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Nate’$avage is #Flyah


Nate’$avage 17, A rising Independent hip hop artist hails from Dallas TX. Living in the St.Louis area. Within his first official year in the game, he has released his first mixtape “Personal Vibes” that debut 3.14.14. Personal vibes is a lead up to his first album which will begin to tell his story of his life. Nate’$avage’s singles, Bad Habits has been release and is also on VEVO. You can watch the Bad Habits video here. His brand new Indie slapping single “Payback” has a mixture feeling of being in your face from a lyrical stand point. Payback is planned on being released mid September including the music visual.

For immediate release

BIGRED Entertainment Group, Office
636-856-1580, Mobile

BIGRED Entertainment Group’s Nate’$avage releases new single

Independent rapper’s debut album “Disruption” to be released in May

ST. LOUIS, MO. – February xx, 2015 -  “No days off,” is rapper Nate’$avage’s response when asked how he’s managed to quickly become a fixture on the Hip Hop scene. Just 18 years old and completing only his first full year in the business, Nate’$avage believes that hard work
and sacrifice are the
best way to the top.

Nate’$avage’s debut album, “Disruption,” is set to drop
on May
15, and “Never Fall Off,” the first single from the album is scheduled for release
March 13.  With a tough lyrical style and raw production, Nate’$avage backs his bravado with real talent.

The Dallas native has been eager to tell his own story since first showing up on the Hip Hop scene. He released “Personal Vibes,” his first mix tape about a year ago as a lead up to his first album.

“I began rapping at the age of 15 on the streets of Houston,” Nate’$avage says. “By the time I was 17 I was ready and serious. I moved to St. Louis where my troubles helped me understand that I had to deal with my issues through my rapping talent and not in the street. ‘Never Fall Off’ is about Nate’$avage learning from past mistakes and not repeating them.”

Both “Never Fall Off” and “Disruption” feature old school production mixed with new school high energy. According to Nate’$avage, the single sets the overall tone for the upcoming album.

“It was produced to make fans sit up and listen and let them know Nate$avage is here to stay,” he says. “I’m not a one-hit wonder. I’m staying on the path to success.”

Tour plans for Nate’$avage include shows in St. Louis, Houston
, Memphis, Nashvilleand Dallas as well as a stop at SXSW with St. Louis’s Frat House.                                                                           
Twitter and Instagram @realnatesavage      
Nate’$avage Facebook Fan Page


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