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Jeff Kenny is #FLYAH


With the release of Integrity Is What An Honest Living Pays, Jeff Kenny brings a classic genre to a new platform utilizing indie rock attitude and classic rock songwriting to create a new set of songs that hit home.

The full length album covers elements of roots rock, folk, and even hard rock without going far from its roots. Each song telling a story or painting a picture of times past, and each song seamlessly connecting with one another as the record plays on. From personal experiences, to social commentary on today's world, to really take the journey, listening to the album in its entirety is needed.

The first single "License Plate"  is an instant classic that grows and builds as it goes and leaves you with a fresh almost freeing feeling. Jeff uses his signature style of songwriting by working with acoustic and electric guitar sections through out the song to keep organic and open feel.

"These are tell tale signs of somebody who is a long way from home, and wondering why, thinking of the possible scenarios.  The narrator thinking back to when he was in the same shoes as the character in the song." explains Jeff of the single.

Jeff Kenny is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist thats been playing as a solo act since 1995. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario Canada, he later relocated to Vancouver in early 2004 where he recorded his first EP "Promised Land Blues". As he continued writing, he released Deep In The West in 2009, followed by High Lonesome in 2012. All leading up his latest 2015 release Integrity Is What An Honest Living Pays.

Jeff is also a student of esteemed songwriter Steve Earle.  As the songwriter says,  "My mission is to keep traditional forms of music alive, with songwriting elevated to a higher level as an artform"

Getting the kind of sound Jeff gets on this album was not easy either. It seems there are a few rules he uses for creating songs like these. "Traditional style song structure, picturesque visual lyrical detail, vintage guitars" says Jeff of his guide lines.

Rules we should all live by perhaps.

Integrity Is What An Honest Living Pays is available for purchase and download on digital platforms.

You can hear and learn more of Jeff Kenny by visiting:


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