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Woven Woods is #Flyah


With the release of the self titled EP, Woven Woods brings an alternative edge to pop rock by fusing addicting progressions, a punk attitude, and a 90's rock aesthetic all without losing the emotional platform good songs come from.

The first single, 'Eye to Eye', packs a punch, boasting catchy, upbeat choruses and positive sounding instrumentation, while lyrically maintaining a more personal feel.

Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to really understand the sort of songwriting Woven Woods produce, listening to the EP in its entirety is a must.

"The name came from not being able to find common ground and/or agree with another person, not being able to see eye to eye. The writing style for the single is very intimate and raw and I believe that sets the tone for the rest of the songs on the EP." explain writers Chelsea Moore and Billy Baker.

Woven Woods came to be after Chelsea, Billy and bassist Jesse Duran Crelin met at Berklee in 2012. Each member would write on their own and bring new ideas to the table when they got together to rehearse. Once the set list was ready, the group went on to play shows in Boston, New York, and Connecticut.

Along with playing shows, the band has already received great written reviews about the EP, have built an online buzz, and are planning a tour later this year.

To learn and hear more about Woven Woods, please visit them at: