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Jenni Ferchenko is #Flyah

Jenni Ferchenko is a Ukrainian born British singer, songwriter and a novelist. 
She grew up under communist rule in a troubled Ukraine. She published her first book of poetry at the age of fifteen and was the lead singer of an alternative rock-band, but she had to suppress her creative nature for a more predictable, sensible career in order to support her family. Jenni left the Ukraine on the Erasmus program and to support herself whilst studying, she worked as a product controller at a BMW factory, a cleaner, shop assistant, waitress, bar tender, interpreter and fashion model.
In 2006 Jenni became an intern on a trading floor at Lehman Brothers in London, the subsequent redundancy in 2008 and the take up of a new role at a Swiss bank in Moscow, which largely laid the groundwork for her first novel The Snow Job (expected in October 2016).
This is a story of internal and external corruption, redemption and self-searching blended in with high finance, politics, self-distractive sex, oligarchs and true values.

The upcoming album with the same title ‘The Snow Job’ is Jenni's revealing soundtrack to her story, a reflection of the all too real emotions, which reach far beyond the book.