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Mic Benjammin is #Flyah


Mic Benjammin is a major musician who has just established him self as a worldwide icon, who will 
be recognized for his skills in producing, engineering, writing, and making all round grate music. Mic Benjammin has been making music now for the last 8 years professionally he only uses systems like protools/FL Stuidos for high quality sound. Mic Benjammin has also been rapping since he was in 4th grade. "A true legend in the making" So join us at Mic Benjammin Music. Established Ent. In the search for the massive audience Mic Benjammin's music so rightfully deserves. Plus get your free copy of Mic Benjammin's exclusive gift/album called Uneducated Vol.1 Only available at ....Thank you for considering this message; we are hoping to inspire that through dedication and hard work anything is possible. 



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