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PtheG is #Flyah


With success ranging from radio play, thousands of downloads, internet fame and a local celebrity PtheG is doing fine. Born on the west-side of Fresno Ca. where a life of crime is all that is expected, he took a different route. Prior to 2006 PtheG had no interest in music or any musical training. What started off as a poem for an English class, transformed into a movement. In 2006 he dropped his first mix-tape "Flo's From The No" which was recorded using an inexpensive computer mic, included a track "Gspit" which would be featured on MTV2's Sucker Freestyles. Since then he has dropped numerous mix-tapes, and done shows as well. All of this success was due to his own music! No manager, no promoter, no record deal. PtheG hopes to one day get signed to a major label so he can take the next step with his music and talents. He knows that he is no where near his peak, and with the success he seen so far, he will be a force to reckon with when he does. Currently he is working on a album "And Then There Was P" which is scheduled to be on iTunes by this fall. The first single "Clubbin" is doing great receiving radio play as well as spins at local parties and clubs. PtheG hopes to gain commercial success for the first time with this new album and to do shows if not a complete tour to promote and sale the album. Please contact Princeton Mayberry at: if interested in booking him for shows or events. DJs please hit him up if you want radio versions of his songs FREE as well as drops and voice overs... 


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