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What's happening with John Cena's Duke Nukem movie?

A Duke Nukem film is within the works and the movie's producers have dished some details on their approach to adapting the normal video online game franchise for the massive reveal. Tomb Raider did not finally end up being what many people hoped it may well be, so we're still waiting on an inarguably and particularly good video online game movie to be made. whereas Duke Nukem presents lots of challenges and seems to be within the very early stages, or not it's one task on the burner in Hollywood hoping to smash the curse. Now, producers Andrew form and Brad Fuller have spread out somewhat in regards to the venture.

Andrew form and Brad Fuller, who work with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes creation business, are at present promotion their new movie A Quiet region, which is getting rave experiences to this point. In a fresh interview, they had been requested in regards to the Duke Nukem movie and, whereas they could not say plenty, due to the fact that the script remains being written, they said their method. mainly, how they are looking to nail the tone within the identical way Deadpool managed to. here's what form needed to say about it.

"we are working on Duke Nukem presently. it be going to be about tone. that's about tone. How do you nail that tone within the method that Deadpool nailed the tone? I think we ought to do that and if we do not get the tone appropriate then we're now not going to make the movie...You know that having a misogynistic man in modern-day world, how do you make that enjoyable and adorable and on the identical time he's bought to be an incredible badass, so those are the things that we're battling and we'll are attempting and come out with what i hope is a very enjoyable ride. that's the intention, is for it to be a extremely fun trip."

So, even if Platinum Dunes is at the moment working on bringing Duke Nukem to the big display, it feels like here is removed from a guarantee at this aspect. We reported in January that John Cena is connected to big name because the titular persona, may still the movie in fact get made. Cena has been progressing as an actor but hasn't acquired to steer a potential franchise on his own just yet. This may well be his probability, but as Andrew From cautions, in spite of the fact that he is their guy, if he doesn't like the script, there is an opportunity it may fall aside.

"Yeah, that's what we're working with now. he's. yes. We do not have a script yet, so that's proven at this point but if he reads the script and he doesn't just like the script i'm sure there may be ways that he could pull out, but presently he is our guy."

presently, there isn't any free up date for this Duke Nukem movie, however it's within the works and, if a fine script comes through, it appears like it be going to ensue. Can John Cena make this greater than simply one other Doom? there may be actually potential right here, however until someone makes a video game film that works (right here's you, Rampage), then or not it's going to be hard to get too excited. but at least it sounds like the producers have the right mindset. This information involves us courtesy of CinemaBlend.


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