Jay Stubbs is Flyah


Jay Stubbs is an artist on the rapid rise and people everywhere are taking notice. Along with his diversity and endless range, his eclectic style of music is unique and unlike anything the industry has ever heard. Growing up immersed only in Classic Rock, Oldies, Alternative and R&B music genres along with doing music video parodies, it was only a matter of time before Hip-Hop entered the picture. Because Jay has musical influences from all across the board, it shouldn't be that surprising as to why his music is so unique and versatile. Simply put, Jay Stubbs has no sound. Every sound is his and he is music. Over this past year, he has soared to new heights and accomplished what it takes others, many, many years to achieve all due to his love of music and a tireless work ethic. Everyday it seems that he is reaching a new milestone and earning a new achievement along the way, all as an unsigned artist. Some of the notable milestones have been being featured by UndergroundHipHopBlog on numerous occasions along with being voted a Top 10 Artist for Jango's RadioAirplay on three separate occasions having a Popularity score of 99. Jay's music has also been featured on college campuses in his home state (California State University San Bernardino, San Diego State University) to other schools across the U.S. including North Carolina State University, and St. Louis University. Staying true to himself is without a doubt his calling card, creating whatever it is that is on his heart. Because his subject matter is never out of reach, audiences naturally gravitate towards him. Never does he pretend to be something he's not nor will he ever do "trendy" right now music. Rather than go with the trends, Jay raises the bar and sets a new trend.  He is relatable and transcends all demographics from age groups, class, color and etc.  Audiences appreciate when artists feel what they feel. People from all walks naturally gravitate towards his personality and his refreshing style of music. Jay Stubbs is charismatic, energetic, enthusiastic, driven and breathes music each and everyday. He lives it and is undoubtedly headed for huge success. 


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