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Free From Gravity but they still pull you close - Saints and Sinners


Free From Gravity are a 4 piece Rock band out of Portsmouth UK who play a style of music they call "Kick Assed Chilled Out Rock" - that's Soft Rock With Attitude.

Free From Gravity but it still pulls you close

“Saints and Sinners” EP is a contemporary rock extended play from upcoming artist(s), FreeFromGravity. Hearing this brilliant project of 4 songs opens the minds to scenes of movies that can be used as its background music for a soundtrack. “Crazy Lady”, seems to be essential in its soft rock tune and gives a picture of a couple experiencing complications in their relationship and a man taking a ride on the road to clear his head listening to this song makes the man want to change his mind and think about how crazy and deep in love he is with his woman.
        “Dance with Me”, a song that illustrates a meeting with a soul mate and a time that is full of energy connecting the two like Prince Charming and Cinderella. Furthermore, the song is eager to be more of a memory keeping close to the heart as the lyrics speak about seeing a woman in a group and wanting to dance with her only. Each time the chorus comes in, the vibe of the song just feels exhilarating and doesn’t miss its “Sticking out like a sore thumb” moment.
         The project entitled song, “Saints and Sinners”, is a record showing two different aspects of life. On one side for the sinners, it’s all about having fun regardless of laws rules or danger. The saint’s side is about abiding to the right way of living and not being entertained in what the sinners do. This song also brings light to a social issue that in modern day society that sometimes not stated or spoken aloud to get attention to a multitude of people. Still in all, the song is a piece of art in its own right bringing two groups together to understand we’re all winners.
        “Step into the Sunlight”, a song about making a transition from being in darkness to finding encouragement by stepping into the light. As the song continues, it inspires people to looking to the high road when feeling depression.  Needing to find this source seems vital as in life there may be times when things appear to be gloomy and distorted but searching for a way out such as light can be rewarding.

Overall this project is a soundtrack o f life and may be used as a tool of help and to build confidence to accomplish any dream that mind sets upon. If I had to rate   this album it would be a 4 out of 5 based on subject matter, creativity, a strong message & a way of to uplift.. Not to mention, it is great rock music.