Zeus The Songwriter is #Flyah

Innovation And Uniqueness Meet With Zeus The Songwriting Instructor
It seems like a lot of people have taken a good look at the music industry lately and they definitely don’t like what they see. Record sales are lower and lower each day and artists have to rely on their ability to sell merchandise and tickets for their shows. This is something that leaves a lot of aspiring musicians feeling discouraged, but the biggest problem in the music industry is not the industry itself. The problem is that most artists seem to be stuck in the idea that they have to “stay true” to their art and create music that they like. This is the reason why 99% of the musicians out there will fail.
It seems like musicians are more interested in being able to create music they like than they are interested in making a living from music. The main message that Zeus wants to get out there is that people need to adapt to the demands of the music industry if they want to make a living from it, but the secret is in being able to write it in a way that people will appreciate greatly. Zeus has discovered exactly how anyone can do this. There are millions of musicians creating music that they enjoy, and only a few thousand are following the blueprints to create music that is highly popular and easy to sell in the modern world. If artists are still making music for their own approval, they are never going to make it in this business. They might get a few fans and enjoy some local recognition, but they are not going to be able to pay the bills and get things done properly.
Zeus is a man who was born with Ushers syndrome and because of this condition he had to learn to listen to music in a completely different way. He was able to start hearing way beyond lyrics and instruments. This allowed him to discover the true ingredients that make a song a hit and how a melody needs to be constructed in order to create a song that will have a fighting chance in the industry. A melody is the main weapon to get someone to think about your song all day long, but that melody needs to have a set of notes, tempo and syncopation that will provoke very specific feelings in the listener. According to Zeus that is the true key to make sure that you can create a composition that will sell to your audience.
He is quick to remind his students that having a good song is only half of the battle for success. The best step is to know where to go with what you have to offer and Zeus has learned how to take musicians from the process of composing and producing, to the process of selling what they have created. This is without a doubt the main ingredient that make his services so powerful and valuable to musicians all over the world.
Zeus is suggesting all musicians who want to break into world of the music business to take the time to decide if they want to be professional musicians or they want to be artists. There is a world of difference between the two and the biggest problem is that most musicians come into the business trying to be artists instead of business men and women. Zeus is going to help them understand why that difference is so important.
Deciding to become a professional musician is not a guarantee that anyone will make it in the business, but it will allow them to find themselves in a competitive level and they will have the advice of Zeus to help them make it in the business. No one can deny how difficult it is to get into the music industry with so many musicians trying to make it now. Laptops and software have allowed for musicians with the smallest budgets to create their music from their own homes with just a few hundred bucks worth of equipment and this has increase the number of struggling musicians to alarming numbers.
The lives of many artists can be changed today and their dream of making a living as a musician could easily be turned into a reality as long as they have the right mindset to adapt to the music industry in the modern world!



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