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Acesoo tha kid - On Gang ''Flyah Music Review''

It’s Acesoo tha kid coming from Corpus Christi Texas. With that 1k like Kodak. He has worked with K $upreme Smokepurpp Band$ & many more talented people.  When I first heard this song it reminded me of some Chicago drill music.  The chorus is catchy and puts you in the mindset of a young kid that has love for his crew.  The title ''ON GANG'' is the first sign of this and I think its a great thing to have when you are a young brother coming up in today's times  The beat is slamming and the 808 drop hits at a lovable volume and the mixing of his vocals are perfect.  Acesoo does not seem like a big lyricist but his ''sauce'' and delivery still makes this a pretty decent song.  To me he sounds like a Soulja Boy and Chief Keef mix with a Texas influence.  Over all this song is consistent and gets a 3 out of 5 in my book.