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Atlantica Vox is #Flyah


Atlantica Vox is the working name of Kyle Fiske, a recording artist based in Rockport, Massachusetts. The music is modern retro-wave, with roots in late '70's, early '80s postpunk and new wave music, with some reggae, ska, folk and electronica influences mixed in as well. Kyle composes the songs and plays all the instruments, and he arranges, records and produces it himself. While the DIY, low-budget approach has its own limitations, it also allows for a great deal of creative freedom.  Kyle has been playing and writing for many years, and in 2005 finally decided to focus his output under a band name:  Atlantica Vox.
His first full-length CD, "The Phantom Town Demos", was released in the summer of 2008, and the second CD, "Lights and Rare Things" in early 2013. Atlantica Vox has also been releasing stand-alone singles every couple of months for the last year.  Collaborating with director Daniel Andrews, an artistic, black and white 20 minute short film was made in the summer of 2013, which incorporated a number of Atlantica Vox songs from "Lights and Rare Things".  Four separate music videos also resulted from this project.

Atlantica Vox
Kyle Fiske
172 Granite St.
Rockport, MA   01966  USA
For immediate release
"These guys have two things going for them:  solid songwriting, and their own distinct sound."---Editor's Picks,
Steeped in the post-punk and new wave music of the late 70's and early 80's, Atlantica Vox is the solo output of Kyle Fiske.  From the hinterlands of rural northern New York to the seaside towns of the north shore of Massachusetts, Atlantica Vox songs offer offbeat tales of love, loss, strange towns and flawed heroes;  A heady mix of Bowie, Dylan, The Cars,  and Ultravox.
"The result is a very varied work, which has its home somewhere between Wave Rock , Singer / Songwriter, Folk and alternative. As a first comparison The Cars came to mind , which celebrated the beginning of the 80 achievements and voice (accent ) by Kyle is not dissimilar from Ric Okasek me......Atlantica Vox offers a varied work which does not care about genre boundaries. Overall, it is possible to create a harmonious overall construct whose determining characteristics     (acoustic , electric guitar , subtle electronics , dub , clear , brushed vocals) penetrates in great detail in the songs . Perfecting the good overall impression delivers the soulful dealing with seductive melody lines whose subtlety is evident at all times."---Andreas, Amboss Magazine (translated from original German).
Atlantica Vox released the full-length album "The Phantom Town Demos" in 2008, and "Lights and Rare Things" in 2013;  singles such as "Getaway Plan" and "Gold New Fall Sky" are also released from time to time.  
Atlantica Vox CDs and digital downloads are available at CDBaby, iTunes, Bandcamp, and other online retailers.  More information is available at the official website: .
Press contact:  Kyle Fiske, at   or 978-546-2914


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