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Valley Joe ''If I Got Rich'' ''Flyah Review''

' Valley Joe is a west coast hip hop artist from Vallejo, California.  To me he is already at a level of professionalism and belongs at the top with many other hip hop heavy hitters.  His voice is perfect for this genre of music and if he could sing he would sound great in a rock band.  When I first saw his soundcloud page I noticed his professional cover and was blown away from his song of chose.  The dope style on ''If I got Rich'' is remarkable and unique.  I listened to this a few times and could really feel his point of view.  His other songs are great also and he remains consistent.  The subject matter is very relative as long as you are a real person.  This one should get some air time if he has the right radio promoter. It has over 6000 plays on sound cloud and well deserving of more.  I think he has a  Willy North Pole type of sound with a better flow and delivery.  Definitely belongs in the conversation when you mention whose the best in the west.  On a scale of 1-10 he gets and 8 on the Flyah Scale.