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Gavin Clark and Mojib with Latanies Remix Ive got a Future( Flyah Review)

The song I've got a future has definitely brought a level of professionalism to the music business.  The mixing of this track is great and the piano that starts at 2:06 brings a warmth to this song. Listening to this track I imagine many things such as blue sky's and starry nights.  The song brings about inspiration to achieve long life and success.  Picture your self climbing mountain Everest with everybody telling you that you're foolish to take on such a challenge. The whole time you know you have what it takes to conquer all obstacles. That's why  ''I've got a future'' is a proud statement to be spoken, hopefully to be heard and taken seriously.  The vocal track is appealing, smooth and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.  The instrumentation is also remarkable and fits this ballet to a T.  If I had to rate this song on a scale of one to ten,  I would give it a 8 out of ten for composition and delivery.  Overall this song is great and would stand within the hands time