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THE SAZERAC SWINGERS Live Jazz and Entertainment Within no time, THE SAZERAC SWINGERS from Germany have established themselves as one of the leading European bands who play contemporary modern New Orleans Jazz the way it is really played in its birthplace today. What the band calls “Live Jazz and Entertainment” is in fact a blend of Swing, Calypso, Second Line Music, and Trad Jazz presented with great humor and raw energy. Named after the City of New Orleans’ official drink, the Sazerac, established in 1804, the band just turns every show into an unforgettable party. In 2013, THE SAZERAC SWINGERS released their debut album “Three Guys Named Louis” on Schubert Records. Overwhelming reviews in several European music magazines proved that it was worthwhile producing an album that only featured songs that had been popularized by the three great Louis’; that’s Armstrong, Jordan, and Prima. In the last two years, the “Sazeracs” have toured Western Europe and the USA. They supported Dutch saxophone queen Candy Dulfer, and regularly perform with African star trumpeter Terrence Ngassa and New Orleans legend Kermit Ruffins. Headlining renowned German Jazz festivals such as Jazzfest Gronau, “VS Swingt,” and the “Hamburg Jazztrain,” they joined the company of artists like Ron Carter, Till Brönner, and Avishai Cohen on the billboards. In October of 2014, THE SAZERAC SWINGERS played a two-week European tour featuring New Orleans rising star and Grammy Award nominee Glen David Andrews on vocals and trombone. They are currently working on a live album recorded on that tour. On 16 January 2015, THE SAZERAC SWINGERS, are going to release their second album, entitled “It’s Never too Late for a Happy Childhood.” The album contains a number of original compositions, some of them co-written and co-performed by Fredy Omar, the “Latin King of New Orleans,” who also contributed a new version of his signature song “La Vampirita,” from the HBO series “Treme.” There are further outstanding guest appearances by Terrence Ngassa, Austrian Swing pianist Frank Johnny Schütten, New Orleans multiinstrumentalist Ralph Gipson, and violin virtuoso Resul Barini. In March, the band will shoot a video clip for their original “Alligator in My Garden Shed,” starring the official “German Queen of Burlesque” Marlene von Steenvag. The Band: Max “Guitar Love” Oestersötebier: Lead Vocals, Guitar Roger Clarke-Johnson: Bass Uli Twelker: Drums Christian Altehülshorst: Trumpet Tobias Link: Trombone David P. Schweikard: Tenor Sax, Clarinet