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Mick J. Clark - There's Nothing Anybody Can Do #Flyah Review

Mick J Clark tried to make it when he was young, did the usual Holiday Camp Season, but failed :-( so he tried again 5 years ago and much better this time. Mick have written over 50 songs now, of which 32 are being played in shops via Emerge Music, and on many Radio Stations. He have also had 25,000 streams on my 3 Christmas Songs. Mick also have songs with Music Of The Sea and was pleased to say everyone of my songs has had a very high rating on Diagnostics on Music Xray. As he now have the songs, Mick will be soon be forming a band to go touring with very soon.
Mick would have loved to have had a Glasbotonbury or O2 in there but lived in hope. A lot of Mick's time at the moment was spent promoting, He has a 'Brand New Love Songs' Album that Mick began promoting for Valentines Day.