critics in producers, DJs, artists and
most importantly, his fans.

Having successfully generated an underground buzz for his work, NickyWill has since begun to gauge the
interest of recognized talent management companies, agents and producers. Taking advantage of the
opportunity in fall of 2012, NickyWill moved to a larger market in Atlanta, Georgia, working closely with
top artist developers and Producer Brad Cox who is helping to ensure his upcoming breakout into the national spotlight.

Dynamic DUO(Go10 & T-Jilla)


Go10, born Shag Travon Taylor on January 16, 1985, is the son of Shag Taylor Sr., His father was a very business minded individual owning his own clothing stores in the late 90's to 2000. Go10 says, he pick up a lot of business sense from him which allowed him to carry it over to the things he does today. At age 18 he started making hip hop music and join Common Threat, most of the members still keep in touch but had stop making music. So he then went on to start FNS Music Group which make-up members: Go10, T-JILLA, Trell, War Bayah, Steve, DaoWay, Mark Gee and Dragon. "Fluent Harmonics," which is going to be a NEW released from Dynamik Duo this year. Go10 says me and T-JILLA pick beats that reflect a deep feel. This is Go10 first appearance on record as a member of the group Dynamik Duo with T-JILLA."
T-JILLA, born Anthony Moore on September 10, 1979, is the son of John Moore, and comes From a Hard Working family. At age ten he started playing music and getting in music bands, "Fluent Harmonics," which is a NEW released from Dynamik Duo this year has a nice mixture of top QUALITY Beats so to all you MC's out there check it out. T-Jilla says the beats on the Instrumental album gives the feel for our depiction of OUR life the joys and the deepness of thoughts. This is T-Jilla first appearance on record as a member of the group Dynamik Duo with Go10."

Go10 and T-Jilla represents FNS Music Group, the F.N.S. if you was wondering stands for Fight Never Surrender and that's what they believe in when it comes to making music, but they follow that meaning mostly in LIFE.
Music is very important to them, Go10 says: "It feels like I create a new world with every new instrumental made, music I feel has always been a great form of creation."
T-jilla and Go10 have been involved in the production of music for some time now. They highly respect and give There full support to those that also feel the same about the creation of music.
the music that they showcase on here, the FNS Music Group website and SoundCloud are instrumentals that is produced 100% by Go10 and T-Jilla of Dynamik Duo. So If you find a liking to There MUSIC they first would like to THANK YOU for your support and also will make effort to check you out and give you Their feedback and support on projects that you have, comments or reviews.


Ben Torres



Teen Prodigy Guitarist Ben Torres Poised For Stardom

15 Year Old Elite Musician Takes 2nd Place in National HDNet Video Contest

Young Florida guitar prodigy Ben Torres’s YouTube video cover performance of the Rascal Flatts song ‘Banjo’, a collaboration with rising star Camryn Wessner, was selected by Honky Tonk TV to compete in a contest to appear on HDNet. Ben’s video came in 2nd place.
The selection by Honky Tonk TV came as a pleasant surprise to both Ben and his collaborator, Camryn Wessner. “We really weren’t expecting this kind of recognition from this video at all” explained Torres. “We made it for our fans and to explore our collaboration possibilities. We couldn’t be happier and are incredibly honored to have been selected by Honky Tonk TV to compete in the HDNet contest”.
Ben is 15 years old and was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben’s interest in music began at an early age. He acquired his first guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, when he was 9 years old. He has played with non-stop ambition ever since.
In his young musical life, Ben has studied guitar for five years with Sean McWilliams, Mike Walker and Ryan Phillips. He’s also had one and a half years of vocal studies under renowned vocal coach Manny Lujan (Linda Ronstadt, Vikki Carr, Patty Duke, Christina Aguilera, George Lopez, Mariachi Cobre). Recently Ben has been working with Christine Andrus (Atlantic Records, Word Records, Broadway, Disney Studios, Universal Studios) for voice and performance coaching. For the last few years young Torres has attended week-long Rock and Roll Camps at Valencia College in Orlando. He has also attended the Avalon School of Music’s Advanced Guitar Shredding classes and has had five years of study in advanced theory, songwriting and techniques.
Torres recently completed his first EP ‘Holding On To Now’, a collection of five original songs produced by the acclaimed producer Billy Chapin (Don Henley, Sister Hazel, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Aretha Franklin, John Cougar Mellencamp, Stevie Nicks).
You can hear Ben’s blazing instrumental single ‘Catch Me If You Can’ now on Twitmusic: http://twitmusic.com/songs/i0zsl

BEN TORRES is 16 years old and was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben’s interest in music began at an early age. He acquired his first guitar (Fender Stratocaster) when he was 9 years old and has played with non-stop ambition ever since.
In his young musical life, he has studied guitar for 5 years with Sean McWilliams, Mike Walker and Ryan Phillips and 1 1/2 years of vocal studies with the world-renowned Manny Lujan. For the last few years he has attended the week-long Rock and Roll Camps at Valencia College in Orlando. He has attended the Avalon School of Music’s Advanced Guitar Shredding classes and has had five years of advanced theory, songwriting and techniques. He has also performed the role of “Rooster” in “Annie” with the Musical Theater Club in Bridgewater Middle School and has played numerous guitar recitals in the last few years.
One of Ben’s goals is to become a really well known musical artist who is familiar to every household. Ben’s musical talents will grow tremendously due to his consistent practice and love for rock. His desire and dream to play on stage in front of thousands grows stronger every day. His favorite artists are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Journey, Incubus, Radiohead, 311, System Of A Down, and Green Day.
Ben is attending high school as a 10th grader this year.


Holiman y Ube


Holiman y Ube is a Latin-Urban music duo from Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 2012. The focus of the duo is to mix authentic Latin American music with today's world trends like Hip Hop, House and Dubstep providing the listener not only with music to dance to, but also music to listen to. We love writing about partying and having a good time, but when we write love songs the lyrics are deep and meaningful engaging the listener's attention. Now let us introduce ourselves individually.
Holiman (Yusnier García) was born in La Isla De La Juventud, Cuba; as a kid he used to love painting and coloring but it was at only 10 years of age that he discovered his love for music and poetry in general, which developed him in the rapper and lyricist he is today. He arrived to US in the year 2000 and quickly began working on music until he started frequenting a church. That's where he met Ube and then both started making Latin Gospel music and also a Secular Album. Besides being a great MC Rapper Holiman is also a producer, composer and lyricist.
Ube (Ubelio Fernandez-Tabet) was born in Las Tunas, Cuba; since he was a little boy he was the main entertainment attraction of his block and childhood neighborhood, everybody wondered how could a little kid sing in tune and know all of these romantic songs by heart . Turning 13 he picked up the guitar and discovered his passsion and love for music. As he arrived to the US and started playing at churches leading worship he met Holiman and started working on a Latin Gospel project and a Secular project as mentioned before. Besides being a musician with knowledge of various instruments, Ube is also a composer, producer, and is studying Opera, Jazz Voice, Sound Engineering and Photography and Video on his own time.
All Glory be to God

For more information contact
Ubelio A Fernandez-Tabet
1417 E Reno Ave Unit D, Las Vegas NV, 89119
03/27/14 Las Vegas, NV
Holiman y Ube is a Latin-Urban music duo from Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 2012. The focus of the duo is to mix authentica Latin American music with today's world trends like Hip Hop, House and Dubstep providing the listener not only with music to dance to, but also music to listen to.
Holiman's actual name is Yusnier García, he is the duo's MC Rapper well know for his creativity and his rhymes when writing songs and rapping, also for his ideas as a video writer. Ube is the duo's singing voice; he is well known for his voice and writing abilities, as well as the vast knowledge on audio and video equipment.
Holiman y Ube just released their single Quiero Saber Que Me Amas, which will be featured on their upcoming album Siguiendo El Camino, the songs is a fusion of Merengue with Ballenato and Reggaeton, is fresh and the lyrics talk about love and the mistakes a man commits in a relationship. The music video is being filmed and will also be out soon for everyone's enjoyment. The duo's music is available on itunes, youtube, amazon and all the major online stores as well as the duo's reverbnation profile and social netwrok pages. The album Siguiendo El Camino will be released in the summer of 2014 and promises to bring the heat of the summer everywhere their music is played. Quiero Saber Que Me Amas and Siguiendo El Camino in general is fresh music that covers a vast field of emotions, from love to break ups and parties. Whoever listens to it will be able to find a song or more than one that they can attach to and make their favourite, the album and Quiero Saber Que Me Amas will be available on itunes and all other social networks and online stores as well as in the duo's official website.
Holiman y Ube have a special sound that can be compared to a mixture of popular Latin Urban artists and world icons Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, as well as Chino y Nacho; the duo mixes all the current trends and tends to put a twist to them in their songs. To know a little bit more about Holiman y Ube and their jurney through music here is all the info.
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