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Nathan Davis Henry is Flyah

   My name is Nathan Davis Henry and I'm a Singer-Songwriter/Audio Engineer. Thanks for your time and consideration. I've been fascinated, as long as I can remember, with the overall production of music and how all the instruments take up space in the frequency realm. I started with guitar, moved to drums, and bass and finally came to perform a few shows.
    I realized I didn't enjoy performing because of stage fright and really began focusing on the audio production side of things even though I still perform every now and then. After 15 years of experience in home recording and audio productions I have finally become a professional level producer. All I'm looking for is a chance for my songs to make income so I can produce music full time.
    If you are at all interested in my story further please ask for more information or links of my productions that I will provide on request. Thanks again for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Best Wishes,
~Nathan Davis Henry~