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Bonesstyle is #Flyah


Born known as Michael Wanamaker on 12-6-1985,In Panama City Fla. Bonesstyle Nation is the purest form of talent in the music industry today. Bonesstyle first discovered his love for music by singing in his church choir as an adolescent In Albuquerque New Mexico where he was rasied. He also had a love for the streets with his earliest encounter being at age nine. At age 18 Bonesstyle got into an altercation that resulted in a 7 year sentence in prison. He was released from prison on November 23, 2011. A year and a half later he moves to Topeka Kansas, leaving the streets behind him and focusing on Hip Hop. Creating music composed of heart felt real life experiences , romance , & fun, there is no “Target Market” when it comes to Bonesstyle. He doesn’t focus on making his music primarily surrounding money , cars and women as Hip Hop typically does today, rather he makes music that various audiences can relate to. That alone makes him rare. Far from being an “average” or “typical” artist, Bonesstyle often takes a “ no pen” approach to his creations as well, thus showing that he can make music “ off the top “, a trait that makes his listeners enjoy his music that much more. He couldn’t do it all alone though. Nana Yaw AKA Dat Boy El , is not only Bonesstyle’s brother & lifelong friend, but his producer as well. There is no comparison with this vivacious, creative, and unique musical dream team. Together these two went to one of the biggest musical conferences in the country in 2014, that being, South by Southwest (SXSW)which is a set of film, interactive, and music festivals that take place early each year in mid-March in Austin, Texas. While at SXSW Bonesstyle performs with “ Lyph of the Party “ Media, & shoots his first music video to a fan favorite song “ Hell Has To Wait” which was Produced by of course, the talented Nana Yaw, & shot and Edited by Visual Gods. SXSW is only the beginning of Bonesstyle’s musical accomplishments. Amongst SXSW Bonesstyle has opened for major label recording artist Lil’ Flip, and was selected out of 100’s for the “Made Men Tour” amongst many other things. Needless to say the endlessly talented Bonesstyle is the future face of Hip Hop. His love , passion , determination and ambition towards creating music is endless. With fans across country this is indeed a “Bonesstyle NATION”, his music will be spoken about for generations to come, so stay seated , this is only the beginning. To listen to the creative works of Bonesstyle, please visit one of the following websites. THANK YOU!! 

Dec. 28, 2014 - LOS ANGELES -- It's not all the time you come across an artist with talent that can change the very essence of music but if you hear the name BonesStyle then stop and pay attention to this young man and what he says, Explosive Music Group has done just that, thats why we have decided to work with him and his managment team. "Taking a artist that the world should hear and putting him infront of the world to hear is what we aim to do with him" says Kenneth Williams one of the label directors. "We have started developing a plan that would paint a perfect picture of pure art here" Says Tony Whitehead the new head of marketing for the label. To find more out about him and to lisetne to his music search google for Bonesstyle. For booking you can contact Monica Clark and he can connect you to the management for bonesstye. We are looking forward to the new year starting with this artist as we feel that with the right guidance he can bring the right impact on the indursty. 


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