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Mr Gaines - Want it all---Flyah Review

When first hearing this song it reminded me of many great hip hop songs from the 90's.  It has a great intro and the beat is similar to some of Nas and Mobb Deep tracks.  Bliss definitely has different style that makes you Want it all.  Her Voice is dope and different from most female hip hop artist.  Steven G is also a impeccable artist.  His flow cuts sharply on this beat like a dagger does a shield-less soldier.  I believe his deep mind and topics will always set him apart in this music business.  The more different you are the better the people of the real hip hop community will accept you.  If I had to rate this song I would give this a 7 out of 10 for originality, consistence and subject matter.  I am a real hip hop fan that has ventured away at times to hear what the main stream has and this song really brings me back to my true nature.