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within your budget, high efficiency. by using Matt Clark
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The market for 27-inch gaming displays is fairly huge, and sorting via the entire distinctive manufacturers and contours is a true chore. but if you're trying to find an inexpensive monitor that relatively a good deal checks every container the ordinary notebook gamer might need—including a 2560 x 1440 resolution, Nvidia's G-Sync, and a super-quick 165Hz IPS panel —the AOC Agon AG271QC (See it on Amazon) / (See it on Amazon UK) looks like a superb alternative on paper. I put it via its paces to find out if it delivers on the promise of its spec sheet:
Design and features
Out of the container, the AG271QG received't exactly turn any heads with loopy aesthetics. if you're enthusiastic about RGB lights and ornate trim like that on the Asus ROG Swift PG348Q, as an example, this video display appears relatively plain. but of course you might discover this understated design to be an asset. while the AG271QG may additionally lack aptitude, it's nonetheless a nicely appointed monitor with some pleasingly delicate accents. The primary metallic stand offers a pleasant latitude of movement for top, tilt, and swivel changes. The exact and aspect bezels are highly slim, covered in a matte black conclude, whereas the lower bezel has , brushed metallic appearance.
greater skilled Tech Roundups
The again of the computer screen aspects the computer screen's best real design flourish of color; a swath of broad, purple plastic. On the facet of the computer screen, AOC has covered a plastic hook on a swivel for for storing your headset. whereas it feels slightly flimsy, it receives the job executed and is simply hidden when no longer in service.
beneath the hood, the AG271QG facets a relatively enjoyable superior Hyper-Viewing attitude (AHVA) panel, which performs very in a similar fashion to an In-airplane Switching (IPS) panel. As you might imagine via the identify, AVHA panels have spectacular viewing angles. As I'll focus on further in my checking out under, this panel looks marvelous and the 165Hz refresh cost is marvelous for twitchy gaming.
AOC has opted to consist of both Nvidia's G-Sync variable body fee tech and ultra Low movement Blur (ULMB) on the AG271QG.
whereas these "IPS-vogue" displays every so often offer decrease response times, the AG271QG has a 4ms grey-to-grey response which is more than applicable for this category of computer screen where 5ms to 6ms instances are fairly ordinary. much less perfect are the downright unhealthy audio system packed into the AG271QG. Admittedly, most monitor audio system are terrible, but smartphone speakers sound better than both 2w speakers during this computer screen, so that you'll be the use of that headset stand, in spite of everything.
AOC has opted to include each Nvidia's G-Sync variable body fee tech and extremely Low movement Blur (ULMB) on the AG271QG. whereas they're each welcome elements, it's impossible to make use of both on the equal time, and in case you are looking to use the total overclock functionality of the video display—up to 165Hz—G-Sync is the best thing that concerns. ULMB best works at 120Hz and below, and frankly, the overall lack of tearing or need for action blur correction with G-Sync operating on this video display kind of makes it a moot aspect. nonetheless, it be exceptional to have the option if you cannot run a certain online game at a brilliant high body-cost.
under the computer screen there's a variety of ports, including one HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2, and two USB three.0. Of observe, you'll need the DisplayPort to use G-Sync. while there's handiest two USB ports under the computer screen, there's two extra USB 3.0 ports with no trouble found on the side of the monitor and one in every of them (colour coded with a yellow tab) can be used to quick-can charge your smartphone. There's additionally three.5mm jacks for both headphones and a mic on the identical facet.
The on-monitor monitor is managed by means of 4 physical buttons on the lower appropriate fringe of the screen. Navigating the menus is fairly easy, although there is the normal frustration with confusing button presses every now and then.
checking out
As standard, I ran the AOC Agon AG271QG via its paces with the Lagom liquid crystal display checking out pages. This sequence of assessments let me take a closer analyze things like gamma, viewing angles, distinction, and response time. general, this monitor displays very accurate colorings which is to be expected from an IPS-type reveal. There changed into no visible banding, or traces current in color shifts, whatsoever. color tones had been comfortably identifiable across the spectrum, and black tones had been conveniently considered even towards the darkest backgrounds.
in a similar fashion, white tones stood out neatly with most effective the very lightest tone blending somewhat into the white background. Gamma readings were lamentably a little off in the out-the-box picture presets, above all on the brightest levels. Tweaking the gamma slightly in the OSD did correct the brightness a bit of, and given the remarkable colour accuracy, this mild deviation from the windows-common 2.2 gamma atmosphere doesn't truly translate into tons in regards to the naked eye.
more comprehensive display screen experiences
As mentioned above, AOC lists the AG271QG as having a 4ms grey-to-gray response time, and in response to my trying out this holds real. only in the darkest tone transitions, from black to near-black, does this video display show any recognizable raise in response. And given the AVHA panel, and the 165Hz refresh price, here's a really quickly video display, indeed. Viewing angles, as anticipated, are extremely remarkable and not using a discernible shift in color even when images very nearly from the aspect of the monitor.
I additionally used the assessments at Blur Busters to examine for ghosting considerations, or blur perceived via the attention when objects movement directly across the monitor. As is the case with one of the crucial most efficient IPS panels, the AG271QG confirmed fully no discernible ghosting. additionally, I detected no "IPS glow," or gentle leaking from the display's edges and corners, on this display screen.
The AOC Agon AG271QG boasts essentially each feature possible for a pc gamer, regardless of its slightly bland chassis design. The 165Hz refresh rate, coupled with G-Sync functionality and a sharp QHD monitor, make for spectacular gaming. I spent numerous hours taking part in Overwatch on the AG271QG and entirely enjoyed the vibrant colorings and a frame cost that rested in the 130 to one hundred forty five range on ultra settings the usage of my rig with a GTX 1080. In fate 2, my workstation had no issue working the online game at around a one hundred twenty frames per 2d on the highest settings, and again, it appeared splendid. With some tweaking with video settings, it changed into convenient to get most games pushing a hundred sixty five frames per second to take highest talents of this high refresh fee monitor.
As mentioned, the inclusion of Nvidia's G-Sync labored flawlessly and that i seen zero tearing right through many hours of gaming with the AG271QG. in addition, even the quickest video games appeared flawless with no symptoms of ghosting. The 2560 x 1440 resolution is still the candy spot for gaming at this point personally, blending crisp visuals and high frame rates while nonetheless allowing both to be attainable on most up to date notebook setups.
Of path, there are some game enthusiasts—myself included—who are being wooed by using the pure expansiveness of an ultra-vast video display just like the Samsung CHG90, but at this price factor and for the characteristic set, the AG217QG drives a pretty challenging discount.
paying for e book
The AOC Agon AG271QG  is an in-demand display screen, and in consequence it is discipline to a couple fairly massive swings in its on-line fee. around $seven-hundred is fairly commonplace, however regularly fluctuates a up for down $100 or more. Take a glance at Amazon:
the decision
The simplest drawbacks to the AOC Agon AG271QG relaxation with its comedically unhealthy speakers and somewhat off-kilter gamma stages. but those are each effectively not noted for its brilliant function set and killer price aspect.


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