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Michael Tiffany is #Flyah


Michael Tiffany is the lead guitarist and composer and a member of BMI. Spanning a 30 years in music he has found his way to this point of being an accomplished guitarist and composer. His love for music has kept the fire burning and given him the drive to accomplished many of his dreams as a musician. You can also visit his Facebook page at  .   He is currently in the studio working on a solo album titled Out Of Te Dark set for release in early 2015.With being named Artist of the month in the month of Dec. 2014 in both the United States and the UK Michael is fast on his way up.
His new singles Wind At My Back and Road to Nowhere are head on hard rock songs complete with lightning stealth guitar work in the same vein as Joe Satriani and driving rock vocals that makes these songs ready to be heard by the masses. The songs are currently getting air play not only on US radio, but in the UK as well. You can hear much more from Michael on all the web sites posted above.
Feel free to contact Michael directly  here:


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