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Shetty The Don is #Flyah

"The biggest obstacle for me is balancing out my time and lifestyles," starts Shetty "Its like a double life I live with the real world and the rap world."
Born and raised in Columbus, OH, Ryan "Yung Shetty" Larry has been into music for as long as he can remember. With his first tape being LL Cool J-'s BAD, that album would be the initial spark to the flame for his love for music.
"I used to listen to it for hours trying to learn all the words," starts Shetty. "My dad would get mad at times because I stuttered really bad as a kid but I could rap a song flawlessly."
Inspired to succeed in music by loved ones who believed in him that are no longer here on the physical earth, Yung Shetty wants his music to live on in there memory.After losing his cousin in 2005 to a murder homicide, he was sentenced to 18 months in the penitentiary for drug and gun charges. Throughout that time he and his mother developed a bond stronger than ever. Helping him mentally deal with his loss and incarceration, all the while pushing him towards music upon his release, her encouragement would end there due to her unexpected passing from a brain aneurism. Now he's more focused than ever to make two of his biggest fans proud.
Separated from the crop of new up and coming artist due to his versatility, Shetty steps outside the box more often than most upcoming artists. Able to compose a viable song to a Hip Hop beat, Techno, Country, Edm, Or Rock, he understands music and people so can tap into almost anybody's frequency. Having already worked with Lil Flip and Young Scooter as well as a host of producers from California, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, ect., Shetty has a number of projects in the works.
Currently working on an edm ep (Urban Psychedelia), Hip-Hop EP produced by Ohio natives Fly Union (#FlyShitOnly), an EP for the ladies (Love and Hip Hop), and Money & Muzik 2; he already has 2 projects completed and scheduled for release in the 2nd and 3rd qtr of 2013. The other 3 EP's are expected to drop the 4th qtr with Money & Muzik 2 dropping the first qtr of 2014. 
With the goals for his career including International recording artist/songwriter status, the owning of his own record label, going platinum, and creating jobs and opportunities for others who want to be successful, he's definitely making it happen. Looking to build on his already tiresome grind he's personally distributed over 10,000 hard copies by hand, 20k+ views on Hoping to gain a strong enough buzz to generate some revenue to operate more effectively and reach more people in 2013, he's an artist about his craft.
For immediate Release
Come Back
March 6, 2015 (Columbus, Ohio) Shetty Tha Don aka Mr. take yo girl will realese Come Back. This single entitled Come Back is the Single off his up and coming album Channel Surfing. This is a Bass pumping Club banger with a catchy hook taking is listeners by storm! When this song come threw a speaker near you and your listeners/ viewers you will feel the energy Shetty has chanting... " i just took a N**** chick and she aint COMING BACK! " 
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