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Miztuh Chazs "500MICS"

Miztuh Chazs "500MICS" Album Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kansas City, Ks — December 18, 2015 —  Still buzzing off of a brief European promo tour, Alabama native, Miztuh Chazs releases his 5th studio album "500MICS". It has been 5 years since his critically acclaimed Indie album A.W.O.L. surfaced and now he is back to once again push the boundaries of his craft. The mix of lyrical wordplay and signature AMP instrumentals creates a unique sound that only Miztuh Chazs has mastered. No other project has proven this more than his current project "500MICS" which is set to release mid December. As a Midwest ambassador, Miztuh Chazs continue to bend the curve of the definition of Hip Hop. With high energy beats, his album gives an exquisite blending of jazz, soul, and rock with a perfect hybrid of 1940’s piano style music, southern Hip Hop rhythm mixed with an amped club vibe and a fresh touch of satire about life. Both an artist, songwriter, beat producer

Dave Woodcock and the Dead Comedians are #Flyah

For the past decade Dave Woodcock has been carving out a reputation as one of the finest songwriters and most incendiary live performers around. First with his band Taste Of Shotgun whose prolific output (4 albums in 2 years) and legendary live performances caused a stir in the pre-New Yorkshire scene of the early noughties and then as a solo performer renowned for his passion and heart-on-sleeve balladry. In 2007, he released the well-received mournful solo album ‘Wednesday’s Child’ which was compared favourably with ‘the best of Leonard Cohen and Richard Hawley’. Backed by his band The Dead Comedians, 2009 saw the release of the acclaimed and award-winning ‘Omaha High Low’ an album which married his distinctive style to a sympathetic full band sound. 2011’s ‘Poisoned Nights and Bar Room Lights’ further expanded the band’s sound and received more widespread critical praise eventually picking up the Best Album award at the Sheffield Scenester Awards in 2012, beating out the

GMB POLO is #Flyah

  GMB POLO was born September 6, 1994. He was raised in  EAST Detroit, MI. he started Hustling at the age of 14 to survive because at the time his father had got locked up in Federal Prison. Raised in the thick of it all he was a natural Hustling in the mean streets of Detroit. He caught a case was facing 20 years, but after a year in the county jail he beat the case he decided he was going to trap his whole life and started preparing to tell his story to the world! Trap Star by Day One of the hottest Rap Artist by Night GMb Polo like the title of his Mixtape is taking no days Off until he dreams come True. Listen and  Enjoy