Ivy" is impacting the game ''Flyah Music Review''


An artist coming out of South Florida by the name of "Ivy" is impacting the game of conscious rap with his jazzy almost 90's style flows and his message. He started with music in 7th grade just freestyling to beats, and loving rappers coming up like Drake, J.cole, and Kendrick Lamar. He did take a break from music to pursue basketball but music brought him back. He wants to change the culture of sound in hip hop and the voice in his community.  The song ''Energy'',  is definitely one of my favorite songs now.  To hear a young man kick it like some of the greats is phenomenal.  The style on this song puts you in a New York state of mind even though he is from Florida.  When I hear his beat of choice all I could think of is Pete Rock and CL Smooth but his lyrics reminds me of Lupe Fiasco.  Although I'm naming these great people, I really believe he is genuine.  You can tell from his delivery and subject matter he is a thinker and introverted.  Sometimes people try to portray the image of a conscience rapper without mirroring it in their wordplay but I can truly say this is not the case with Ivy.  He will withstand the hands of time as long as he remains honest to himself and build his tribe.  I think the cover art for this one is a prefect reflection of the subject matter also. The Video Idk is also a hot song.  I felt entertainment when listening to this one.  The visual is a exceptional and show of his vintage style perfectly.  I feel that he is consistent and remarkable in his glorious way and in due time he will become a major star. Overall these songs get a 5 out of 5 in the Flyah books

Instagram- @ivysound

Twitter- @Hen_ GotThis

SoundCloud - Ivy

Youtube- Ivysound


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