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T-360 is #Flyah


Many dreams are never realized but T-360 has always had an interest with entertainment. His fascination with entertainment helped fuel his desire to be involved in the business. He first started by owning and operating a nightclub while attending college. Through his experiences as a nightclub operator, T-360 developed a specific love for the music industry. This realization eventually led him to intern at Island Def Jam.

His experiences at Island Def Jam opened his eyes to both sides of the music industry. He was able to witness an up front and behind the scenes look at the business as a whole. After Island Def Jam, T-360 managed his own hip hop artist. During his management era he met a music industry veteran.

This individual simply known by his peers as “The Coach” would later on help initiate an unlikely chain of events that would reshape T360’s career path. These unlikely events propelled T360 from behind the scenes to becoming a recording artist. A dream he thought he would never realize.

T-360 music is based in the club genre and the new release entitled “Pushy Mama” is a realistic and comical look at high maintenance women and their lifestyles. The song was written and produced by “The Coach” and mastered by legendary senior mastering engineer Tom Coyne of Sterling Sound in New York City.

Sterling Sound’s Tom Coyne has worked on Grammy award winning albums for artists such as Beyonce, Usher and most recently multi Grammy winning album 21 by Adele. In his critique for the Pushy Mama track, he said that it had, “One of the greatest hooks of all time.” T-360 recently wrapped shooting for The Pushy Mama music video. The video is available on, youtube and vimeo.

Tom Coyne mastered T-360’s latest single, “The Future.” This track is dance/pop fusion. The track is remedy for today’s stresses. It creates a contagious atmospheric euphoria and according to the Coach, the track has a feel good vibe.

T-360 was in the March issue of 5magazine, a house/club publication based in Chicago. In addition he has been interviewed by internet media such as the global Skope Magazine and Gemricoradio. The T-360 Music team had the opportunity to perform June 30th at New York's Coney Island. This event showcased their single "Pushy Mama Remix" which was released by David Dance Records in Europe June 28th, 2012. They performed for the 86th Anniversary of the historic Cyclone roller coaster, hosted by the VH1's Mob Wives.

You can experience the T-360 movement at