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The words, prodigious and multi-talented are synonymous and holds true for the quick description of the Chicago native performer, Adero Neely, who hit Chicago's WGCI and Power 92 radio at the tender age of 13 with his first single called "Let's Go", which he recorded with the late MC Breed, followed by "Mr. President" at 14 years old and "Animated" at 15 years old. To date, Adero is the youngest solo R&B artist to hit Chicago radio rotation in over 30 years. His name, "Adero" properly fitting; means “Give Life” --and with each live performance, Adero infuses his seemingly infinite energy when he sings. His musical ability shows experience, passion and wisdom coming from a place far beyond the date of his birth certificate. Referred to as “boy wonder” by Chicago’s media press at an early age; you may notice this is not your ordinary newcomer.  For one thing, this fresh-faced R&B singer will become 21 years old on September 7th.
At 15 years old, Adero's performance music video "KnightCrawler" was selected by mFlix, an On-Demand mobile (telephone) channel on Sprint/Nextel, and made available on mFlix video playlist, which airs 24/7 On Demand. Adero's music was also played at all Six Flags Theme Parks in the United States, Canada and Mexico in August 2010. His new song GUAP (released in December 2013) has more than a million Youtube views and was featured by CORE DJs in 2014 and they invited him to perform it at their showcase at SXSW 2014.
Adero's increasingly strong viral, print and television presence began with his first music video in 2005, “Save Some World for Me', which was selected by Swept Away TV, a nationally distributed teen music/pop culture TV shown in 42 markets( including NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta and Phoenix and is estimated to be available in 19 million households). UNSIGNED Music Magazine and KCSG television also featured Adero’s music video for their music television show that broadcast to over 150,000 homes via cable and 500,000 via the Dish Network. Adero has also been featured in Chicago's TRUESTAR Magazine, GUMBO Teen Magazine, Chicago Defender, Chicago SunTimes, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, WORD UP Magazine, and numerous issues of Hip Hop Teen Magazine, just to name a few.
This budding artist has been opening major concerts since he was a kid,  systematically drawing music lovers of all ages to take immediate recognition to why he is called the boy wonder. At 12 years old, Adero was also the opening act for a sold out crowd of 4,500 at the 'New Jack Tour' featuring R&B singers Aaron Hall, Guy, Teddy Riley, Black Street, Tony Toni Tone and After 7. Adero was also the featured opening act for Soulja Boy at 14 years old and Trey Songz at 15 years old as well as many other major artists. In 2009, Adero was a spotlight artist in BET's Blaze the Stage at Symphony Hall in New York. In Chicago, he has performed at clubs, stadiums and major concerts. He recently performed at SXSW 2014 in Austin Texas.
With hundreds of teens in his hometown who line up at all his shows and parties these days, Adero is making a name for himself. His latest songs are off the chain. They are a macrocosm of R&B and pop songs deliciously enriched with sticky hooks and campy lyrical play. His new album release "Pink Roses" is off the chain.