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Gone To The Spirits, A very unique album

Gone To The Spirits,  An very unique album



Norine Braun, released her 10th CD, Gone To The Spirits this June. The concept album is birthed from the Ququnak Paǂkiy Song Collection that Braun wrote from a Canada Council For The Arts Award last year. The songs are based on the engaging and dramatic life story of a two spirited Ktunaxa warrior woman, courier and guide, who lived in the early 19th century in southeastern BC Canada.

This album is definitely different and special because of the history and deepness of the lyrics.  At first I was blown away by the opening spoken word track that gives profound detail about the passing of the great warrior.  Following this track is Morning Prayer that really sets the tone of the last moments of a powerful woman and the kick drums that show up mid flight reminds me of the heart beats mentioned in the spoke word.   The words really paint a picture and the music compliments ever passionate vibe that the lyrics are giving off.  Songs like Rock people present a form of happiness that kind of uplifts you from reaching depression.  It describes the environment and seems exceptionally inviting.  I really love her voice and flow on the song”Sometimes the rain comes” and to me this is the truth when life is the subject.  The rain was used as a metaphor of cleansing the soul, mind and surroundings.  This song to me is a must hear and means a lot to people that may struggle with bad times but there is a guided light at the end of the tunnel. 26 Horses is another favorite of mine. This song displays strength and the powerful guitars matches this song like a game of Uno.  26 Horses is followed by the song Victory that starts with the sounds of tribal drums and transcends to a cool party and celebration song.  Over all I think this album is well put together and thought of.  Her style is distinctive and the idea is marvelous.  If I had to rate this album on a scale of 1-10 this will get an 8 for creativity, mood, and delivery.