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Rik Billz is #Flyah

Ricardo Billings a.k.a Rik Billz a Detroit, Michigan native known 
for his MOTIVATING, AMPED UP, and BANGING word playing 
rap lyrics always leaves a lasting impression on his listeners. 
Originally a top rated high school basketball recruit out of 
Detroit and runner up for Michigan’s Mr. Basketball, in 2006 
Billings attended Ohio State University on a full ride scholarship 
as one of the nation’s top rated recruits. During his time at 
Ohio State, Billings found his passion for writing rap lyrics and 
spending a few hours on and off in the universities recording 
studios making songs for his team’s pregame warm up routines. 
After a catastrophic and sudden knee injury that almost ended 
his career in his sophomore year, Ricardo transferred to 
Oakland University for a new start in basketball and to finish 
college. After graduating, Ricardo determined that his next 
move would be to work as a youth officer where he currently 
helps Detroit’s troubled youth. 
In the mist of earning an honest living, Billings is now picking up 
where he left off in his love for writing music. With his stage 
name of “RIK BILLZ”, he has teamed up with TrakWave 
Entertainment and is now putting the hard work and dedication 
to seeing his dream come true of someday becoming a premier 
rap artist.


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