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JP One is #Flyah

JP ONE, born Alvin Hill, is a lyricist from Detroit, MI. His music has drawn many comparisons to other great artists, but after listening to a few songs, it's clear to see that he has a style all his own. With clean production and raw lyricism, his sound is a perfect blend of real hip-hop and street corner philosophy. In the three years since his release from priso, after serving nine years for armed robbery, he has amassed an uncomparable catalog of hundreds of songs and over a dozen music videos. His music and videos have been featured on,,, and all of the rap/hip-hop station in the Detroit area. He has also been featured in Billboard and Don Diva Magazine. A simple Google search would net pages on this artist. His current project, Gifted & Talented, is only the tip of the iceberg. He is gearing up to release a trilogy entitled Fire & Brimstone in 2015. The first installment features Nas's new signee, Boldy James and is largely produced by Detroit hip-hop staple, Pig Pen.


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