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17 so-funny-we're-crying puppy memes to share on National Puppy Day

There seem to be a lot of random holidays on the calendar lately, but this is one we can totally get on board with. National Puppy Da is happening on March 23rd this year, and that means a day actually exists that celebrates one of the best animals on the face of this Earth. When National Puppy Day is finally here, there's only one way to mark the occasion — and that's by sharing one of these hilarious puppy memes on social media. And trust us, there are so many out there — you've definitely come to the right place.

Whether you have one of your own or you just admire them from afar, people who aren't crazy about these little guys are few and far between, so it goes without saying that this is probably one of the best holidays ever.

And though you could adopt 50 puppies from your local animal shelter) or just share a pic of your own dog online, we think sharing one of these puppy memes is really the way to go to honor National Puppy Day.

Here are some of the best memes about the cuddliest animals out there. You're guaranteed to brighten anyone's day by sharing one of these.

1. The safest pup ever. 2. Pizza or ice cream? Probably both. 3. Magical water labs — who knew? 4. Honestly, the best bath bomb. 5. A very terrifying attack dog. 6. If you love a good pun about dogs… 7. How we all feel on planes. 8. The oldest trick in the book. 9. Extra special stereo equipment. 10. Where to keep your dog when you're going for a ride. 11. Just a small town girl… 12. The only way to get your nails done. 13. The best retirement plan. 14. It's a weird but awesome bond. 15. Someone being at the door is the most exciting thing ever. 16. Finally chasing your dreams, not the ball. 17. The easiest way to kidnap us. Let's be real: puppies totally deserve their own holiday, and these puppy memes just prove why.

Happy National Puppy Day, everyone!