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Mi Mayor

Hi and thanks again for your interest. this is our new FB Mi Mayor World Wide these are some shows we did in 1998, they are in there 30's now and are working to come out this summer Hard . and esperando tu amor (right here waiting for you ) in spanish .  .  TV telemundo channel  47 nj ny .sings  Sin Ti Accapella interview . , Here is our music clout URL ; , Balad Abrazame 116 st show , , Twitter @Papopops , & instagram @ papopops , thanks again have a great weekend . Pops Records presents , Mi Mayor a male pop group from the Bronx NY . with 4 new songs on the re released album. Were on a promotional internet tour to share our music with Radio , Dj's and meet new fans with , "i'll be there for you" & Richard Marx's "right here waiting for you". with 12 more songs and feat #FATJOE single SIN TI out soon .Thanks from Mi Mayor ,  Pops Records. for Concert festivals ,or interviews , call 646-546-8115 , Like us Mi Mayor World Wide on FB 


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