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Steven Gaines, Jus Allah and Bliss #Flyah Review

Steven Gaines, Jus Allah and Bliss are definitely bringing a old school  golden era vibe on their new joint Roam.  I listened to it a couple times and was amazed with the way they present lyrics in a professional manner.  Their beat selection reminds me of artist like Royce Da 59, Eminem, and Jedi Mind Tricks.  This sound has been hard to find in today's time because of the over saturated commercial music getting all the spotlight.  The word play is excellent, and the subject matter takes you a dark ride through the complex minds of these hip hop enthusiast.  I think these artist have the potential and experience to remain boom bap head's favorite artists.  I have heard of them before and I can say they are getting better with time.   If I had to rate this song I would give a 8 out of 10 for consistency, remarkable talent, wordplay and originality.