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Zo ILLY is #Flyah

Zo Illy - Artist Bio
Zo Illy - "No F's Given"
Zo Illy began his journey in music at the age of 15. In 2006, he collaborated with an old childhood friend and they soon formed a duo called “Da Kuntry Boyz.” They released a single called “Stayin’ On My Grind” which lead to them opening for artists such as, B.o.B, J.T. Money, Cash Camp, etc.
Two years later, he pursued his solo career and changed his stage name to Zo Illy, formerly, Yung Zo Da Boss Kid. Since branching out on his own, Zo Illy continued to record songs and find himself. Eventually, he recorded two singles that he started in push in 2012 entitled “I Love My DJ” and “She Tatted.” Ever since the beginning of his music career, Zo Illy managed to stay motivated, ambitious, and determined to break into the music industry.
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Zo Illy Earns Straight A’s in “No F’s Given”
You already know Zo Illy ‘loves his DJ’ - but now he has deejays loving him back! With his latest release, he’s getting high grades and leaving the charts ablaze.
“This is a hot song that is going into Bounceout Radio’s rotation.” – The Legendary DJ Erv
(BAXLEY, GEORGIA) August 23rd, 2014 – You can forget about going back to that same ‘old-school.’ You’re in the ‘new-school’ now, and Zo Illy’s your ‘professor of prose.’ You're in a classroom built for bangers. His ‘teaching assistant,’ Fayro Gold will lend a hand as well... In this semester, there’s “No F’s Given” as Zo Illy’s latest drop earns all A’s and tears up the charts, earning him a newfound respect.
Zo Illy - "No F's Given"“My creative goal has always been to create a sound of longevity; one which not easily duplicated,” offers Zo Illy. He’s has been proving that as far back as 2006, when he opened for such artists such as B.o.B., J.T. Money and Cash Camp- all as part of Da Kuntry Boyz duo.
However, now as “Zo Illy,” his focus and success are reaping him a wider scope of focus from DJs and radio program directors - both in the US and Canada. “It’s a thrill and honor to be in radio rotation,” adds Zo Illy. He continues, “Especially to be interviewed and to hear my work on stations such as FOXIE 105-FM.”
Zo Illy’s past successes in 2012 with “I Love My DJ” and “She Tatted” were one thing, but “No F’s Given” takes him to a whole new apex. Released earlier in 2014, “No F’s Given” ascended quickly in the charts, reaching as high as #33 in the Top 50 Independent Charts via Digital Radio Tracker. The track made its debut at #28 at the ZipDJ Canadian Urban Charts in June of 2014.
With an attitude and angst mixed with hard-core spits, “No F’S Given” displays Zo Illy’s uncanny ability to set himself apart from other rap and hip-hop artists. “I feel like I’m in a league of my own, and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way,” explains Zo Illy. He continues, “It’s just that I feel that my material is creatively unique.” While Zo Illy may say he gives no F’s, don’t think for a second he is that way with his musical craft … for Zo Illy, it’s about perfection – whether in production or performance – or at the head of his hip-hop class, with “No F’s Given” – it’s about getting straight A’s.


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