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Renata Leuffen Corporation works for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals and the Transformation of Cities and Nations. The idea is to create a new humane and modern and enlightened society in which people are happy. 
Renata Leuffen Corporation was founded in 2013 by Philosopher,Singer,Songwriter and Educator Renata Leuffen to transform and heal this planet and to change our love-less society into a loving community. The main quest of the company is to find a solution that will heal and realign people on the inside,i.e. in the deep levels of the heart and subsconscious mind. The company is also looking into new answers and revelations regarding humanity and eternity and of how to prepare humanity for the life and reality after death.
Renata Leuffen Corporation produces inspiring and modern music and entertainment and motivational publications. Songs, dances, talks and teachings are available on its YouTube Channel at 
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Born 11.4.1959 in Brezice,Slovenia at 11:00am

Father born on 11.11.

Mother born 12.12. 

EDUCATION: BSc (Hons) in Management from Brunel University, BA (Hons) in German from the University of London. Renata is getting ready to study for a PhD in Philosophy and plans to do a PhD in Education after that.
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Renata Leuffen and Pope John Paul II in the Vatican,Rome, 1.8.1990

 "I work to create the idea, the thought fom, the intellectual structure, the plan for a new modern and humane society in which people are happy and to manifest, to build and to realize this new society during my lifetime. I want to empower people to find and live their joy, happiness and destiny. I want to design and build the new enlightened society that is built on justice, love, peace, freedom and truth which are the principles and energy of the universe or God. I want to help to dismantle the structures of evil and ignorance and manipulation that have kept humanity unhappy for so long, and this is in the first place a work of inner healing and liberation. What I want is to stop human suffering and ignorance and to clean this planet from spiritual and emotional and negative energy, manipulation, oppression and pollution. I do not accept the destruction of human beings in any form. It does not make sense to me to allow humanity to live in spiritual darkness and to then transport this humanity into the realms of the unseen and eternity. I cannot accept that the majority of people on this planet are in want, in confusion and unhappiness and that they believe that they can and will only be happy and free AFTER they die BUT NOT in their lifetime. This is not what life is about. I want to create the first generation of truly free and enlightened men and women and children on this planet. My vision is to see this planet full of happy people. I take the realm of eternity which is always the realm of NOW as my model and guideline, based on the revelation that I have of it and the way that I see and perceive it."

Renata Leuffen
     Picture from the song "Always", watch at - A Song for Parents Whose Child Died
Renata Leuffen was born on Saturday,the 11.4.1959 at 11:00am and her parents were born on the 11.11. (her father) and the 12.12. (her mother). According to Numerology which may provide an insight but not necessarily more, Renata's Destiny or Expression Path is on the Master Number 11. If we accept the No 11,she is a Karmic Master Teacher and her vocation is to bring enlightenment to humanity. People on Lifepath No 11 were Hans Christian Andersen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Edgar Allan Poe and are Prince William, David Beckham. And according to Numerology Renata's  Lifepath No is 3, the No of charismatic artists and entertainers. Other people on Lifepath No 3 were Descartes, Charles Dickens and Alfred Hitchcock and are Bill Cosby, John Travolta, Brooke Shields and Jack Welch. Renata has highly developed psychic capabilities.
Says Renata Leuffen, "I think there is a bit of truth in this. However, I once perceived that God who is very much a personal Being for me, said to me that I am all that He is and this is what I essentially believe and I wrote a song about this revelation called 'I Love You And I Want You To Love Me'. I recorded it on a summer day in an old Anglican Church and those moments were awesome. My maxim is to be always meek and humble. I do not seek approval or admiration, I want to understand how this universe works and the role and destiny of mankind in this universe. I do not consider myself great but small, very small and safe and secure and loved in the hands of a loving, beautiful, compassionate and wonderful God and the God that I know does not destroy and kill and punish and condemn and reject people and derives no pleasure whatsoever from seeing children and adults in emotional and physical pain, in ignorance and suffering. I have quite a load of emotional garbage and wounds from my childhood that I have to work on and I am willing to work on it, knowing that deep on the inside, in my spirit, I am free and whole and have always been free and whole and will always be free and whole. I believe in happy endings, if the attitude is right."
By nature,Renata Leuffen is highly intuitive, creative, sensitive, spiritual, energetic and compassionate.
Renata spent the first days of her life in a beautiful swing that her maternal grandfather built for her,under the canopy of branches and flourishing green leaves of an old chestnut tree in the pleasant shade of warm sparkling beautiful days of spring days in a scenery that could have been taken right out of one of the stories in Grimm’s fairy tales.  

Renata is the daughter of Dr Dr Joachim Hille, a German business man and owner of a manufacturing plant from Hamburg in Northern Germany , and Jozica Martincic, a very beautiful student with green eyes from the romantic village of Podbocje in Slovenia.Her first name “Renata”  is the Latin word “renata” (“renatus” for men)  which means reborn and was used to describe the early Christians in Rome. Her namesake is Renata of Lorraine (20th April 1544 in Nancy,France - 22nd May 1602 in Munich, Germany). She married William V, the Duke of Bavaria on the 22nd February 1568 in Munich and became known as the Duchess of Bavaria. She visited the sick, the people in prison and every day she invited twelve poor people to have dinner with her at her castle and served them personally. She built the first hospital in Munich, the Elizabeth Hospital. She taught all her children at home. All the current monarchs of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are direct blood descendants of Renata of Bavaria. Also the Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (18th August 1830 – 21st November 1916) was a descendant of Renata. Her body rests in a zinc coffin in the crypt of the Wittelsbach dynasty in the Michaels’ Church in Munich, right next to the big wooden coffin of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The duchess of Bavaria has always been a great inspiration and role model for Renata Leuffen and she visits her namesake’s last resting place whenever she is in Munich and spends time at her grave. She published an article about her namesake in the "Welt am Sonntag", a German Sunday paper.

Pictures of Duchess Renata of Bavaria in the Michael's Church in Munich. According to the Catholic Church, the Duchess is a Saint.
Renata Leuffen experienced a very difficult and unhappy childhood and many traumatic events and tragedies.Her mother was a serious narcissist,psychopath and a professional prostitute and her stepfather had violent outbursts and suffered from many psychological problems.Renata was neglected and verbally and sexually abused and rejected by her entire family.Her mother had unsucessfully tried to abort her before she was born. Renata wrote the Song "I Am Happy To Be Alive. My Mother Wanted To Abort Me, But The Abortion Failed", about it, 
Renata contracted Typhus B from an infected banana skin as a baby because of neglect and abandonment by her working mother and a careless and disinterested childminder, but her mother prayed, and she was miraculously and completely healed. Renata’s natural father died in a car accident when a truck drove into his car while he was crossing a bridge. This tragedy happened while Renata was still a baby and she has always missed her father who was taken so early from her. She was then adopted by her stepfather Theodor Leuffen, a property owner, from Dusseldorf in Germany. He was a descendant of the Leuffen dukes who settled along the Lower Rhine.
Renata remembers, "Four of the great traumas of my childhood were 1)that I was born illegitimate, 2)that I was adopted, 3)that my mother was a psychopath and prostitute, 4)that I never belonged into my mother's family. I never had a family. I was never loved. I was evaluated and "accepted" solely on my performance in school. My heart's desire as a child was always to have a normal family: a loving and caring father and mother and sisters and brothers. I grew up as an only child because my mother refused to have any more children." 
Renata spent many happy hours on the big farm estate of her grandparents in Slovenia within a totally unspoilt natural setting. She enjoyed the rides on the hay cart , the sunny afternoons in the family’s vineyard, the farm animals which included cows and horses and chicken, the clear streams and waterfalls, the blue butterflies and small frogs on the wayside, the walks through beautiful summer meadows overflowing with flowers, across dreamy valleys and over romantic hills and the evenings when family and friends were gathering under the big chestnut tree in front of the house and there was much laughter and a warm togetherness. She loved the enchanted nights with the starry skies, especially when the Milky Way could be clearly seen.
Renata has always remained a happy child at heart and close to nature. She has to spend hours every day outdoors in nature to feel well and to think and she loves to be in beautiful places and enjoys breathtaking sceneries and has a passion for flowers. She is a freethinker and has an aversion against manipulation. She has is on a lifelong pursuit of truth and self development and loves to learn and to enagage her mind with philosophical and spiritual truths. She receives revelation easily and likes to live in aligment with God, nature, her spirit and mankind. She cares deeply about people and especially children. She inherited both the artistic, spiritual and caring nature of her mother and the brilliant analytical business mind of her father. She is driven by ideals and values. People are at the centre of everything she does. She is a very noble, caring and kind person. Her greatest joy is to stop human pain and suffering. She believes in positive thinking and is a great motivator and she thinks continuously about ways to elevate mankind to the highest and most advanced level, spiritually and materially and emotionally and socially. She believes that people can be delivered from every pain and bondage, that people are able to perceive the truth, and that everyone on this planet can live a fulfilled life of priceless value.
"My mother had a big library with astrological and self development books. I don't think that she ever read the books because I never saw her reading them. But I did. As early as age 12 or so I was reading all titles of Napoleon Hill (Author of "Think And Grow Rich") and other writers.
She believes that one of the greatest challenges of our age is to motivate people to take full responsibility for their lives and to pursue continuous growth and self development. “Everyone who lives an unhappy life does so because a strategy to live a happy life is missing”, says Renata.
Renata Leuffen suffered enormously because she was the daughter of a professional prostitute.To this day she does not know when and why and how her mother who was a student when she met her father,became a prostitute.Renata did never speak with anyone about this terrible truth,although the entire family of her mother knew what was going on.It was only after Renata became 55 that she somehow got the courage to talk about this hidden tragedy of her life. 
What made matters even worse was that her mother's youngest sister who lived in the same town, became also a professional prostitute. Her aunt hated her and had constantly quarrels with her mother. The two women talked unashamedly in her presence about their dealings with men which upset Renata greatly. However,she was helpless and powerless and had no one she could talk to. "My aunt was married and her husband and son knew that she was a prostitute. My cousin took it easy which I could never understand, he did not seem to be as affected by it as I was. My uncle later left my aunt and had a baby with another woman."
"The fact that my mother was a professional prostitute (she served mainly a very rich clientele), was a dark shadow over my childhood. One day while she was separated from my stepfather and we lived in a flat, she asked me to go out for a walk for one hour or so and I did. My mother wanted me out of the flat because she had an appointment with one of her clients. I was about 7 or 8 years or so. She gave me some money. I went into a department store and bought another cassette with fairy tale stories. Fairy tale stories were my unpaid nannies and I grew up with them. I knew every fairy tale story. And, somehow I felt that I was living a fairy tale story myself and anticipated that there must be a good ending for me. It was terrible when one night as I was asleep, my mother came with a client into our flat, and then they had sex in the same room in which I was sleeping and I was forced to pretend that I heard and saw nothing. I wonder sometimes what is happening with the adult children of other prostitutes. How did they cope? Are they happy? Did they ever find love?"

Renata's natural father was the first man her mother slept with. Her mother could not cope with his death and also the fact that he rejected her and her baby. She made the decision to never fall in love again.
Renata was more or less forced into prostitution by her mother and worked for a while as a prostitute, sleeping with her mother's clients. But, she did not like it. And one day she took the courage and told her mother and her aunt that she would no longer be a prostitute. And from that day onwards she has never been involved in prostitution. 
Additionally to the burden of having a prostitute as a mother, Renata Leuffen suffered also greatly from the unrest and violence at home.
Her stepfather and mother had terrible quarrels and fights.During one episode her stepfather knocked a tooth out of her mother's mouth and he also tore her hair out, so much, that during one period her mother had a bald spot on her head. They separated and came back together again and then separated and reunited again and again,in a vicious cycle.The marriage between her mother and stepfather was total unhappiness. Renata's stepfather was 25 years older than her mother and both were incompatible. Renata had to change homes and schools frequently.This caused enormous stress.To this day,she has never had a real home of her own,a place where she ould feel 100% secure.To have a "real" home is one of her dreams.
Renata experienced periods of such deep poverty and depravation in her life while she lived in England,that she views an armchair and a "normal" bed as a great luxury.She was so poor that one Christmas she was without any food. She picked up a Pizza from the street that someone had thrown away, ate it and contracted food poison. She almost died and called a prayer line and after the prayer she fell asleep and was healed. Renata hates poverty and considers it a great evil and wants to eliminate poverty from our planet.
She says, "I remember when, during one period of financial draught in England, I collected abandoned trolleys and brought them back to the Sainsbury's Supermarket and got a pound or more per day. I could then buy some noodles and salad for my son and me. I also remember one time around Christmas when my son and I went across a Christmas market near our home. I saw those delicious nuts with chocolate and would have loved to buy and eat them. But, I had no money. And I could not figure out why I had no money."  
Renata Leuffen suffers from male rejection issues and deep wounds. She never had any kind of relationship with her stepfather. She was consistently verbally and emotionally abused.Her stepfather was 25 years older than her mother. She still remembers the insulting words of her stepfather and the terribly degrading moment when he spit on her, and the spitting fluid caused an infection on her skin.
"It is unbelievable but true that I never ever had even one conversation with my stepfather", recalls Renata. "We never exchanged even one single friendly word.I didn't have a clue who he was and he had no idea who I was. My mother once told me that she did not want us to have a relationship. It is also unbelievable that I never had a private and intimate conversation with my mother and my mother's relatives. They never knew who I was and did not care to know me. My father's brother committed suicide and hanged himself when my father's factory caught fire and burned down. My mother told me that he killed himself because the insurance company said that he had started the fire. As far as I know, except one family in former East Germany, I am the only descendant of my father's family who is alive today."
Picture fron the song "In Circles"                                                             Picture fron the song "In Circles"
Many things, or almost everything, was missing in Renata Leuffen's childhood. Renata write a song for Samii Sheaffer on Twitter called "In Circles" which talks about her emotional and life pain and the pain of other people like Samii Sheaffer on Twitter who suffers from panic attacks, fear, abandonment and who is anemic. Watch it at
She also recorded a talk with the title "The Trauma Of Living On This Planet". Watch it at
Renata's childhood was very unhappy and lonely.She never received any love and proper parental care and nurturing.Her mother used her as an extension of herself,never expressed any emotions like hugs or kisses,and tried to control her whole life,including which friends she could or could not have and how she should live her life.
Renata is a highly traumatised and wounded person and feels deeply with people who suffer. She is looking for ways to deliver people from the toxic garbage of unhappy childhoods and abuse. "We live on a sick planet with mostly sick and hurting people", says Renata. "If we consider that every person and all of humanity will live forever, it is of great concern that a sick and dysfunctional humanity is being transported into eternity. The truth of existence is not destruction as we experience it in our lives and our world but wholeness."
According to the Headmaster of the Grammar School that she attended,  Renata was the highest achieving pupil in the entire history of the school. Almost all her grades were A and she even got some denoted as A+. She learned English mostly by teaching herself while reading English books that she bought.  Her German and history teacher discovered her talent for rhetoric and recommended that she should study rhetoric at university.  At that time, Renata  enjoyed constructing sentences with subordinate clauses that were several pages long. Renata was always a ferocious reader and she borrowed many adult books (history, novels, and others) from the public library but the librarian told her that the books were too advanced for her age and refused to let her take all the books home, and she then had to use her mother’s library card as well and pretend that the adult books were for her.
She started writing short stories and illustrated them with pictures while she went to grammar school.
Then Renata's mother had paid sex with the husband of her favorite teacher and went to school and told the teacher about it and Renata. Renata freaked out and dropped all her grades intentionally and decided to destroy herself because no one at home cared about her. It was at this time that she asked a "friend" at school to get her some marijuana and started taking drugs.Renata went on strike at the grammar school when she was about 14 years old and refused to take part in tests out of protest against “the unbearable situation of the school system”. She had been rewarded with a book for her exceptional academic achievements and then asked to donate the book, so that she ended up with nothing. She felt very bored and not challenged and supported enough at school and was taken aback that the school did not allow her to skip one grade and join students who were a bit more advanced. Her lifelong character trait of standing fearlessly and publicly against injustice, no matter what the price and the retaliation,emerged clearly visible.
Renata wants to humanize the current education system and liberate children and teenagers from the burden of going through a system that is not only inadequate but also harmful and often even quite traumatic. She believes in the young generation and that it is vital to empower our young people. She says, "I am for all schools: public schools, private and free schools and home schools and homeschooling. I am for the freedom of education and the freedom of choice. I am for children and a happy childhood. I believe that the modernization and humanization of our education system is urgent and that it will become a mainstream issue."
During her grammar school  years, her mother took her to the movies every Sunday afternoon. It was then that Renata watched epic movies like Ben Hur, Quo Vadis, Doctor Zhivago, Gone with the Wind, Hello, Dolly, and many others and felt an appreciation for this medium of story telling. Renata wants to make a movie out of her and her son Siegfried's tragic life.
"The greatest tragedy of my life has always been my knowledge that I have great gifts and talents and that I was never able to develop and express them",says Renata."This is a terrible feeling,like dying slowly. And I know that there are other people in exactly the same situation. It's as if a genie is shut up in a bottle. And the cork that keeps the genie shut up is unhappiness, childhood traumas, incompetent parents and a society that does not care. I have never blamed my parents for my unhappiness and the problems in my life. I think I blamed myself. And probably punished myself, too. The name of the game and the challenge for me and for millions of other people is how to overcome an unhappy childhood." 
As a teenager, Renata embarked on a search for the meaning of life and a quest to find the truth.She studied Christianity,Hinduism, Buddhismus, Kabala,White Magic,Islam and Judaism,the Tarot and the I Ching and everything else.But,nothing helped and nothing brought enlightenment and relief and the answers that she was looking for.
Renata remembers, "I read all the theosophical writings of Madame Blavatsky. When I was about 15 or so, I lay in bed and looked at the big full moon outside and I asked aloud: God, where are You?"
Renata has always felt that a higher power is watching over her. Her natural father had been a Protestant and her mother a Catholic and Renata was raised as a Catholic. Her stepfather left the Church because he did not want to continue to pay church taxes.In 1982 Renata rejoined the Catholic Church and confessed publicly that she believes only in God's love and in nothing else. It was then that many supernatural experiences in her life started.
As was common in her generation, she experimented for some time with drugs like marijuana, heroin and  LSD but she never got addicted.However,one day when she sniffed Heroin in the toilet of a pub,she inhaled too much and had an overdose and felt terrible and was afraid that she might die. For a short period, she was even a drug dealer.
One day when she was distressed, she bought a small bible and read it from front to back cover, page after page. While reading the bible, she was miraculously delivered from any desire to take drugs and since then she has never touched any. 
Renata is not religious and respects all religions. She believes that no religion has a monopoly over God and that God transcends every religion. From 2002 to 2015 She spent at least 20 hours per week on the internet watching Christian Preachers and Tele Evangelists. "Christianity helped me a lot to move forward in healing myself", says Renata, "but my son who visited Heaven many times,died and my life was and remained very difficult and I never prospered. I think that Spiritual Teacher Deepak Chopra shows that we have entered a new spiritual time because he wears a symbol of the Indian God Shiva together with a symbol of Jesus and appreciates both. The greatest enemy of humanity is ignorance."
Renata has a close relationship with God and feels God’s presence whenever she prays and sings. Fundamental to her faith is her unshakable belief in the eternal justice of God, in His righteousness and love. She is persuaded of the existence of what we call the Kingdom of God and eternity and has no fear of death. She has been blessed with many miracles and supernatural experiences with God which included out of body experiences and prophetic dreams. She dreamt of events before they happened.  She has heard the audible voice of God at least two times. She has also had dreams of Jesus and knows that He is real. She is able to receive revelation directly from Heaven and is always amazed about the explanations that are given to her. She received the Holy Spirit officially in 2002 although she knows that the Spirit of God has been with her all her all her life and saved her life on many occasions, for example once when she travelled to Marrakesh in Marocco and had forgotten to close the toilet door while the train stopped at a station. All of a sudden the door opened and a man with a long knife stood in front of her. She screamed as loud as she could, and he disappeared.  After she was officially baptized with the Holy Spirit, a white could like the one mentioned during Exodus in the bible, was clearly visible to her for many days and it still is. She says, "For me, the existence of God ie real. I DO feel His love. I think God has been misrepresented. If there were no God and this were the truth, then I would invent a God."  
Renata has also physically seen demons and been attacked by them. “One night while I was asleep, I saw this ugly demon sitting on the balcony railing. It was a mocking demon. He looked simply awful and had the skin of a frog.” Renata fears neither demons nor the devil. In fact, she is adamant that she will not serve the devil, no matter what. The question is obviously, if the devil is really real or not.
Renata likes to say that "God is the only person who has ever loved me and who truly loves me" which indicates the depth of her relationship with God.When Renata was 55 she looked back over her life and realized that there was never a person in her life who loved her:her mother did not love her and could not love,her stepfather did not love her, her lovers did not love her and she did not love them.There is one exception,and that is Renata's son Siegfried who died in 2011 at the age of 27. "My son loved me and he still loves me",says Renata. "We had a very close and harmonious relationship."
However,Renata's relationship with God is also highly problematic. She says that,"If I would die today and then stand before God,I would spend an entire eternity asking Him: Why did You allow me to suffer that much? Why did I have to endure all this pain,injustice,abuse and chaos? Why was my life so hard? Why did my father have to die? Why did you not help me? You could have helped me so easily. Why did You not intervene?" Renata wrote a song called "Questions" which expresses the conflict in her relationship with God. She explains, "I believe in a personal God but I cannot accept a neurotic God. The only God I can believe in is the God of True Love. I can no longer believe in a God who lets people suffer to 'teach them something'. I have suffered too much. In 2014 I considered suicidal seriously on a couple of occasions due to the unbearable financial strain and lack that I experienced. I almost lost my faith in God. This was one of the most painful experiences and struggles in my life. Now and then I say to God: You almost lost me. You almost lost me because I was so poor and because the lack of money, makes me suicidal in this period of my life. I have been in deep distress and emotional pain all my life and learned, as far as I believe, nothing from it except that I must heal, that we must all heal and stop to hurt and destroy ourselves and each other." 
In 1990 Renata visited Rome with her son Danny. She prayed for one hour in the prison of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The private secretary of Pope John Paul II seated her and her son Danny on the seats of honour in the 1st row during the official event in the Vatican in August 1990 which they attended. The Pope blessed Danny and the picture was published by the daily newspaper Bild Dusseldorf in Germany. Mother Theresa blessed her and sent her a handwritten letter.    
For Renata the unseen world which we call the Kingdom of Heaven is real. She is absolutely convinced of the eternity of human life which makes the establishment of justice even more important because there is a higher eternal government and a judgement. “My home is full of angels”, says Renata. Sometimes she notices their presence as circles of shining light, blue and white.
She believes in a higher and eternal order. “There is no death”, says Renata. “What we call death, is only a transition. Or, as Chief Seattle described it, only a change of worlds.”
Since her son Danny died in 2011, Renata is very interested in the question of how and where we spend eternity, the reality of the life that we start once we leave planet Earth. She is also constantly pondering what changes need to be made and what knowledge and behaviors and strategies for life need to be imparted so that the most prosperous and advanced society that ever lived on this Earth can emerge. As love is her highest ideal she believes that it is the true destiny of mankind to become this society that overflows with goodness and life.
"I am an idealist", says Renata. "I can see and feel the realm that we call Heaven or bliss. This is my ideal world because everything is beautiful in Heaven and there is love and peace and joy and everything is right. Heaven is perfect and when I compare planet Earth to Heaven, then the Earth is such a dark and ugly place and the suffering and unhappiness of the people on Earth is an unbearable sound, a wrong note that travels out into the universe and that disrupts all of creation. It is a bit scary to ask whether all people come from the same source or origin and whether all people will spend eternity in the same place or realm. At this moment in time, I tend to believe that people come from different spheres of origin and that people will be separated after death and allocated into different realms or worlds."
Renata Leuffen wrote her first movie script and emigrated to the United States in 1983 and lived in California. She stayed in Santa Monica, Long Beach and Palm Springs. However, when she got pregnant in Palm Springs, she returned to her family in Germany to have the baby and the plan was to then move back to California. But, it never happened, at least not then. Renata loves adventure has travelled to over more than 40 countries, among them are Brazil, South Africa, Marocco, India, the Bahamas, Mexico and Israel.
Renata Leuffen gave her son Siegfried all her love, time and attention. She provided her son with a very stimulating environment and encouraged his curiosity and natural learning process. She refused to send her son Danny to school when he became of compulsory school age and was heavily persecuted for 3 years by the School Department of the City of Dusseldorf in Germany.  She decided to make all the documentation of this legal battle public on this website and will put the information up in due time under the Legal Battle for Home Schooling in Germany link. Danny never went to school. Renata had taken him to a public school one day and showed him around but he didn’t like it. He watched some boys spitting and fighting and was disgusted and stated that he did not want to attend a school. Instead, Danny visited some lectures at the University of Dusseldorf as a guest student. That went very well and the professors and the other students had no objection at all. Danny visited also the local parliament, the planetary observatory in a nearby city and all zoos in the area. He was a very gifted, happy, balanced, relaxed and peaceful child and did not show any signs of rebellion as a teenager.
Renata wants to amend the current German constitution with the article that guaranteed the total freedom of home schooling and learning at home in the first German constitution. She wants to reintroduce learning at home which had always been legal in Germany, even when the Prussian government introduced compulsory school attendance. Adolf Hitler, a dangerous psychopath, and the Nazis enforced the unnatural form of compulsory school attendance that Germany has today. Renata Leuffen is an opponent of the state’s education monopoly. She believes in the freedom of education and a modern and humane education system. One of her main principles is that children and adults must be free and be empowered to be themselves. The renewal of the education system is one of her main goals because, “an education system that teaches children and teenagers to love themselves, others and life and helps them to develop their gifts and talents and discover their callings and be successful and financially free, benefits not only them but the whole of society and posterity. Our education system is backward, it’s a system of fear, intimidation, discrimination and injustice and it does not work, and we have to renew it and establish structures of life that acknowledge the worth and value of every child and allow every child to grow and flourish and develop the best in them.” Renata is also concerned about children with special needs, “a group of people who need and deserve our special love, affection, care and support. They and their families are real heroes. We got to find ways to reduce and eliminate pain and suffering and to really love these precious children and help them.”
While still living in Dusseldorf, Germany, Renata found a friend and supporter in Rainer Pahlke, then Chief Editor of the daily newspaper Bild Dusseldorf, a publication of  Axel Springer Publishing,one of the largest multimedia companies in Europe and her persistence to have her son continue to learn naturally and at home received the widest media attention, in Germany and across Europa and beyond. Stories about Renata and her son appeared almost daily in the Bild, in other newpapers, womens’ magazines and she was a guest on all major TV stations, including RTL Plus, Guten Morgen, Deutschland and the Thomas Gottschalk show.  She was also a frequent guest on radio stations like Radio Luxembourg. On the political side, Renata received support from Manfred Stricker in Strasbourg, the former Secretary of the French Christian Democratic Party at the Council of Europe. Renata was herself a member of the German Christan Democratic  party. She was also engaged with  the German Green Party and among other things, took part in its first Mothers’  Congress. Renata received support from reknown experts on cognitive child development like Dr Raymond S. Moore who is an adviser to the government of the United States.

              Backcover "A Bunch Of Life"                               Renata, Siegfried (Danny) and Chihuahua "Pulli"                            
Renata has published widely in Germany and Austria. She wrote articles for newspapers and educational publications like the German Teacher’s Newspaper (Deutsche Lehrerzeitung). She published several works of poetry, alone and together with other poets. She wrote a number of books, among them the science fiction novel “2098. Allein durch die Hölle von Megapolis”. She published widely on the topic of natural learining and home education or home schooling . She also attended the Frankfurter Book Fair where her philosophical book about abortion caused quite a sensation and some famous writers, among them Ephraim Kishon, came to her publisher’s stand.
Renata has always been close to the people. She has a big heart for the people. She took many phone calls from people who  phoned her up at home to talk with her. She likes to engage with the public, with the people and considers herself to be a completely normal person endowed with some special giftings and talents and the potential to influence the course of history.
Altogether, Renata filed 7 constitutional complaints before the German Supreme Court, the “Bundesverfassungsgericht” in Karlsruhe for her right to educate her son at home. She had won one court case against the School Department of Dusseldorf when they registered her son at a primary school without her consent.  Her constitutional complaints were rejected in Germany. She then took the Federal Republic of Germany before  the European Commission on Human Rights (now the European Court for Human Rights).  The judges debated ferociously and  fought even in the plenum but then, somehow, they rejected her application. Renata Leuffen still remembers the moment she heard that her application had been rejected.  “I stood in a telephone booth, mobiles didn’t yet exist. I phoned the European Commission. When they told me that the judges had decided to support compulsory school attendance in Germany and rejected my application for the freedom for education and a democratic education system in Germany, I burst out in tears and cried. I said, then I will have to flee from my home country and not be able to live in my homeland. The gentleman from the Commission just listened and it did not bother him. In a second, I had lost everything except my values, my son and my life.  It was a terrible moment. The rejection of the European Commission from 1992 was examined by two Human Rights Organisations in Geneva, OIDEL  (Organisation Internationale pour le development de la liberte d’enseignement) and the Foundation pour les Droits de la Familie. The first organization works for the freedom of educational choices and the second for the protection of the rights of the family.  Both Human Rights organizations stated that they could not detect any valid reason as to why the European Commission had rejected my application.”
Renata Leuffen and her son fled from one moment to the next from Germany. Renata Leuffen says, “the last thing that we did before we fled was another TV film. The film crew filmed us in our home, then we went to the train station and boarded the next train. All that we could take with us were one small suitcase and 3 bags. Everything else, we had to leave behind. We couldn’t take it with us.” Renata’s whole existence and career were eliminated. All  her personal possessions, her entire work.
OIDEL advised Renata Leuffen to  go to England as Danny would be safe there. The German authorities had taken away all of Renata’s parental rights in her absence when she wasn’t even living in Germany  (she and her son were at that time registered in Strasbourg at Mr Stricker’s address) and also her right to decide about physiological matters regarding  her son. They had also issued an order for a 3 months prison sentence against her and made this decisions enforceable throughout the entire territory of Germany. The German authorities contacted Interpol in London and demanded from the British  authorities that they hand Danny over to them. But, the British refused. Interpol told the Germans, “we do things differently here and it is okay in the UK to educate a child at home.”  
"I think the British people have a noble and free thinking spirit like I do, and I am forever very grateful that they saved my life and Danny’s life”, says Renata.  She adds, “ I love the Queen of England. She has founded her reign on justice and the bible and she is an excellent role model.”
In England Renata  Leuffen continued to educate her son at home, and this with the full approval and support of the School Department of the London Borough of Harringay. Separated from her family and her people, robbed of all her possessions, and unhappy in exile, Renata suffered from a writer’s block.  “London was such a different environment for me and Danny. We were used to cycling outdoors for hours, hiking, living close to nature and we had such a beautiful home. Now all this was gone and we lived in a hectic city.” However, she studied and obtained a 2.1 BA Honours Degree in German Literature from the University of London and a 2.1 BSc Honours Degree in Management from Brunel University. She studied for both full time Degrees at the same time while she was also working and taking care of her son. She remembers, "during the final year of my BA I has to sit about 13 exams in one month. It was impossible to do but I did it." Renata plans to study for a PhD, a long held wish.
“My whole life was deranged by having to flee from my country. And my son’s life, too. It is a strange experience to be innocent and yet persecuted by one’s own government. Both my son and I went through a major trauma and post-traumatic distresses. We have never been able to recover from those because the whole persecution and injustice went to the core of our hearts and broke them. “ She knows that there are other people in London in the same situation, innocent and persecuted by their own governments, being in London because it is a place to stay alive.
The years in England were not easy. For many years, Renata and her son were desperately poor. 
The worst thing for Renata was that she had to take on paid employment to keep herself and her son alive. “When you are very bright and advanced and successful as a woman, paid employment is hell”, says Renata, “it is a road that leads nowhere. At least, it led me nowhere except to the lowest moment in my life when I was sexually discriminated and harassed during my 2 hour interview at SAP AG.”
Renata drifted into the IT industry while in England. She loves technology and innovation. She believes that the greatest technological innovations and advances are still ahead of us. “But, the greatest innovations of the future will be social innovations, the change how people think, live, act and take control of their destiny.”
The German authorities had a go at Renata’s mother who continued to live in Dusseldorf. They took away her rights to decide about her money, financial and health affairs. They refused to provide her with medical treatment when she got cancer. “The German authorities in Dusseldorf did not inform me when my mother died. I could not write to her because her caretaker opened all her letters and read my letters. I couldn’t even be sure that she would get my letters. When I wanted to take my inheritance, everything was gone. The shares, the savings, all wasn’t there anymore. The City of Dusseldorf told me that they had used up all the money to pay for the costs for the times when they drove her to the psychiatric clinic, by force. The beautiful  flat that I should have inherited, was also taken from me. The City of Dusseldorf said that there were debts on the flat. They had forced my mother to live on social security and now claimed all the social security back. My aunt witnessed on one occasion how the man who had been appointed to be the financial caretaker of my mother, stole  5,000 German Deutsch Marks from her which she had inherited from a relative. He literally tore the bag with the money out of her hand. The German authorities did also take my mother’s passport away. She was unable to travel to England. I have never seen my mother again since I fled from Germany.”  But, Renata adds, that not all German authorities are as bad as the ones in Dusseldorf. She gives an example: whereas people who die in the German county of Bavaria can be sure to receive an honourable burial when they die and their relatives do not have sufficient funds, a city from the same county in Northrhein Westfalia where Renata comes from, took some time ago the remains of a dead man without telling his wife anything, drove the dead body across the border to a crematorium in the Netherlands, had his body burned, and then the remaining ashes and remains scattered in a nearby wood. Why? Because that was cheaper than a cremation in Germany. The poor wife still suffers from shock.
Renata says, "If I would talk today with God in Heaven and He would ask me if I want to be born on planet Earth and live there, I would say NO. At the age of 55, if I would reflect back on my life on planet Earth and summarize as to what I have learned while being on this planet, I would summarize in one word: NOTHING. And if asked to explain I would answer: NOTHING MEANINGFUL. This may sound harsh but the current state of society and planet earth do not harmonize with my revelation of Heaven and the ideal world that is within our reach. I do not approve of human suffering, I have suffered too much and reached my limit of suffering that I can endure. When I think about the children that are being abused, that go to bed hungry, the wives that are being beaten by their husband, the old people who cry because they are lonely, single mothers who can never pursue their own development because they feel that they must work to provide for their children, then I know that things are very wrong on this planet and the question is: Why are things on this planet wrong and why should wrong things continue and what do we need to do to stop them?"
Renata is also CEO and Founder of the London Youth Express, The London Youth Express works to set young people free (from issues like traumas,pain,suicide,low self esteem,emotional and mental walls) and to help them to express themselves. At the time of writing, the London Youth Express is No 1 in London, No 1 in England and No 16 globally in CHILDREN'S MUSIC on the Reverbnation Charts. (Renata Leuffen Corporation) (London Youth Express)


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